Two Years After Hiring Her, Bank Of America Sacks Sallie Krawcheck, Announces Other "Delayerings"

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Top layer about to be gone...

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They are simply rearranging deck chairs as the Titanic sinks!

Ladies and children first.

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I'm just curious who is in charge of the shredders? Isn't it funny to see Smurfit's stock tank in such a scrap paper boom...

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So what happened, did Sallie miss the vital meeting on how to smoke the CEO sausage, or the memo on pressing lips gently to posteriors of top level execs?

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they dumped Sallie Bouncedcheck? wonder why...maybe she refused to join the scientologists.

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In charge of the shredders?  The SEC.

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She's in banking. She's no lady.

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There's been a good deal of successful "De-layering" of the stock price as well.

Not mentioned, oddly.

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de-layering funny as fuck

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no is de-layering? grab yo last paycheck krawcheck!

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...yeah, de-layering must mean she wasn't puttin out or talks too much. Both are grounds for getting de-layered.

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Maybe.  More likely was she didn't have any incriminating pics............

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I'd like to know what it's costing BofA to "let her go".


2007 Most Powerful Women rank:  12
2006 Total compensation: $10.6 million

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According to Wiki...while at Citi she was called 'The Last Honest Analyst' by Fortune. This caused her to get run by Pandit.  Honesty could be a liability in an organization like BofA.

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Women and children first!


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BAC's problems in California is giant branches inherited from Security Pacific.  These places are huge, with vacant office space and unused lobby space all over the place.  Bulletproof glass on a teller line that has 16 stations and only 4 tellers. They need to close all these huge branches built in the 1960's and 1970's and layoff all those employees that work in these giant compounds.

But, on the other hand, JPM is building brand new, state of the art branches all over L.A. but they are modern, much smaller, and apparently they make $1 million/yr. on each new location here within 12 months.

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Because they also warehousing gold and silver at those state of the art locations....duh.

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Probably selling crack and pimpin' out whores in the back.

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Pure Evil has the correct answer.

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More likely they're out back SMOKIN' the crack...They don't have the sense left to stay out of the stash.

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No safety deposit boxes in the new branches...not cost effective.

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The new Chase banks probably have less of a startup cost than a Taco Bell, they are about the same size. But instead of serving you taco meat that looks like it came from a babies diaper, they hammer their customers a myriad of fees, fees, and more fees.


That's how those little roachy places clear 1 mil a year.

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Pretty simple to make money like that:

Create money out of thin air and lend it at interest.  


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Yeah and when did they do that deal;  like 1989 or early 1990s and those branches are BAC's problem in California?  BAC's main problem is that they have ugly tellers. Seriously though, those branches generally came with some dirt, but the 12,000 SF SPNB branches with 50% improved mezzanine are not functional, they should have been sold during the boom.  Chase is definitely in expansion mode, but its odd its new construction as there are bound to be a bunch of branches coming available.


IF you want a lesson in biz culture - look at the USB branches and offices and then look at the SDNB branches they got from the FDIC... Some of those SDNB branches are beautiful.... wonder why they went poof!  USB runs a tight ship.

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Local BoA branch here just added bullet proof encasement of all the teller areas.  Getting ready for the run?  WaMu was rather peaceful, but maybe the sheeple are a little more savvy these days.

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She's that bad?  Shouldn't it be 'de-laying'?

How do you do that, anyway?  Have a few I'd like to de-lay!

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You are confused with Re-lay!

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I think he's right.

You can't un-fuck someone.

HardwoodAg's picture frito and Kenneth's?

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Delayering? More like scraping off the jellied scum on a canned ham. Hopefully, there's some real pork down under.

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Soon Sallie will be darn happy to be out the door when BAC goes down!

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Well, she can spend more time with her family now. If I were a taxpayer teet sucking bankster with such sudden free time, I'd be looking for land in a non-extradition country.

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Bravo. Get the pussy-cat out the door before the SHTF. She's somebody's favorite go-to gal. 

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everyone's favorite pussy or the back door.  and somebody's favorite go-go gal

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Delayering is Mayerling with a Krawcheck who draws her check and leaves the BofA datcha like a jaded MarY Vetsera. Goodbye and good luck. At least she leaves before the Mayerling suicide...not like the real role model...

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Could it be that people are finding out fast who and what the game is all about?

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Been a while since I have looked into the whole 911 thing.  The suitcase Rosetta Stone is the most absurd.

Just goes to show that if you repeat the lie enough people will believe it.


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"Merrills  sold  lock stock barrell,  for 40 cts on the dollar cheap.


cheep cheep cheep.....



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Y'all had best un short yourselves because when Europe switches over to 'Mark To Fantasy Land' , the world is going to R A L L Y, and gold is, of course, going to reverse.

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You forgot to finish with "Sarc Off".

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Is she hot? Anywho anyone who's anyone could have seen this coming: Donald Trump announced that he was buyin BofA to follow on with the Buffay. Word is they had The Donald actually do it because, well...who better actually. Nobody can say "your fired" better than him.

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Hot or not, any chick can make 50k per year plus, if she is PROPERLY's only a question of inhibitions.

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thats $150 a day with not many days off......seems a bit high for many of the things i have seen walking (or using a scooter) lately

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She's unin...unin...uninhabited you say? Wow. I mean...WOW! Wow.