UBS' Advice On What To Buy In Case Of Eurozone Breakup: "Precious Metals, Tinned Goods And Small Calibre Weapons"

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It may be that the UBS boys have a lot of investiture in metal commodities, SPAM and weapons manufacturers. If so, we are again making somebody other than ourselves more wealthy by spending what we do have left.

However, having "a" weapon/ammo, a month or so of food/water, some silver/gold stowed for "any" event, (albeit our current topic of economic collapse fermenting from Europe to the "World"); it's still probably not that bad of an idea to CYA when most everyone else thinks/acts like the world is such a warm, fuzzy and fun place to be. Look around you. Denial is everywhere. 

Being that we are not in control of the situation there, and most of us kinda know who are, we shouldn't just throw our precautions to the wind of any destiny, but make a strong attempt to make our own. 

If that's not your particular parameter, maybe someday that can of SPAM will cost you an ounce of gold. Will it be worth it? You and you only will be the judge, if the time comes.

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It all boils down to this.

You can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin him once!

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Some good points but obviously coming from the camp that says things can still be "fixed".

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Europe will get it's choice. Perhaps sooner than other insolvereigns.  What if the vote is 'no confidence'?

Reminds me of an episode of Star Trek where they waged war by computer. The dead walked to their nearest disintegrator.'s picture

If only one of those European leaders had a hot daughter who'd fall in love with that dashing Capt. Kirk they could somehow manage to work things out.

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kirk bugged out to ky a long time ago. with enough acres to keep the meth heads at bay, rigg dees is a near nieghbour with 2500 acres. jerry brukhiemer has more.

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Euro introduced at 120.  Trading 134.17 as I type.

What's the problem here again?

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Let me fill in some of the blanks.

Euro introduced at 1.1600 in 1999. Immediately down to .8400. In 2001 back up to 1.5990 in 2008 , and now back to 1.3450 as I write.

What happened:  The W/Bamster tag team effort.

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The Demorcat's muslim & Democrat Jon Corzine with Bill Clinton helping went jihad on Europe.  

The Europeans will look for some mega payback on the islamist welfare residents of Europe.  I think islamic invaders will be offered one way tickets back to the middle east or a one way ticket to allah in Europe.  Every 30 to 70 years - the Europeans have a great purging.'s picture

the Europeans have a great purging.


A few quarts of prune juice wouldn't do you any harm, either.

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you all desperately need a refresher course on european mentality. :D

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hey, that's my line

this UBS guy is Texan, by the way, funny how a "Swiss" Bank can publish this kind of views - just shows how AngloPhone their Investment Bank arm has become

if you want the Swiss/European View from the UBS you have to read their Wealth Management papers

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture astutely observed:

A few quarts of prune juice wouldn't do you any harm, either.

I think little freddie could use a brain enema. A bottlecap full is probably sufficient to flood his cranium.


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A red flag virus attack will make those small calibre precious metals a moot point.

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N95s should already be on the list....

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that's probably the only thing i don't own, a gas mask, at that point i don't think i'd want to be around any longer...either that or i'll change my mind and end up buying one...

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Funny.  Everyone's buying guns.  For one, they don't know how to use them.  Secondly, "small calibre", well that doesn't do much good if you can hit the target in the first place and if you do, it's a f'n pellet.  And lastly, if we all know Eurozone is fucked, it won't happen.

may consider getting long, as I'm sure the pain trade will be the right one.  As for guns, I don't play, just big caliber and lots of "plinking".

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A Frenchman walks into a bar with a frog on his head.  The barkeep asks "Where'd you get that?".  And the Frog says; "It started as a lump on my ass."

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"When did the future go from being a promise to a threat?"

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1907, during the banking crisis....

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where we collectively die under a worthless pile of debt?

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Relax. Senate Banking Committee members are meeting with IMF Lagarde tomorrow. And there will be another round of bailouts. Spain's new PM has expressed a dire need. Austria is again a lynchpin. And many East Europe countries are tipping into depression, threatening to start a wave of defaults that would nullify the previous bailouts of Greece, Portugal, Ireland etc...and the developing world is cutting rates en masse, all output readings fading fast. 

But of course it just serves to kick the can a few yards now, as we know. They have nothing else in their arsenal.

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Let’s hope Europe’s politicians and policymakers agree and take action this week to fix what is broken before it all really breaks up.

Yeah, right! Like they can just sign their names on a piece of paper and magically fix a decade of mistakes and mismanagement. I hope they will also come up with a way to eliminate global poverty and cure all diseases while they are at it.

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He has a point, printing works. Just like it did in Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, 1944 Greece, Hungary, Ancient Rome, Yugoslavia....Print or Die bitchez!!

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Since these guys are never right....

...Balls to the wall time for NFLX and BAC....

and...umm, some extra boxes of .410 for "The Judge"

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My uncle has The Judge and loves it!

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JUNK handgun..  Beware never buy this gun for self defense especially as a first purchase, many better options..

Flakmeister's picture

Debatable... its fine for self-defense around the home, however, as a standard side-arm for the field, agreed..

First two chambers are .410.... then 3 45's to finish it up....

....and I agree that it is not going to make it into the Hand Gun Hall of Fame...

Calmyourself's picture

On second thought I was harsh to label it "junk' fit and finish is not bad.  The energy of the 410 gauge is inadequate to reliably do the job.  Before I hear about all the deer it has taken check muzzle energy vs common handgun calibers.  Second what makes a handgun valuable is essentially conceament and rapid deployment, the Judge for most normal sized men fails this test.   A 1911 pattern pistol or a glock in 9, 40 or 45 shooting quality defensive ammo is your best bet.

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So if Europe doesn't surrender its sovereignty to the likes of UBS, then it will be like the Holocaust all over again.  At least, that's what UBS says.

Hmm.  Maybe buying weapons is a good idea.

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Buying weapons is a good idea in general. Don't matter the specific circumstances:)

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The 'people' are so tired and apathetic, so in need of novelty, that they can be blamed for anything and it sticks.  I am so tired of hearing bad governmental decisions blamed on populism.  All the terrible decisions, the really bad ones of the last decade, have been worked out in the capitals among pros.  The people have had nothing much to do with it.  Worse is the constant cry of "we must bail out the banks, save the Euro, repave Wall Street" or whatver else there will be another Hitler.  We had Hitler in large part because of an intransigent insistant France, who could force its way only with the help of other remote powers.  We had Hitler because the Reich's truly powerful capitalists thought it was a nice idea compared to socialism, hence backing him.  If many banks fail and many pension funds go bust it will be because the banks took excessive careless risk, and because the pension funds were poorly diversified.  The panic-monger is disgraceful.  Yes the countries that lived life on the cuff either at the state or consumer level for ten years are broke.  So be broke.  Work your way out of it.  The bankers aren't going to help.

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Small calibre weapons means any weapon chambered for a round of less power than the  .50 BMG Browning Machine Gun cartridge.

Lots of survival discussion here:


Basic Needs are to stay Warm, Dry, Hydrated, Fed, and Capable of Defending Self and Property.  Any firearm beats a sharp stick or baseball bat, but a .308win rifle and a 1911 pattern .45acp pistol are your most reliable choices for versatility and power.  Easy to learn as well.  Might want a .22lr Conversion Kit for your 1911...   lots more at the blog above.



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well we are talking about europe here, not amerika. 


for optics...


us optics , hands get what you pay for......

Calmyourself's picture

Holy expensive..   A good nikon with bdc or Milret will work just fine..

UGrev's picture

i picked this up for my AR:

...for under 300.00 (with tx and ship) about a year ago. Took 3 rounds to zero. Very good scope for price.. ALMOST like a poor mans ACOG..almost. 

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if anyone thinks we have potential problems here, if the government checks stop coming , had better go look at europe.  you have entire alien communites there living off the dole and have been for years......the european cities will burn because the europeans bought into the diversity lie and looked the other way while their white nations were overrun with north africans and turks etc...........oh well, yes i would tell the white people there. the days are coming soon when you and your indigenous peoples must do what you must. show us the way, my friends. show us the must.....

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WTF, UBS actually said something intelligent here....those of you in SoCal, big gun show at the Del Mar fairgrounds on the 17th and 18th of this month.  Load up on ammo!!

High Plains Drifter's picture

they still have gun shows in california?  i can't believe it.......

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He forgot to mention you buy one cartridg at a time with a federal background check and moonbeam jerry's permission, oh and you have to promise never to harm a living creature..

San Diego Gold Bug's picture


   I am a NW farm boy so I am on your side.  You can still cash and carry all of the ammo in CA you want but buying a gun is about the same as trying to buy an F-15 in the USSRCA.  With Gov pussy in office, the ammo thing will probably come to an end just as the SHTF!  I am good on all fronts!

Living in Ca but born elsewhere!

Calmyourself's picture

Had some good times in SD, dog beach, Mission beach, friends had a house in la jolla, still glad to have gotten out..

Peter K's picture

.....and you forgot the best part, close to Camp Pendleton:)

Dont' get any better than that, in California that is:)

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If you happen to stumble upon a dingo...they are mighty tasty during an Euro shitstorm.

PulauHantu29's picture

"Small caliber weapons"...?

Maybe the "small calibers" work in the EU but I doubt anyone around here is less the 280 pounds...and that's just the females! A .22 won't even penetrate the first layer of Flab or a tit.

However, good to have a .22 around for plinking off you food---a neighbor's dog, cat. squirrel, and maybe an attic rat or two during the rough winters.

Glad to see UBS is paying attention.

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Seriously folks, we lived through the great depression, WWII, civil rights, Vietnam and I don't recall citizens carrying 9mm in the streets and defending their properties against roaming hooligans, this IS the 21st century for god's sake and this is not Libya or Yemen...

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well , this time its different....................