Twitter Down Again

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A month after the world freaked out when on June 21 Twitter was offline for a few hours, the site that many say is the natural replacement to Facebook has crashed again, forcing people to do the unbearable: turn off their computers, go outside, and interact with other living human beings.

Not surprisingly, nobody has retweeted the notice that Twitter is down...

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Is this an austerity measure?

SheepRevolution's picture

They just want to make the Kardashians piss off a little bit.

veyron's picture

Someone audited the fed and tweeted that all the gold is gone ...

Tippoo Sultan's picture

"Just another targeted test of the 'Kill Switch.' Nothing to see here folks. Now move along, and go about your business."

Precious's picture

QE 3 is now sure to happen.

12ToothAssassin's picture

In other news, productivity is up 38% this morning.

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Arab spring/Iran attack interruptus !

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What is the purpose of twitter anyway?

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About 90% to let people bathe in each other's triviality.
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How'd we ever get by without it?  /sarc off

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Maybe...but I use it to custom stream financial news...put out by the outfits I care about...acting, as such, like a giant filter on typical MSM propaganda.  As well, it is a great tool for putting digs to your classic zombie portfolio managers making their typical mainstream BS recommendations.

So there is that...

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You are part of the 10% 

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That's pretty sad. It must be all of those unfulfilled extroverts who live vicariously through others and need constant floods of attention to feel good about themselves.

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I gave you a green triangle to cheer you up a bit.

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Great, now go forth and alleviate some suffering:


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...turn off their computers, go outside, and interact with other living human beings.


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That would require being in direct view of the evil day-star.

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omg what will we ever do!!

Ljoot's picture

Between twatter and shit.


youngman's picture

Must be Merkels response is pretty big and nasty

toady's picture

That was my thinking ...

MUST STOP the Merkel response no matter who gets shutdown!

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Here's hoping it stays down this time.

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Anyone besides me noticed the silent takeover of web blogs?.

If you want to comment on 50-75% of any topic now, you either have agree to sign into Facebook, or Disscus(sp).

To me this is an ominous sign.

XitSam's picture

Use to create an email account for 10 minutes and sign up for Disqus. I did. Also there is

Facebook is a huge privacy invasion, never sign up.

Boiling Frogs's picture

Yep. Caught my attention about 6 months ago. Prolly makes keyword searches easier for the spooks. Fuck'em.

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Carni vore already does that, right?

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Warn your kids....

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go outside and do something productive like weed my garden?   actualy physical work?  isnt that bad for my health?

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And to think that in ancient times the Sun was worshiped as the enabler of all things including no less than the promise of resurrection... now it is the oppressor... it wants to kill you, quick hide from the Sun! Those fools were in the dark and *now* we are all enlightened... what a joke.

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NSA refreshing their filters

UGrev's picture

If twitter was a significant technology, I might give a shit.

UGrev's picture

two people think twitter is actually "real software" .. uh.. it limits you to X number of characters.. is that ALL you're capable of expelling from your brains? 

Twitter.. you got suckered into thinking a technology that limits your expression of thought to a pathetic blurb was something exceptional.  LaW|_

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How can this be? The supply of twits is at an all-time high.

Uncle Remus's picture

Birds did that long before we got here.

Satan's picture

Who will save us now?

penexpers's picture

Fuck you, Twitter.

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Spot PMs ignited at 6am this morn, now crashing at 12 with this Twitter stuff.  Moves in Iran?

monopoly's picture

Exactly, who cares? I have never gone on Twitter and never will. Rather be in the garden.

t_kAyk's picture

If you had a twitter account, we would all know when you were in the garden. 


And when you were taking a shit. 

GoinFawr's picture the garden, and under which vegetables you buried it.

toothpicker's picture

So many tweets never to be retweeted

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Is it a news in order to explain merkel's silence?

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Someone is just junking to junk. 

Fuck you, too, asshole.