Uncle Sarko Kindly Demands Your Independence

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After the smart Sarkozy spoke earlier, it is now time for the not so smart one to express what many are increasingly branding as Fascist intentions of forced cohesion:


In other words, please hand over your sovereignty to France and the rest shall be ok.

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This is why we on ZH root for collapse. Because it is better than global government run by technocrats. We don't like seeing things destroyed but it is the only way.

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Hijack me any time Careless Whisper. I like what you do.

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I like the Ron Paul clip, I think he got more time answering just that one question than he did the entire last debate.

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AND... Welcome The Death Of The FREE WORLD, as we knew it ...

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Including the death of a free US - to paraphrase this present article's exit- & punchline:

"In other words, please hand over your State Powers to the US Federal Government and the rest shall be ok...." Evidence of US states handing over their decision making"powers" to the US Federation - TO WIT: 

William Black: "Obama's Justice Department is pressuring all US State Attorneys not to indicte or prosecute any executives of any US banks - and every US State Attorney takes orders from the US Federal government."

You probably know all the other areas of Federal usurption of State Powers...

Ron Paul 2012.

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the euro is the reserve of the EU, so the debt peddlers have the other nations by the balls...we are the world reserve.

We get to stuff them with debt and then come after them.  Few nations have leaders like Iceland that can't be bribed to sell their nations out

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We are reaching a point where there will soon be no difference between dollars and euros.  That point is when the IMF loans $3 trillion dollars to Europe, Europe will fractionaly reserve it to $30 trillion, M2 will explode, the dollar will fall, equities will sky, gold and oil will become, as the ads say, priceless.  Then history will repeat, bond auctions will go bidless, and WWIII will ensue.  1984 just came a little late, that's all.

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may i suggest you call ny governor cuomo and tell him you really like his plan to invest ny city cops' pension funds in bridges, tunnels, roads, and other really good projects.




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breaking news: pepper spray to be declared vegetable, sprayed in children's faces in school lunch lines.

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Certainly the collapse of the current order would be great, but wouldn't it be nice to see a better alternative first?  Right now I think we would get the same result as the poor Egyptians...window dressing and a collapse in living standards. 


Unless you get rid of the central banking system all else is rather pointless.

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I agree with you Mark, as do probably most here. But people who read and understand ZH are the minority in the grand scheme of things. The general public needs to wake up and unfortunately it always seems to require a huge shock to their system. A nice vote by Congress to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (because the public demands it) is my ideal solution too. Whether it is possible is another question.

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Hrmmm, maybe first headline was typo: 

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If they don’t print, they die, today.

Isn’t this financial terrorism at its finest - the tycoon tyrants holding a gun to the economy’s head and saying consent to print or else we’ll destroy you?

Well, why should we take math lessons or printing orders from a nest of failed financiers who, along with their government enablers, have created a debt saturated Europe and U.S.A., anyway? Now that they’ve destroyed themselves, why let them take the rest of us down with them?

As Nathan Martin says, “Don’t consent to the lies, don’t consent to the FRAUD.”

The tenants of the Rothschild Plan to control nations by controlling their money supplies has failed, all of it – the privately-owned central banking system, the private control of the money supply, the fiat paper currency, the debt monetization.

Western Civ 101’s problems are all “about a debt saturated globe ruled by narcissistic psychos who were wrongly given the power to coin money with no one regulating the value thereof,” as Nate put it today on Nathan’s Economic Edge.

Says Nate: “You name the ailment, and I’ll tell you how it relates to WHO it is that controls the production of money.  A common currency MUST come into being without benefiting the few; it must come into being without favoring anyone.  Truly sovereign money does this; it does not come into being as someone’s debt burden.”

Concludes Nate: “It doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to consent to living inside of a national that indebts itself to a few narcissistic individuals – that is a most improper rule of law. And you don’t have to believe or consent to the lies being bombarded upon you nonstop from the media and those whose livings are derived from propping up an illegal and immoral system.”

Surely, by now, everyone knows who they are – and that goes for the Washington-based, Bush Family-connected global asset management firm Carlyle Group, the eleventh largest defense contractor in the U.S. during the Bush Administration and in 2011 ranked as the third largest private equity firm in the world after TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area.  

Nelson Rockefeller’s design for “a new world order” in “The Future of (world) Federalism”  to replace a “fever of nationalism,” because “the nation-state is becoming less and less competent to perform its international,” appears to have been, to say the least, a bit premature.

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ending the FED is an empty gesture at this point, the damage is done.  In fact, I predict that it will happen... if only to fool people into thinking that criminals will be controled.  but at this point, with the collapse, they won't need the FED any longer... something bigger is planned.

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FRB System charter [100 years] renewal scheduled to expire 12/31/2012

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I'd be wary of an consolidation of power, humans are inherently suseptible to corruption so when you have individuals who makes decisions which affect the lives of millions of other human being things often end up shitty for the many for the benefit of the few.  So anything that happens to decentralize power I am all for.

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Yeah let's decentralise power ...all the way to freedom

the way to do it is remove Govt, a monopoly of power in society

easily done Boys & Girls. Stop Paying Your Taxes

Zero Tax = Zero Govt = Freedom & Free Markets

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but the plan is to use the collpse to force a regional, then world, government on the people...

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Yes it is. The question then becomes are the people who don't read sites like this more likely to wake up if they continue a slow to medium paced decline or are they more likely to wake up and push back from a big shock. It's tough, I would like Congress to do their Constitutional duty. Will they?

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congress is controlled by the very "people" (i use that word losely) responsible for engineering the collapse.   congress will do its part by abdicating authority (like the debt supercommittee)...  look what happened in the first depression, far too much power was ceded to the executive.  same thing will happen again....  its already happening.   The U.S. gov is just for show at this point.

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If you want to speak PCT ( paranoid conspiracy theory) this crises was known in the beginning of the Euro. Even Paul Volcker said the euro wont survive its first resession. Other countries knew it too, and avoided participating in the euro.

Crises are never allowed to go to waste. Russia and other countries learned the hard way you cant rush evolution and the Hegelian dialectic.
The oligarchy and their useful "progressive" idiots on the left have planned for a world utopia under rule by "wise" elites for a long time.

But thesis antithesis and synthesis cannot be pushed too fast.

A couple of savior technocratic governments now, the solution next advocated is closer integration.

At each crises make sure the solution is more government, and more integrated govetnments.

It is inevitable but still likely to take centuries. The people have shown tgey like dynasty, hierarchy, and soothing words of safety and stability as their pockets are picked and opportunities foreclosed.

When you argue with people who wittingly or unwittingly argue the slow evolution of society toward less freedom and more control under the guise of "helping" the people there is only one argument.

Not every problem we face has a solution. The attempt to "solve" every problem through government intervention must stop.

Dont even argue about solutions. That progresses the hegelian dialectic.

Freedom and liberty are imperfect. To attempt to address those imperfections through government helps your enemies.

Embrace the good and bad of freedom and liberty.

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Thank you. I have a nice tinfoil hat too.

"Just say no" is the only way to stop the inexorable advancement of people who propose government solutions. That is the only solution against those who wittingly or unwittingly advance the progressive hegelian dialect.

However our inability as a people to do nothing in the face of instability ("we gotta try to do something!") means that those who prefer central planning and a curtailment of freedom and liberty will ultimately win.

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yeah, someone ponied up $80M for a fucking wedding between a prince and some whore in the UK.  People fawned and wept and were just bedazzled and awed by it.

Dynasty works because people want it.  The few who didn't ended up founding the US

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Spot on, spot on.  This whole system has to come down in order to clean it up.  You know that things are in bad shape when leaders are essentially threatening other countries to give them money.  Things are falling apart in Europe and they think that the US will come save the day with trillions of printed money which won't happen.  Because it's an election year and we have issues of our own about our economy and trying to get the congress or senate to give a few billion let alone trillions to a non US entity is tantamount to calling Barack Obama the N word on the floor of the house during his state of the union speach.  It won't happen period.

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freedom must begin in the mind first, that's why the 99% will never be free.



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Sarkozy speaks for the bankers....not the French.

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Sarkozy delusions translated:

"Lets have our cats and dogs live together in harmony.   Blacks and whites, Muslims and Christians, worshipping the same golden calf in joyous rapture as Europeans have done throughout history."



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Good one!

Every group that has attempted an empire have found a common religion useful.

The religion of the masses in our new one world utopia will be a deism with new age and asian philosophy intermixed. Most progressives in california already have this as their religion. They are just not very aware nor articulate about their beliefs. This new religion is still looking for proper structure and principles.

Of course the oligarchy, if they can, will be sure this new universal progressivist deism has proper respect for authority as its founding principles.

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Sarkozys dreams are a little more scummier than that...

Napolian was "amazed" at how little force achieved. Sarkozy has taken heed and tried the strutting cock and waffling windbag route and that hasn't worked either... he's achieved precisely fuk-all during his Presidency



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he proved the value of the military complex to the French.  The success of CVN de Gaulle in Libya operations is a source of national pride.  Now onto bigger targets for them.

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New Movie coming out this fall............

Sarkozy's Run

It's a very short film.

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The little Napoleon that could

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Napoleon Dynamite?

Are you kidding me?

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Germany and France are going to push for a tighter union.. Italy too.  It's just a matter of how many other nations follow.

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& the Benelux + Austria
LOL fascinating how many comments Sarkozy draws... Lots of Fans?
"...many are increasingly branding as Fascist intentions of forced cohesion"
- Tyler, "many" British "By Jingo" Tabloids?
Or "many" online CopyPaster?
Or many in the 17 Countries EZ?

Sarkozy is talking about the EZ...

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Merkozy of Europe: Prepare to be assimilated!

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He's a fucking idiot.

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Whereas his brother is a genius because he knows how to fractionaly reserve cash, which is economics 101.

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I hate when NWO - one world currency conspiracy nuts are right... darn it.

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Hell, I'm a NWO conspiracy nut and even I hate it when I'm right.

{Disclaimer: I don't want to appear as taking any pride from my position on the matter - as I just studied the information cloud all across the board and found the conspiracy theory to be the truth vector that by far fits most the data, but I'm not the one that either did the in-depth research or formulated theories}

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Sarko= FAIL . He had 3 years to do a budget in surplus. Epic fail. Now lets see if the socialists will be better at it...

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Last time France had a balanced budget was in the early 1970's...