UBS' George Magnus Says European "Viability Is Far From Assured"

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soundlike our friend "of 2 minds" c.h.smith?

We may conclude that while the Euro system is not about to break up, its viability as it stands is far from assured.

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+100 LOL c.h.smith's tone

while you seem to be alive enough to pay my bill, I, as a doctor, cannot be sure you'll live up to next year...

Let me recap: as long as it was conceivable, every City of London banker was asking for an Eurobond (yummy, biz and fees!).

Now the German Constitutional Court has ruled an EuroBond out, it's all about EuroViability.

Need an EuroBreakOutInsurance (EBOI), quick!

Naked Short Contracts for the chances Luxemburg breaks out before Germany, incoming.

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USD/CHF rally off the lows is an absolute stunner.

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The amazing part of the USD rally is the DOW only down -150....they must be shitting bricks and pulling out all the stops behind the curtain to keep the wheels on this hoopdie!

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It´s the logical consequence of the CHF-peg to the EUR...

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OK. Here's the final deal: China takes Germany. US gets the rest. Take it or leave it

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Nope...China will take Italy so they can own, and squash, the argument on who invented pasta first.

We'll take Germany for the beer rights...

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With such a long piece he could be much more conclusive, "euro is f*cked" for example...

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Don't be fooled for even a second. This is all about further "consolidation" of the EU. Read their lips as they emerged from the recent G7 meeting. "Consolidation" is just the latest fog word for "loss of sovereignty." They're treating this one very delicately, folks.

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Like a ZH article said last week, the elites old 'problem-reaction-solution' is no longer working on the people, they know exactly whats going on, getting bent over to support criminal billionaire bankers.

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Just my opinion, but that's what I think the problem is: perception management. The game's getting old, and these "meetings" are not about solutions, but about how to reach the goal against a rising tide of awareness. The flag outside my window twists and contorts itself around the flagpole as the wind rises. I cannot read its country's symbol. Does it matter?

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Gold & silver getting raped in the anus today.  Very weird.

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Not weird.

It's a paper game. Did you buy and hold oil at $147 a barrel in July 2008? Of course not. So why should gold and silver be different in 2011.

Prepare to get raped.

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Someone wants out of their paper PM's real bad? TBTF banks know no QE3 trillions will be delivered?

Who cares, we havent printed any less and Im not selling my PM's under any circumstances.

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The futures prices for two months out don't always reflect the physical price today...

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Gold and silver have markets. Markets go up AND down.

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JPMorgan's chief executive Jamie Dimon called new international bank capital rules "anti-American" and said the U.S. should consider leaving the Basel group of global regulators, the Financial Times reported.

“I’m very close to thinking the United States shouldn’t be in Basel any more. I would not have agreed to rules that are blatantly anti-American,” Dimon told the FT. “Our regulators should go there and say: ‘If it’s not in the interests of the United States, we’re not doing it’.”

Read more:
You know, Jamie Dimon is a patriot. His fantastic banking institution that generates wealth and superb quality of life for many Americans should know what's best for America. In fact they do so well for everyone, that they may ask once in a while to get a bailout from the people who they serve so well. Ace of Spades, Jamie Dimon. Ace of Spades.
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he's warming up for his next job as SOT

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Ok great, now explain why gold is down 3%

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Who cares? Their only solution is more fiat out of thin air. Anyone trading gold minute to minute is destined to get churned and burned. Its a long term buy and hold, VERY log term, like waiting out and surviving WW3 if you can.

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Think of it as a buying opportunity or just BTFD!

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Why in the H E double hockey sticks is G&S getting killed?


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Rats jumping off the Titanic? Maybe too big to fail isnt really all that big after all.

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Jumping into where or what rather?

Everything is ON THE TABLE.

Global debt implosion means just that.

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Apparently jumping into 0% bond liferafts.

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I'm not a billionaire but how does that make any sense? Giving it all to the government freely? The government could rape them blind. Actually, here's hoping government will do just that. So much stupidity is asking for punishment.

Imagine a broke government holding all that money from people who they could otherwise not collect from?

Maybe my paranoia is getting the better of me but Jeez, why? Could be the perfect coup d'etat. Panic them into giving it all up, then default by way of holding onto the funds for an extended period of time. Extended deposit refunds or bank holidays.

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While "viability is far from assured, mutual distruction is completely assured"

there , fixed

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tyler or anyone:

i'm getting djia ~-145

futures ~-200

is this extreme?  whatzit mean?  futures may lead to "risk on" tomorrow due to "oversold"?

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Tonite there will likely be another rumor of QE3 heard to take care of those futures.

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apparently the PPT has not turned on todays melt up yet...

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Can someone link me a good article or two on methods to defeat financial repression? I gots me gold and silver, but am looking for a good writeup on different methods to avoid being inflated/taxed/austeritied to death -- because, unquestionably, this is coming to the United States, and arguably it has already begun.

So, any good links or "plan of action" type papers/articles, thanks in advance.

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renounce your citizenship and move to Somalia, with a fair amount of gold you could be King of Somalia and make your own tax laws

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Gotta go off-grid as soon as G&S spikes.. Gold, guns and garden

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Better get a supply of K-Y, here it comes:


2nd UPDATE:White House:Obama Jobs Plan To Be Paid For With Taxes Last update: 9/12/2011 2:21:51 PM --Obama plan to be paid for with taxes --Itemized deductions for individuals making over $200,000 would end --Tax breaks for oil and gas companies would end (Updates with comments from Boehner spokesman in the 4th paragraph.) By Jared A. Favole and Carol E. Lee Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--President Barack Obama will pay for his $447 billion jobs plan by ending a series of tax breaks for oil and gas companies, hedge-fund managers and people making over $200,000, the White House said Monday. In total, Obama's plan will end about $467 billion of tax breaks over 10 years, said White House Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew. The president has previously proposed ending the tax breaks, but has faced stiff resistance from Republicans. By choosing to end the tax breaks, the White House is likely setting itself up for a fight with Republicans. Over the summer, Republicans said they wouldn't end tax breaks amid concerns doing so as the U.S. is coming out of a recession would hamper the recovery. "It would be fair to say this tax increase on job creators is the kind of proposal both parties have opposed in the past," said Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio). He continued, "We remain eager to work together on ways to support job growth, but this proposal doesn't appear to have been offered in that bipartisan spirit." The White House disputed the notion that raising taxes on the wealthy would hurt growth. "The pay-fors are spread out so that there aren't negative impacts," White House press secretary Jay Carney said, using policy jargon to describe measures to pay for spending. The White House is also taking a gamble that Republicans are willing to budge on taxes after getting bruised, politically, over a tough budget fight in the summer. Lew said he thinks most Americans would easily end tax breaks for oil and gas companies and hedge fund managers to spur growth. "That is not a hard choice for most Americans, if the choice is creating, you know, economic growth and jobs, or tolerating the results of many years of inequities in the tax code," Lew said. Obama is sending his jobs plan, including details of how it will be paid for, to Congress later Monday. Speaking in the White House Rose Garden Monday morning, Obama urged Congress to pass the package. "This is the bill that Congress needs to pass--no games, no politics, no delays," Obama said. The following is a list of tax breaks that will be ended or limited to pay for the jobs bill, according to the White House: --Limit on itemized deductions ($200,000 individuals, $250,000 families) --Carried interest would be treated as "ordinary income" rather than at capital gains rate --Oil and gas company tax breaks --Corporate-jet depreciation would change
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The Big Takedown of USA disguised as a 'jobs bill', indeed prepare to get bent over for the big cornholing fest we're about to see.

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never going to pass, those damn tea partiers will be the blame, damn them and their terrorist hostage taking ways!


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MHFT, you better revise your article from this morning, Negrobama just kornholed you bud.

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At what point does government concede that they're no longer representing the people?

When over 50% of the people stop believing the lies and propaganda, imo the gig is almost up.

Impossible to recover credibility. This is not a Dem/Repub issue btw. They're all part of the same construct.

I'm curious. Asking when does it break? When do people start referring to government as their oppressors?

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I'm glad I'm "short."

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After the last 10 or so years, we don't need KY any longer... Of course, I'm betting on it getting worse, so why should I care..

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OT:  morgan strong is reporting from the tripoli post that the "clock" to start the "8 months till elections" will not start till later

this is a paste, unedited, as he presents the la times' Tension rises between rebel and civilian leaders in Libya

The transitional government has said it cannot declare the nation liberated until the entire country is free of Al Qathafi's rule. A declaration of liberation is needed before the country can start on a timetable for elections and the drafting of a constitution.

We ask whether by challenging Israel's blockade of Gaza at the ICJ, Turkey is setting a precedent others might follow. Pakistan: a state adrift

A review of the 10 years since the September 11, 2001, attacks for a country that has weathered more crises than most. Drug war cables: 'Burn poppies, burn'

WikiLeaks cables on the US 'war on drugs' reveal saucy diplomatic prose on Mexico, Afghanistan, Haiti and Burma. Exposing religious fundamentalism in the US

The US media has been downplaying a radical Christian theology that is increasingly influential in the Republican Party.(end paste)

link:  Summary of the American and International Press on the Libyan Revolution - <i>Morgan Strong</i>   (last paras)

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Just watched the DOW melt down -170, only to get perp-walked within minutes back to only -120. Ponzi ON!

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i was wondering if there is a list of tbtf banks and institutions.

i did some research via google and i came across some clues suggesting that there are such lists but that they are not public (e.g. from japanese regulators and basel committee).

i believe that if such lists do exist then they should be public.

any suggestions where to look further?