UK-Iran Situation Escalates

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Looks like geopolitical Plan B is still in play.


That much-needed by Corning glass price cut may still be coming.

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I'd say highly crude.

Highly, highly crude.



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Bombing nuclear facilities pre-emptively, creating contamination zone for hundreds of years, based on pre-crime.  That's what the Zionists are planning there.

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oh wait....

that was Afghanistan....


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Or was it sex with the goats?

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Keynesian war imminent bitchez! oh boy do we love oil!

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All we are give war a chance!

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Can't wait to see the code name of the upcoming war. Operation Iraqn? Operation Liberty in Your Stinking Muslim Face? Operation 300: Part Deux? Operation All Your Oils is Ours? Operation Final Freedom Fully Financed by da Fed?


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Its part of an operation called "Operation Privatize All Central Banks" and has been going on for a hundred years.

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  • You and Your Damned No Credit Sharia Financial System
  • Helping the U.S.'s #1 Ally
  • Let's Further Radicalize the Region by Proving Them Right About Western Hegemony
  • Ponzi Distraction



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O.I.L. - Operation Iranian Liberation

or, if they're no longer even trying to pretend it's about freedom, peace, and security

Operation Iran Looting


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Operation All Your Petrols Are Belong To Us

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I vote for "Operation America Fuck Yeah"

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Help me out, why do Keynesians want war?  Honest question.

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Excerpt:  "The argument can be made that war is a benefactor, since historically it often has focused the use of resources and triggered advances in technology and other areas while reducing unemployment. The increased production and employment associated with war often leads some to claim that 'war is good for the economy.' However, this belief is often given as an example of the broken window fallacy."


See Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt for a proper Austrian rebuttal

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Keynesian's have a love for GDP of any type because they conflate economic activity with wealth.  

You could pay people with printed money (from the Fed and banksters, not from you or me.. that'd be illegal) to bitch-slap each other all day, and Keynesians would be giddy.  Building things for war, they believe, makes even better sense...  Look at all the hard work and infrastructure war creates!!! (Ignoring that through war you blow up that wealth you invested in war making, and after the war you have factories geared for war vs. improving quality of life and productivity,  and hence you're ending up far less wealthy afterward... Although, if you destroy your economic competition, you can gather some spoils that cover some of the losses.  Highly moral, you know...)

It's a version of the broken window fallacy, where they believe a broken window is good for the economy since it pushes money around from a shopkeeper with a broken window to the glazier, forgetting that before the window was broken, the shopkeeper had his window and his money, and afterwards he only has a window = he is poorer.  The economy itself is net one window less wealthy because one was broken, never mind the glazier now has the $$.

In shorthand, Keynesians believe in dipshittery of epic proportions.  (By sheer coincidence, the entire power structure / banking-political nexus's very existence depends on Keynesian Theory and it's modern monetary offshoots to remain in power.)

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Good jobs for unskilled workers making good products, fair products or poor products at a huge profit.

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There have been a few posting here that show it does not help the economy at all and is less efficient than other proposed stimuli. What it does do is create debt that is held by the private owners of central banks wordwide and creates an income stream for another 30-50 years that you get to pay.

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But since the current "crisis" is caused by the fact that we have already surpassed peak debt, it probably won't work like it did in the good old days.  Just accelerate the implosion.  But war is good for the complete imposition of a totalitarian government - a conversion from soft to hard fascism.  (Watch the Senate clowns this week throw away any rights we thought we had in the septic tank).  

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detain them as terrorists

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there is absolutely NOTHING to see in the credit / financial crisis.

Oooh, LOOK OvEr TheRE!  IRAN (ScReAm!!!!)


(and on stage 4: Big TitS!)

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I on the other hand am preparing to be awed by operation Irani freedom.

Edit: Damn it. Strikethrough doesn't work.

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This saber rattling is beginning to get annoying.

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We'll get those terrorists... Now watch this swing.

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they ran out of hummus

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Oh wow, looks like the big bad UK wants to pick a fight. Please, these bitchez were almost overrun in Helmand province, Afghanistan but for American air power which obliterated the entire place. UK is a has been and is teetering on the brink of their own debt crisis. AAA or not, we all know that their debt to GDP is a fucking joke. As if UK can afford to send oil to $150 per barrel plus but hey perhaps it will be counted as GDP positive by the Ministry of Plenty.

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Intelligent response and spelled correctly!

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He's got a point or two. We can't afford $150 oil, and the economy is in a shit state. As for antagonizing Iran, Cameron and Hague are just doing the usual cocking-sucking poodle act to please uncle Sam after he paid some of those trillions bailing out RBS, Bank of Scotland, and Barclays with the Fed's not-so-secret bailout fund.


Anyway, since when did we stop supporting Middle East anarchy and mob violence? Didn't we just drop a few thousand tons of munitions on Libya to see violence and anarchy flourish in the name of freedom? If the Iranian students feel like trashing the British embassy to vent their anger at the trade sanctions and wholesale thieving of their assets abroad, (While we turn blind and deaf at Israel's nuclear arsenals, their military occupation of the west bank, intermittent bombings, and invasions of Lebanon) I'd say they were justified in their anger. They haven't hurt us, but we are actively hurting them economically and probably physically in the near future. I'm truly ashamed at what we're doing on behalf of America, aren't you?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

YHC-FTSE asked:

I'm truly ashamed at what we're doing on behalf of America, aren't you?

I'm truly ashamed at what the occupational government in Vichy, D.C. is doing on behalf of America.


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The UK was in Afghanistan to support the USA, you fucking tool - the USA wanted us in there to back them up after 9/11.  Our presence was mainly to show that America wasn't acting alone.

The recent fights that the  "big bad UK" has been in are fights that the USA started - not us.

Of course, the US and UK both serve the same masters anyway, but don't start insinuating that the UK is the one driving these conflicts.

Oh, and get fucked.

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Listen, pomy. My stupid government/ MIC likes to blow shit up left and right killing hundreds of thousands as a result. Americans are dumb fat war mongers. So why do the Brits follow in their footsteps?? Trying to reclaim their former glory? Please explain otherwise get fucked in the fucking arse by a big nigger dick, biatch

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The brits mainly follow in US footsteps because:

a) We are puppets of the same masters.

b) We feel that we still owe you for your assistance in WWI and (even more) in WWII. 

We are allies.  This is what allies do.

Maybe that's stupid - I don't know - but when you start talking about the "big, bad UK" like we're the ones starting the fights or "reclaim former glory" then you should expect negative feedback.

The UK - in terms of military action - is by and large America's poodle.  Everyone knows this.  We're as guilty as the USA in terms of the atrocities/injustices committed but we're definitely not the ones driving this thing.

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Not sure if you seen my handle but I like to troll here send there. Love the Brits, mate

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You sir, are a simpering hedge worm. A worthless pustule on the bottom of a newt. A scampering cock scout of the highest order.

Brits 'follow in the footsteps' of the USA because - mitaken or not - they believe that Britain shares interests with USA and that our two cultures are sufficiently similar so as to be simultaneously promoted. Not saying I agree with this, but it is the perception. It may also have something to do with the fact that being a former colony people still have a soft spot for the US.

You need the UK in foriegn conflicts, not because of our army but because you have been electing such uneducated fucking fools with such obvious undemocratic agendas that the only way Europe and the security council will allow your misguided adventures, is if someone with half a brain and a decent degree manipulates and argues your case for you - i.e. our elected representatives. And when you do manage to elect people with a modicum of wit, your laughable political system still allows a whole hoard of other uneducated red-neck fools to hog-tie any good ideas they might have. Your culture war is going to be the death of your country (possibly already has been).

So rather than slagging off and blaming the UK, why dont you ask why the greatest country in the world (believe it or not, I like America a lot) is being reduced to a laughing stock, is in depression, is populated by bloody fools and is being menaced by other pretenders to the super-power throne. Stop wasting time and sort it out for fucks sake, because I would rather you be the 'only superpower' than Russia or China.

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We've allowed a certain sliver of the Financial Industry to buy unfettered control over our processes.  Other than that, while we may lack manners and a certain level of polish, we're no more foolish than anybody else.

Some would say the deed was done and all that has followed has been inevitable since the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  I'd suggest that that itself was just a symptom of what began once we wiped out the Indians for all intents and purposes and controlled our country from coast to coast.  Having hit our first set of limits to acquisition, we started looking for other ways to continually expand.  Our entire model, financially and otherwise, relies on constant new resources and markets to assimilate.  Ours not being an infinite world, the contradictions loom.

I suppose as our Empire slips through our fingers we'll have to hear all sorts of lectures from the likes of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey; Good Lord, why not Italy and Macedonia while we're at it.  We'll do at least as poorly as you all did, you may be assured.

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All the A students work for non-profits

All the B students go into finance 

All the C students go to Congress

All the D students Vote

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Nothing the matter with the average Brit, we share a common history and for the most part common goals.

   Don't be aput off by us Americans lashing out, we're really after your Fabian Socialists and your "white shoe" boys, we share common enemies .....

PS: You guys badly need a written Constitution and Bill of Rights (with a 2nd Amendment).

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"You need the UK in foriegn conflicts, not because of our army but because you have been electing such uneducated fucking fools with such obvious undemocratic agendas that the only way Europe and the security council will allow your misguided adventures, is if someone with half a brain and a decent degree manipulates and argues your case for you - i.e. our elected representatives."

Please end this "British Brains and American Brawn" BS. That is WWII propoganda, that was used to purportedly placate the Americans who went to Europe to save yopur asses from the very trap you laid for yourself.

Rick Masters's picture

Good points Criti. And to answer your question I think many americans feel defeated and impotent, that they have no control over what happens and that is why many of my countrymen simply regress and dont watch the news but simply entertain themselves with the latest celebrity gossip because the truth is too overwhelming especially when nothing can be done about  it. i know thats how i feel.

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'But of course we lost our AAA! We had to fight the evil Persians!" - George 'hookers and blow' Osborne

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Osbourne just bet the ranch on the UK retaining AAA and low gilt coupons. Hell, he is even suggesting that homebuyer and business credit can piggy back on these low rates to boost recovery.

Shame he doesnt read ZeroHedge.