Twitter Wars: The German Empire Strikes Back: From #StopMerkel To #StoppESM

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It was only a matter of time before the stoic Germans, long abused as the piggy bank pinatas of Europe's monetary experiment, said something. And after last week's confused Spanish campaign demanding that Merkel stop (what exactly - bailing out the Spanish banks? Funding Spanish current account deficits?), Germany has found its retort. As of a few hours ago, the German empire has decided to strike back using the #StoppESM hashtag on twitter. Are we about to have our first European twitter war? And while we know what the hashtag for Greece wil be (#StopTaxes), and Ireland (#StopSobriety), we have yet to figure out the appropriate terms for all the other insolvent European countries. There are many.

For now the campaign is modest, as it is sourced by people not on the receiving end of the Second Great October Revolution. We expect that, with typical German efficiency, it will only pick up steam and traction with time, instead of burning out promptly and fizzling into obscurity.

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ACP's picture

Blitzkrieg, BITCHEZ!

Clueless Economist's picture

Ireland (#StopSobriety)???

Take your racist hatred elsewhere.

AcidRastaHead's picture

At least it wasn't about potatos.

rfaze's picture

Euro A Noble But Failed Experiment: Greenspan

According to dow jones........................ about an hour ago



Aziz's picture

Alan Greenspan's monetary policy... an ignoble and failed experiment.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

slewie has already issued the estoppel to all gestapo

we know they are carefully considering it...   ?  L0L!!!

Element's picture

wtf is twitter? ... no, actually ... don't anwer that.

potlatch's picture

"Actually, it has a lot to do with potatoes.  See, the Irish originally were in Sicily, but then the potatoes got all sick and shit, there, too.  Now, this is the funny thing about Sicilians, of which the Irish are distant relatives, is that centuries and centuries ago...."


<hat tip> Dennis Hopper

infotechsailor's picture

#illhaveanother ... wait, they're talking about a horse?

BlueCollaredOne's picture

#ATMissues.... wait, your put your penis where, and then where?   I wanted to complain that it always asks me what language i speak

SWCroaker's picture

<---- Bonehead.

Um.  Nevermind.


nugjuice's picture

Is it racist? Or funny? Yup. Funny.

FWIW, Ireland is the #4 ranked country in the world for beer consumption for capita, so it's more fact than racism. But to be fair, Germany isn't far behind ;)

Vegetius's picture

Please enough with the political correctness.

 Let’s say what we want there is to much of that bullshit in Europe already and look where it leads, to a position that no one can say it straight we all have to look the other way or else.

 Take a look at the posts and replies if you don’t get it, I mean why do you think we are all anonymous .

 Let’s take a Quote-

“Monsieur l'abbé, I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write”.

-          Voltaire

The Swedish Chef's picture

Racist? The Irish are a separarte race? 

Zero Govt's picture

except for the splattered Spanish Armada genes in Ireland

cossack55's picture

Which race are the Irish?  Maybe "I'llhaveanother" in the fourth.

johngerard's picture


Racist? You're ridiculous.

It's a fact that Irish people drink too much - still. My Irish father never drank alcohol because his blind drunk uncles and other relatives used to ring up the house from the pub, and he'd have to go and prop them up on the walk home as a ten year old boy, being vomited over. So he never touched it.

As a kid growing up in an Irish part of London, I saw plenty of friend's alcoholic fathers and mothers, permanently drunk, pissing their wages away, so they couldn't put the heat on or buy food. Useless bastards.

Irish people have an appalling problem with alcohol.

Dave Thomas's picture


And Germans obsess too much. They are so boring, cause all they do is work, and blather on about how they're going to finally put a Koi pond in their perfectly manicured backyard. Then they eventually die of some unforseen disease that takes them inbetween losing that final 10 lbs, and going on that trip to Taos they've always talked about.

Being boring is a horrible way to go, have a drink.

WhiteNight123129's picture

Oh please we all have irish buddies, I went to Ireland last year for a friend s wedding, people are very nice, have good education system, good spirit, but they drink like crazy, do we like them less for that? We like them more! You have to be a brit not to like the irish people!

TruthInSunshine's picture

Don't Germans and northern europeans know that The Money Masters are expecting their taxes to make the wankin' fukkin' fractional reserve ponzi-dependant bankers whole no matter how full-retard their actions, and for however long?

The financial capitals of London & New York, where the only work being done is devising and 'engineering' schemes to steal, destroy and vaporize money (but mostly steal it), will never willingly allow Germany & northern europeans to decline to subsidize their Ponzi. This is why Obama & Cameron are pressing Germany like mad.

The banks are the chosen ones, bitchez.

If Germans and northern europeans have to retire at age 107 without pensions, and income taxes rise to 99%, in order to save the Rothschild Ponzi, then so be it.

No banker bonus left behind.

cossack55's picture

I believe that recent mergers have now made it the Rothschild-Rockefeller Ponzi.

Zero Govt's picture

the Competition Commissioners and Mergers & Acquisitions Board are on it

..don't you worry, these spineless crones won't let this R&R merger pass without a whimper, deep bowing and licking the soles of their shoes all the way to their limo's

wandstrasse's picture

the bad news is that for the general population market capitalism and the monetary/financial system are the same. (in reality the latter is the evil nemesis, destroying the first). When the financial/monetary system fails, the general population will condemn market capitalism for decades, if not centuries. We will see unprecedented central planning, 1984 style.

Zero Govt's picture

I disagree ..the internet is a game changer (education tool)

from most of the blogs i read of mainstream newspapers people are pretty darn clued up we're not living in a free market economy but a Govt ruined/meddled one. Pople are sick to the back teeth of taxes, all the laws and being nannied

the wreckage of Eurozone Govts can be spun only 2 ways.. we had the wrong party in or the Govt is the problem ...more and more are realising it's nothing to do with political parties, they all look the same nowadays and it's the system of Govt where the rot is

i'm mildly optimistic this message will spread and indeed dominate the social space

potlatch's picture

You are conveniently forgetting, the drones carry EMP generators.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Start getting your money out of yoru banks, European friends.

We'll be right behind you hee in America.


Banks runs here within 48 hours of a French bank run.  Be alert and ready.  And buy gold.

The Navigator's picture

I've been thinking the same thing.

Question is, if one has $100k in a US bank, how many days does it take to get that money out in cash?

I could ask my banker but don't want Homeland security tailing me back home.

Overfed's picture

Start taking it out now in sub-$10K batches. You probably have a little time left.

Strider52's picture

Too late. I already did that in 2008 after getting drunk in Ireland.

FL_Conservative's picture

I understand that France is #StopEgan since they are next.

Gully Foyle's picture

This is always how these things end.

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Maxisaxon's picture

Schaffkoepfe, dumme Saeue, Rindviecher, Arschloecher, Esel, bloede Oxen, Dummkoepfe, dreckige Schweine,,, sorry I ran out of German cuss words.

Assetman's picture

I'm moving to Ireland.

GtownSLV's picture

WWIII starts in T-10, 9 , 8 ... pick your teams and place your bets.

kridkrid's picture

Mind if we dance with your dates?

the 300000000th percent's picture

"cut off her face and wear it and then go on a tighly budgeted shopping spree in stores that dont exist yet" Charlie Sheen

Mercury's picture

 Are we about to have our first European twitter war?

I have faith that #equilibrium will win in the end.

Central Planning: standing athwart markets (and reality) yelling Stop!

junkyardjack's picture

Obviously this is hedge funds talking their books. Nice try guys but no one pays attention to twitter...