Ugly Italian Bond Auction Which Fails To Meet Issuance Targets Follows Atrocious German 5 Year Bobl Auction

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irrelevant bitchez...up up and away, the long awaited sheeple rally is about to commence. I hope my gold, silver and copper follow suit.

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Vote complete, EUR/USD touch lower, yields unched, Deck chairs rearranged, iceburg cited, full speed ahead :)

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Dear Tyler, im confused about the timing of articles.. What time zone are they in -so i can mentally convert into my local ?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear? there are no "dears" here, grow a pair.

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So they pass the 1-2 trillion EFSF...if rates like this keep going up...they need to start talking about another 1-2 trillion ESFS II right now.....get ahead of the curve

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I remember a few months ago, experts said that when Italy broke the 5% interest on the 5 year bonds, they were screwed... what about it?