Uncle Sam To The Rescue: IMF Creates New European Bail Out Facility, The "Precautionary And Flexible Credit Lines"

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Wow, the size of that toilet paper roll...

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Size matters--how big is this IMF credit line?  

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Hope there's someone willing to change this tarbaby's diapers.

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One baby wiping the other; US fiat print to save US EU-exposure.

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End the FED, End the IMF.  Fuck 'em.


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Strauss Khan was about to hold press conferences blowing the lid out of the euroscam, but he was suddenly stopped dead in his tracks by a very damaging investigation:


Now we know why Berlusconi resigned.

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Nothing about the fact that they will SAVE CHRISTMAS?!
2 months is just enough for santa claus to make us sing happy happy songs!!

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zombie banks backstopping zombie countrys creating a zombie earth, the feds job complete.

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fuckin santa is easier to beleive in.....this fucking hocus pocus.......honestly are there a bunch of educated fucking morons sitting around table saying..yeah thats the ticket...how does one convince ones self that any of this bullshit will work...or is it a matter of..."ya know the shows over....lets just take the general lee out  for one final mega leap and print till it lands.....

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So what do we do with the guilty?  It's simple really:  Chum!  Who wouldn't jump at the chance to watch Nancy Pelosi try to outswim a 25' Great White?

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Tell her there's a juicy stock tip on shore and the shark won't stand a chance.

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The MMA AND MSNBC crowd will lap it up.  Any entrepreneurs out there?

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Drop them off at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch 

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The IMF has to raise captial to do that, to do that they have to sell bonds, considering that no one is remotely interesting if the IMF, ECB, ESEF or whatever lettered acronym spins this.  It doesn't change one thing.


Europe is a piece of shit to invest into and this mess is exactly what happen when you kick the can down the road.  Does anybody remember the crisis in the early 90's at all.  They printed then and this is the result.  Worse, uglier and madder than last time.


So let them announce what they want in the attempt to catch the falling knife of EU exposure.


Nobody seems to be discussing all that poison waiting in the US with the mark to market removal three years ago.  Currently there isn't a single big bank that could keep the lights on if the real estate bubble was included as part of reality.

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US tax increase (read as- whats left of the "middle class") in....3...2...1

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When ya try and squeeze blood out of a turnip you might get water.

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Shit, I have no fucking money. all that is left is my soul and my ass and my soul belongs to Jesus. 

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And what about Japan?  Talk about a nightmare.  We live in pretend world.

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Raising capital is so last century. The new trend is to print needed capital. in a couple years, the hot trend will be using the printed capital as toilet paper

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I heard the ink they use gives you an anus-rash. Useless, even as toilet paper.

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The latest in tutor style is fully furbished with a WorldCom styled den, a BreX papered kitchen and the rest of the house is done in US T-Bills, Civil servant pension release forms and US Dollars.


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Central bankers are up against the wall.  When cornered, their only ammunition is to fire pallets of $100 bills.  Their mantra is inflate or die.


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And this is just the first baby-step in the direction of one IMF Consol to bind them all.


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QE3 has just begun.  Tyler, it may add up to only $60 billion, but in another 3 months, it will be another $80 billion.

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This facility is more like TARP.  The material flow will be in the swap lines.

The Treasury may have difficulty putting up the pennies, but the Fed will not think twice about the serious weight, which has probably already begun.

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Are they finally out of places to dump their toxic waste?

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The people need to kill these central banks with a silver bullet.

Hello global QE.

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Pure and simple. Your logic is flawless.

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Give me inflation, or give me death!

Or at least let me pepper spray some bitchez!

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Vampires - IMF


They'll gain the world but lose their souls
They'll gain the world but lose their souls

Don't believe politicians and thieves
They want our people on their bended knees
Pirates and robbers, liars and thieves
You come like the wolf
But dressed like the sheep

If you go to Lagos, what you find, vampires
If you go to Kinshasa, what you find, vampires
If you go to Darfur, what you find, vampires
If you go to Malabo, what you find, vampires

Lies and theft
Guns and debt
Life and death

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Thievery Corporation - Richest Man in Babylon (G-Corporation Remix) http://tiny.cc/x9pji This is a good song for the post 9-11 police state

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Did you really mean "Hope FOR Change?"

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The problem with banknotes is that they make for very poor toilet paper.  I suspect this is intentional.

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and they are only "flexible" when they have a generous wipe on them

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If you soak them in aloe juice they do a much better job.

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Just try to use new canadian 100's, But for contents analysis they're excelent with that transparent window.

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Hence the reason I have converted some of my FRN's into toilet paper.  You gotta keep your wife happy after the SHTF.  She'll be happy for quite awhile.

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Hey, probably you hit the motherlode, just rent big warehouse and store it, this thing is about 4x inflation. You have to be vigilant though and see the inflection point when we switch to left hand washing our asses.

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Phew, got that off my chest. Got stopped out on a few of my positions over that bull-shit rumor.

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Man, can somebody just pull the trigger, light the fuse, yank the pin, or set the timer and blow this world economic bitch to hell so we can pick through the pieces and start over again? Please? This shit is getting really old.

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Almost as big as GE's tax return for 2010.   Go long WY.

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Monetary is their middle name.

This will be the excuse for the Black Friday consumer confidence equities ramp?  A little early, unless Brian Sack has a party to get to with the interns.

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"Monetary is their middle name."


I thought it was motha.

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Ah, the rumor du jour.

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And now the endless parade of rumors begins!  

There are funds with trillions fully invested, and they will be calling news outlets and writers across the globe to plant rumors that they will use to spike the electronic kool aid known as the equities market.  Add to that a few $10 - $20 million S&P futures contract orders and you get a nice 80-100 Dow point surge.  

Expect it to happen almost daily for the next week or two.  

They have too much to lose - but they are going down anyway.