Turkey's Entire Armed Forces Resign En Masse

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Just to make things a little more interesting, and better for Greece, we have learned of a shocking mass resignation by virtually all of Turkey's armed forces. According to Reuters: "The head of the Turkish armed forces General Isik Kosaner along with the heads of the ground, naval and air forces have resigned, broadcaster CNN Turk reported on Friday. The reason for their resignations was not immediately clear. Tensions between the military and the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan have been high in recent years and the Supreme Military Council was due to hold a major meeting next week."  We have also learned that the Turkish AKP government is planning to hand over its struggle against the PKK to local police forces. In essence, Turkey is now effectiely defenseless. This is the perfect time for Greece to invade Turkey, and promptly flip it to the Fourth Reich in exchange for some debt forgiveness. There you go: we can spin idiotic things like the best of CNBC too.

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The archduke will visit Sarajevo tomorrow...just for a leisurely visit

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Turkey's Entire Armed Forces Resign En Masse


i wonder if they blocked traffic as they ambled their way across the road.

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You mean they just up and quit cold turkey?

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Kurdish Homeland!!!!

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Hahaha! Never happen, they don't have the lobbyists in Washington.

PS (OT) Sac, please remove the borders from the avatars. Leave them around the comments if you must, but for the love of jebus let the avatars hang free.

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Not sure if this is significant


The recent accident -and its consequences- at the Vasilikos power station on the Mediterranean island(-state) of Cyprus, forever torn between its Greek and it Turkish parts, would certainly seem to meet this definition of a black swan event.

Vasilikos is the newest power station on Cyprus, which joined the EU in 2004 and adopted the Euro in 2008. The station is primarily powered by steam generated by heavy fuel oil, with some gas turbines. Though operating, it was still partly under construction when the accident happened.

At 05:50 EEST (02:50 UTC), on July 11, 2011, there was a huge explosion at the nearby Evangelos Florakis Naval Base. Wikipedia describes just how black this swan is:

In open storage on the base were 98 containers of explosives that had been seized by the United States Navy in 2009 after it intercepted a Cypriot-flagged, Russian owned vessel, the MV Monchegorsk, travelling from Iran to Syria in the Red Sea. According to leaked US cables through WikiLeaks, released in 2011, the US through Hillary Clinton exerted pressure on Cyprus to confiscate the shipment.

The ship was escorted to a Cypriot port and the Cyprus Navy was given responsibility for the explosives, which it moved to the Evangelos Florakis a month later.[9] At the time of the incident in 2011, the explosives had apparently been left in the open for over two years.

The Cypriot government had declined offers from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States to remove or dispose of the material, having feared an adverse reaction from Syria. The government had instead requested that the UN effect the removal, but claimed that its request had been rejected.

Tell me, which writer can make that up and live? Iranian munitions destined for Syria on board a Russian vessel under a Cypriot flag, confiscated under American pressure and dragged al the way from the Red Sea to Cyprus. And that are then stored in the open for two years in sometimes high temperatures (40C, or 104F, right now), because nobody wants to touch them. And then proceed to blow up the country's main power station.

The explosion killed 13 people and wounded over 60. The official cause given is self-detonation of the munitions, according to Wikipedia. Hard to gauge how reliable that is.

While large parts of the over 800,000 strong Cypriot population, as well as its business community and -particularly important- tourism industry, are now subject to (rolling) blackouts, the Vasilikos damage may, according to estimates, take two years and €2.4 billion to repair. The €2.4 billion constitutes about 14% of Cyprus €17 billion ($23.8 billion) annual GDP.

Cyprus was already under financial scrutiny, for a number of reasons. First, Its banking system is "roughly nine times GDP". Second, that system is relatively heavily (33% of GDP) invested in Greek sovereign debt, and has also lent out a lot of money to Greek businesses and individuals. And third, a lot of the foreign deposits flowing in are from Russia, which uses the island as a gateway to Europe.

Just yesterday, under intense pressure from the people, who want anyone even remotely responsible for the explosion out, the Cypriot government, led by the Communist party, and already unpopular before the incident because of -what else?- austerity measures, resigned.

This happened not along after Moody's downgraded Cyprus bonds, which were already under pressure due to the Greek debt holdings, and are now vying for par with Irish and Portuguese bonds. And rising.

After Ireland, Greece (2x) and Portugal, Cyprus is therefore set to become the fourth EU member to need a bail-out. It's small one, for sure, but it might still whip up resistance against the EU/ECB/IMF troika policies well beyond its size.

And it took a black swan to push it over the edge, one in which energy and finance combine in a realistic way, none of that silly 'peak oil leads to peak debt' stuff, and one that paints in glaring detail where the vulnerabilities of our societies may lie. That is to say, where we least expect them.

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Yes, it is significant.

On Monday, July 11, the gunpowder in these containers was ignited by a brush fire and exploded. Thirteen Cypriots were killed in this massive explosion and fire, including the commander of the Cypriot navy, Andreas Ioannides, and the commander of the base, Lambros Lambrou. The explosion also damaged the most important power plant in Cyprus, which normally supplies 60 percent of the electricity for the island, causing wide-spread blackouts, reducing water supply, and threatening the nation’s economy.



I'll top that though -


A blast early Friday hit a pipeline carrying natural gas from Iran to Turkey, forcing a cut in supply, an Iranian oil official said.

"The export of gas to Turkey has been temporarily halted after an explosion struck the pipeline" in northwestern Iran, spokesman for National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Majid Boujarzadeh told the oil ministry's news agency SHANA.



My nose is wiggling.

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Let's throw this in too boot:


Senior Israeli, US Intelligence Figures Warn of Israeli Attack Against Iran


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mine too - that explosion Gully linked happened on 7.11.11.

those of us who take note of significant "dates" also notice the pattern telegraphed.

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The reasons behind "divisions" between Turkey's government and its top military chiefs resignations.



Also, in case anyone wonders about Cyprus / Turkey current relationship : http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=39142&Cr=cyprus&Cr1= ;

I remember 7 years ago when I was starting my two-year army service two administrations ago, the turkish-cypriot borders opened-up for both sides and Cypriots rushed into every single casino and holiday resort in the turkish side like there was no tomorrow, and everyone from the lowest socioeconomic denomination to the fairly high political classes were seen there numerous times. There were times when I was on a watching tower duty every two hours for 18 hours during the summer due to insufficient man-power along the "green line" , "safeguarding" our sovereign integrity while I was listening live music from the other side where Cypriots & Turkish-Cypriots were singing drunk at 3 in the morning. How's that for irony. 7 years later and Cypriots are demonstrating about the rampant costs from healthcare spending on Turkish-Cypriots who come to the Greek side for treatment.

Hindsight's a cold-hearted bitch as they say.

Regarding the awful & tragic accident who claimed many lives and cost Cyprus its main energy source, which was the relatively new Vasilikos power station leaving us with daily blackouts, an extra €2.5 billion euro bill on top of our not tremendous greek debt exposure, sending thusly the famous IMF bat-signal and an open invitation for our favourite credit rating houses and their further downgrades; it was entirely our president's fault and his bewildering foreign policy which coupled with the rest of his cabinet's sensational lack of professionalism and immense amateurism resulted in their political tour-de-force vis-à-vis a clusterfuck of epic proportions and a country in disarray asking for everyone's resignation.

Further reading:




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"We were promised payment in fine Turkish hash not worthless dollars. We quit and will soon be working for Snoop Dog."

I am The Chief

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All 10 of them?

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third largest armed forces in NATO, so a little more than 10...

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...and rising. Turkey has one of the fastest growing military and they love to spend on it like a Drunken Bernanke in a Jackson Hole brothel.

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Just to give you some background on the Turkish military situation; they originally asked for Edrogan to appoint Gen Hasan Igsiz as chief.  He rejected him:

"Gen Hasan Igsiz was initially proposed but was blocked by the government because he was named in connection with an alleged 2003 plot.

The alleged conspiracy was drawn up at the Istanbul base of the First Army, shortly after the governing AK Party came to power.

It reportedly involved plans to bomb mosques and provoke tensions with Greece, in order to spark political chaos and justify a military takeover."


False flag on the way bitchez

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Nice Alienated S, thanks for that backgrounder. Still, high weirdness abounds!


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Sure thing ORI.

People need to read up on Attaturk and the role of the military there enforcing "secularism."


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Indeed Alienated one. In fact, Attaturk's secularism was one of the greatest Social Engineering, culture destroying scams in history. 

On a flight from Dubai to London, a cracked wind-shiled put us down in Istanbul.

I saw enough secularizing guns in the airport alone to tell me how it was there. And this was 1995.


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scam haa read up a little...watched too much midnight express ha eyhhhh....ignorant people like you who have smtg to say about athing wanna make me puke...

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Indeed it was Ori.

Ataturk was placed by the british. He delivered the Mosul oil rich fields into the hands of the empire.

A picture is worth a thousand words: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MustafaKemalAtaturk.jpg

He certainly looks like a british bank teller, doesn't he?

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and you look like a hairy bear that lives in the mountainous southeastern parts of turkey. does that make you an anglophile?

it was sultan vahdettin, the last ottoman emperor and ataturk's enemy, who sucked british balls. just look up in what vessel he left istanbul and stop spewing garbage around.

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"There you go: we can spin idiotic things like the best of CNBC too."


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But can they do it with a straight face, like say, Steve Lies-man does?

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Byzantium, bitchez

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Make love not war, bitchez

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orthodoxy covets constantinople again........

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Orthodoxy covets the earth, which refuses to be bound. Orthodoxy covets all people. A bit easier to bind, but getting restless.

Trouble, in the end, is that orthodoxy provides a modicum of stability in chaotic times. So, strangely enough, with every huge shift, they come out stronger.

Oxy morons!



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The largest standing army in Europe (by far) suddenly headless....what could possibly go wrong?

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Turkey is the largest standing army in Europe?  I thought it was China.

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No, the strongest military presence in Europe is the ol' USA.

The strongest fleeet in the Med is of course the American 6th.

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US citizens are fast to withdraw themselves from such list.

US citizens have not empowered any army to stand on foreign grounds. US citizens would not allow that, it is contrary to their principles.

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Hahaha haha hahahahaha. Thanks.

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Humphhhh! Funny and trueish. What about Russia though. He who controls heating oil/gas controls the EU, ne? I mean, what will they spending their money on come septembrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


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last I checked, China's not in Europe

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Turkey* is now effectively defenseless!

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Careful, it's a staunch NATO ally, the fastest growing economy in the region and it's people LOVE GOLD.

In fact, the average Turkish gentleman buys every year 16 times more gold then the average American gentleman.

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Ok, ok, it's not much. In 2008, it was 3 grams per person per year - that's one tenth of an ounce.
The Turkish "consumption", that is. They buy jewelry by the weight.

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That means they buy 1.6 pennyweight.

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Yes, and they wear every ounce of it in the multiple gold chains around their neck, nestled into salt n pepper chest fur

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Turkey's beneath it's 2000 year SMA of geopolitical swagger. A good value...

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"In essence, Greece is now effectiely defenseless"


You mean, Turkey is now effectively defenseless....

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This is a first: Turkey = Black swan.

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Watch General Isik Kosaner take control of the government in a coup d'état during that meeting next week.

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Incomplete. There is more to this than people understand.

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He probably means that the Obama Presidency is busy since a while pissing off the Turkish Government. Which is sad.

Turkey has been now since decades a good friend of both the USA and the EU, but some buttheads have a problem with it...

You should see what kind of bases and intel equipment the US has in Turkey. Impressive...