UBS' Advice On What To Buy In Case Of Eurozone Breakup: "Precious Metals, Tinned Goods And Small Calibre Weapons"

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Silencers don't really "silence". This ain't Hollywood.

And in case you laboring under another Hollywood delusion, a small caliber, high velocity round to the shoulder will fuck you up for the duration.

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The High Velocity is key:)

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Is a 12 gauge small calibre?

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If you were using #4 buckshot then, technically, I suppose it would be.


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Go down to the gun shop, pick out your favorite weapons, hand them a driver license so they can see that you're not a criminal, hand them a credit card or some fiat and walk away like that. Of course that is if you're in the US. In Europe...well, it involves going to Turkey mostly...

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Sorry UBS, don't need your advice as Im ahead of this curve by a mile.


Id add long arms to that too, gotta love my Bushie ;)


MY advice. Forget everything but the guns and ammo. Because as Mao said: All ... power comes from the barrel of a gun.


And with that power one can acquire everything else lololol

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all those AKs are readily avalaible on the black market. I would suggest a bow, as what are you gonna do when you run out of bullets? Tin goods? ok, but don't forget water purification tablets.

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I'm betting once the UN gets out of "peacekeeping" in Bosnia, you'll be able to get whatever you want for dirt cheap.

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One would most likely run out of luck before running out of ammo. Keep out of harms way and let the foolish devour themselves.

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We sure got a lot of guns here in the good old U.S. of A. TPTB better hide in a drainage pipe somewhere

like Sadam when TSHTF because a lot of rednecks will be hunting them down like the vermin they are.

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Red necks will be hitting the ghettos.

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No. They'll actually be coming to us.

Not to worry, they make good fertilizer if ya slice'm thin.

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 I fully agree with your migration theory, but fertilizer nothing.  Wendigo brand smoked meats, brother.   We'll barter for ammo, liquour or Au/Ag.

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I am a loving family man.

I would not expect my children to eat meat from animals that weren't clean.

Either compost'em or feed'em up on corn for a month first.

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LOL, 'purge em, like a raccoon or a mangrove crab? (I've done both, they're delicious).   Solid advice,  I expect you're going to do real good in the future, man!

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Bud's Gunshop, Baby. Online shopping and great prices. Find you a local FFL to do the transfer and you is armed and dangerous, Homes.

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Where do you live? Getting a gun is much easier in some parts of the country than others.

Get a .357 revolver, it also fires cheaper .38 loads but the .357 has great stopping power. Get a decent 12 or 20 gage Remington or Mossberg shotgun.  00 shot works great but #2 or BB shot is almost as good and cheaper.  I have low recoil rounds (each holding nine, .38 caliber ball shot) which are nice up close. Get a long rifle, I'd go with a .223 as the smallest and a .303 as the biggest. The smaller long guns have cheaper ammo, higher velocity but lack some stopping power. 

Do it legally and get to know your gun(s). Practice makes perfect. Find some like minded people, too.  Always good to have friends.

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Head south near the border with Mexico and sign up the the Gov't Fast and Furious Gun Program.  May have to lie about your profession on the application.  For example if you are a Contract Programmer just shorten it to Contractor.  Implying you plan to take them into Mexico will get you on the expedited list.   

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If you live in Canada, getting hold of a gun is a lot harder.  Probably easiest is to get a friend in the USA to buy one for you as a 'gift'.

Of course you have to get it back across the border. . .

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Check with your local sporting goods store, or Cabelas or Gander Mountain. When all else fails go to Guns America Online or Cheaper Than Dirt. But do it now Black Friday weapons sales were up 37% over last year and those semi autos are going fast. And you will also need a couple thousand rounds of ammo to go with them. And if your really feeling adventurous get reloading equipment for you calibers.


Bang Bang Kiss Kiss

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firearms are not violence, violence is the use of force to take from others that which is an extension of property...

firearms are freedom and liberty, please refer to them as such =P

lock and load bitchez...

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I'd hold Europe together just so I don't have to eat Spam. Luckily I've got the chickens that will keep me from having to do that. The other two items get checkmarks at our household...

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What is wrong with Spam? Has all the major food groups in it, fat, dead pig and salt. Dah!

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Looking at UK Imports, we can see where the rich are putting their money

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Small caliber? What planet is this guy on?

Edit: Spam is too expensive now. There are cheaper and more nutritious options.

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I'm thinking .45-70 is small caliber, 50 BMG begins large caliber.

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For small caliber, .45-70 is still an impressive chunk of lead. Who needs to penetrate ballistic armor when you can just push it through the other side of your target's torso?


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"No body move, or the dog gets it!"

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These chumps have cried 'wolf' so many times, I'm not sure what to believe regarding Friday being the 'this is it' day.

Regardless, I'll be breaking out the popcorn ahead of time.

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Agreed. Timmy brought his shinebox this time and they are letting him sit at the grown ups table.

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guns, spam, gold and do not forget location! Come to Tasmania!

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build close community networks that protect, produce, and substitute

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GL with that in population centers. Hope you speak Spanish, Swahili, Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi or any of 100 other languages because if you don't and aren't knowledgeable in every one of those cultures then you will be an outsider and a target. Go ahead and file this under racist rant #101 if you want but don't say you weren't warned. Without cultural and societal commonality you have exactly DICK when SHTF and liberals have seen fit over the past 20 years to take the one thing away from us that could save this country from imploding when things go south.

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For us at ZH, that's old advice.

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For the record I read the whole thing and I only have one question...

Does this mean my omelet will not come with a baguette?

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As Chris Martenson said, the next 10 years will be unlike any in history for the US.

Food Riots in America in 2012

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Squidoo? Really dude? Pretty sure you encoded those "non-affiliate" URLs to go to your affiliate site so you could rake in commission from commission junction/clickbank.

Get the hell out of here Wikipedia Jr.

tekhneek's picture (currently redirecting to LOL. Damn cyber terrorists.)

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Hell must have frozen over.  Rick Perry is endorsing Ron Paul... Maybe Perry decided he really does agree with Ron Paul to End the Fed...  Another flip flopping fool.


Ron Paul - The only guy that hasn't flip flopped in 30 years.

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Really? If Ron Paul's popularity goes up much at all, he better have some serious personal protection. He represents everything that TPTB are against: stuff like, oh, freedom for instance.

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Speaking of Dr. Paul,

here is his new TV spot:


Gave  me a good grin.'s picture

Looks like got transferred to new owners in 2010 or 2011 rather than hacked. Perry's official site is*/
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check, check, and check.

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Fucking crazy shit.
If it"disintigrates" it'll be the same bloody thing as when HankiePankie and the Boyz scared the poop out of CONgress and dolled out a bazillion Benjibuckeroos to the banksters.  The markets went to hell, but the world did not break out in a case of terminal flivitus of instsnt crimally insane violence and revolution.
That's for the Greeces of the world where the NWO fucksticks appointed by the IMF, BIS and Godonlyfuckingknowswho to loot the people starts/cotinues to meet the imoveable object of Not My Fucking Money Anymore, Asshole.
Let's really not get too fucking carried away here, folks.
Supermarket shelves in Dubuque, Iowa will not become emptied overnight set against a background of burning buildings because a couple of countries wind up flipping the bird to Brussles, reissue their own currency and decide that it's just too fucking bad for the bond and shareholders...

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Right, but as so many have said before me, it's Kabuki theatre.