Unelected European President Holiday Humor

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For an unexpected dose of holiday humor, and a surprisingly spot-on prediction of the future of Europe's monetary system, we go to none other than unelected head of Europe, Herman van Rompuy himself.

And embrace change we must (not to mention stash and hoard just as Kyle Bass has done with nickels), preferably with open palms, as very soon no paper money, initially European and then generically speaking, will be left.

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Mark123's picture

Did he steal that quote from Obama?  What a full blown twit!!!!!!

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

yes, he should have a sex change. he and obumma should both move Forward! with this immediately.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Real change would be tossing out his bald arse, except that somehow he was never elected....hmmm I wonder how that is possible in a so called democracy.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I am in complete agreement with President Van Rompuy. The time for change is here. The current European economic system is simply not working, and is in dire need of economic reforms. I know nerdy libertarians are not going to like this, but the first thing that needs to be implemented in Europe is Eurobonds. It is simply impractical for struggling European countries to rely on their present convoluted relationship with the ECB. Once Europe is issuing Eurobonds, the ECB will be able to monetize European debt with ease, and the European commission will be able to finance rescue packages for struggling states WITHOUT tedious referendums. And don’t get me wrong – I too am personally very frustrated at European leaders. They have frankly proven to be impotent and timid in their efforts for a united Europe, and although their hearts are in the rights place, their actions have lacked the strength and authority that this crisis demands. 

Colombian Gringo's picture

Do you also think it is acceptable that the countries of Europe should become united, under an UNELECTED LEADER?

falak pema's picture

Herr Barosso like his predecessors has been running the Euro commission since 50+ years; aka the commercial arm governing the common market  of EU. MR ROmpuy is just a door mat for Merkozy, who don't want to talk to the 25 others in the EU. So they get Rompuy to carry their message for them, their surrogate nation state colleagues. Just like Barosso does and all those others did for Mitterrand-Kohl etc; since the EU got serious about integration.

Nothing new there; the principle of EU is the nation states DECIDE on political front and delegate on commercial/economc front to the Commission who executes what the signed Treaties have established at NAtion state level, monitored in Crisis mode today by Merkel and Hollande; as before by Merkozy. Don't look at the doormat look at the masters of the house. Your question is meaningless once you understand how EU works. Majordomos of 10 downing street appear to have power like whitehall ushers; appear...not HAVE. To appear is NOT to have, its to have not. Ask Earnest. 

Poor Grogman's picture


Actually its soon to be "Emperor Van Rompoy" to you all.

just wanted to clear that up....

Blammo's picture

I am increasingly disenchanted with democracy....If you want to exersize authority over others by seeking office, you have what I call a tyrant gene, and automatically self select as unworthy (in my view), whether elected or not...

I don't know what the solution is, but electing the glibbest of the glib, sure the hell ain't it.

Matt's picture

You mean Representative Democracy.

There are other models; I doubt Direct Democracy can work beyond a municipal level.

blunderdog's picture

Representative republic coupled with direct-democratic veto from the masses is probably about the only concept that hasn't been tried somewhere.  Something simple like "any law without 60% of popular public support" can never pass.

The basic premise would be: anything that couldn't garner the support of 60% of the public is too controversial for government to be given any power over it.

I personally don't see much point, but I recognize that a lot of folks want to be able to call the cops or seal the borders or get bankruptcy protection sometimes.

nmewn's picture

"Representative republic coupled with direct-democratic veto from the masses is probably about the only concept that hasn't been tried somewhere.  Something simple like "any law without 60% of popular public support" can never pass.

The basic premise would be: anything that couldn't garner the support of 60% of the public is too controversial for government to be given any power over it."

Hmmm...gonna have to grind on this...off hand, I like it for the simple fact it slows the avalanche of bullshit edicts streaming from DC.


Poor Grogman's picture


I like the simplicity and functionality of it.

It may not have worked in the "mass media age" where it was/is easy to manipulate public opinion, but as an idea for the future...

In the "blogging age" it could definatly throw some sand in the gears of Statism. (war on .....) ism.  That type of thing.

The other advantage  is that everyone could support such a concept.

as you said.. worth chewing over...

Harlequin001's picture

Bottom line is that we don't all get to decide on the policies or directors of companies private or public unless we have some skin in the game i.e. shareholding.

So why do we have an electoral system where those that don't work, and don't have any capital employed have a say in the way we run the country? Universal suffrage doesn't work. The system should be, you don't pay taxes, you don't vote. Not until we stop giving power to those that will only take will we ever have an economy that thrives. Not until then can we have an environment where businesses can thrive and redeploy capital where it matters.

It simply isn't possible...

StychoKiller's picture

Ancient Greek method of implementing law(s):

"Anyone wishing to propose a new law had to do so while standing on a public platform with a rope around their neck. If the law was passed, the rope was removed. If the law was voted down, the platform was removed."

Offthebeach's picture

That is what a jury trial/jury nulification is all about. If 12. Citizen peers aren't all for the supposed law the it isn't a law. The people are the law. As it is now, represenitive government are the corporation tools for managerial control of the dumb, fat sheeple.

jimijon's picture

Well I have posited that the Internet makes for a new governance model that has not yet been implemented. The reason of course is change, real change always hurts the status quo the most. My political theory is what I call Socialocracy. Here we move all regulatory oversight to the people. This means that all corporations and government agencies must produce accounting and documentation to the public. 

Then the public will have full responsibility to see if company XYZ is really poisoning, polluting, stealing, drug running, laundering, etc. Transgression are brought to the Judicial system, which also then gets rated on its success or failure in agreeing with the findings of the people.

I have written more, and even have been thinking of a special website or such. Anyway, for my shameless promotion you can check out some of my writings at http://jimijon.blogspot.com


StychoKiller's picture

"Why Nations Fail: the Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty" by Daron Acemoglu, James Robinson; ISBN 0307719219

Harlequin001's picture

and what makes you think you have or should have any rights to my private conversations, agreements and contracts with my private trading partners?

The Monkey's picture

What a load of bullshit. Talk about trying to put lipstick on a pig.

tbd108's picture

Pigs everywhere are insulted and likely to sue for slander!

rodocostarica's picture

A Little lame this time MDB. But I still love your satire. Give us more bonds. It just makes us nerdy Libs that much more secure in our anti fiat gold and silver investments.  Do you think that any of us nerdy Libs want to see total worldwide chaos?

Actually I weould prefer not to need gold to protect myself. But alas you and your ilk (I know you really are a nerdy lib) have made this neccesary.


So fuck Rompuy and all the other asshats in Europe and in the US. That includes you Bernank and you too Obama and Romney.

We got us a bitch running Costa Rica and she just had lunch with the Pope today. Maybe even met the butler. Ineffective but she leaves me alone.

Meanwhile Tyler any chance you can cut us a special deal with Hula to allow access of the videos from third world countries like Costa Rica? I get this message:

Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States


Pura Vida.

nmewn's picture


"Once Europe is issuing Eurobonds, the ECB will be able to monetize European debt with ease, and the European commission will be able to finance rescue packages for struggling states WITHOUT tedious referendums."

Why do you even need debt issuance at all?...it's an unneeded step, just print up euros and pass em out, free money for everyone!

koperniuk666's picture

Love ya MDB;  You've picked up where Robo trader left off......


Are you really Tony Blair??  Or some other out of work comedienne?


Fake Jim Quinn's picture

I see things differently MDB. The Western Europeans are very hard working people; in those 35 hours per week they work, six vacation weeks for newbies, two more weeks for St. This and St. That holidays, they are extremely productive and deserve three to five years of unemployment insurance, rigid labor laws to protect them and overall protectionist trade policies to preserve their hard fought lifestyles. Without these, they could not discuss politics in cafes all evening and weekends and discuss how the Anglo-Saxon model of labor engagement is so barbaric. And it would allow those young ruffians to get work at the expense of the much older people who after all deserve the fruits of the heroic efforts during and after WW II, which they accomplished entirely on their own, and paid back whatever measly help they did get from barbaric capitalists.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Clicked on the link, and now am getting ads for "Win a dinner with Barack". If I can get a ride in the Choomwagon doing ceiling hits, I'm totally entering the contest.


Jendrzejczyk's picture

Slewie, you're ridin' shotgun.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i think i have a date with hanoiJane that nite, alphabetski...

Gully Foyle's picture

"Herman van Rompuy"

I envision a Benny Hill skit involving a man with a big ass, striped pants, spats, a villianous moustache, franticall chasing a half dressed serving maid around the bedchamber.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Gully Foyle

Why do I always read it as Rumpy?

Trimmed Hedge's picture

He forgot about "hope"...

Mark123's picture

What he really meant to say:


Debt serfdom is the only way forward. If we want to shape our future we must embrace debt. This is true for all European countries

The Monkey's picture

Not going to happen. It's already politically infeasible and it's going to get much worse before it gets better. It's a matter of physics at this point, not policy.

tony wilson's picture

more change

no hope

just oblivion.


herman von goring ramrodpoy reminds me of the skit.

you would think death is bad enough but it geys a lot worse.

it never ends it never ends.



RiverRoad's picture

Only problem is everybody's got their own definition of "change" over there...Maybe they should start with him.

carbonmutant's picture

I plan to embrace change this afternoon when I heat up my grill...

Manthong's picture

That 2,000 nickles from the clip is positive change.

Popo's picture

Speaking of "Resisting change"....

"For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death."

Adolf Hitler, speech before the Reichstag, 4 May 1941

Hulk's picture

"The Phalanx"  Coming soon to a European theatre near you...

sangell's picture

NIgel Farage nailed this guy when, to his face, he said he resembled nothing more than a 'bank clerk'.

Non Passaran's picture

That wasn't nice.

So Nigel later apologized - to bank clerks.

tobus's picture

That was a really prophetic speech by Farage. See the bold section below. He predicts that Van Rompuy intends to be the quiet assasin of European Democracy and Europe's nation states. So far we've had 2 of Europe's great democracies replaced with pro EU pro Euro ex bankers and economists. Mario Monti in Italy and Papademos in Greece. Next will be the dissolution of sovereignty for all Eurozone countries with a centralised fiscal policy. It's really happening.


"You have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk. The question that I'd like to ask, that we're all going to ask is: Who are you? I'd never heard of you. No one in Europe had ever heard of you.

I would like to ask you president: who voted for you? And what mechanism, oh I know that democracy isn't popular with you people, what mechanism do the peoples of Europe have to remove you. Is this European democracy?

Well I said though that you are competent and capable and dangerous, and I have no doubt that it's your intention to be the quiet assasin of European democracy and of the European nation states. You seem to have a loathing for the very existence of nation states."



The Monkey's picture

This idea that Europe will come together under a federal umbrella is running completely counter to seniment in the streets. The hopes and dreams of policy makers oupled with the omnipresent central banks have set up one of the largest mispricings of risk, ever.

Prices are a mirage.

Ghordius's picture

mmmh... you are getting Farage out of context, IMHO.

If you want to understand his tirade against Van Rompuy, you have to watch a different YouTube item,

here http://youtu.be/F3e6IWsJA9U (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3e6IWsJA9U)

Belarusian Bull's picture



One of the best videos on the subject of "change"  out there.


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Why does John Malkovich want to kill me?

In 26 years in the Middle East, I have never read so many vile and intimidating messages addressed to me. Many now demand my death. And last week, the Hollywood actor John Malkovich did just that, telling the Cambridge Union that he would like to shoot me.





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so you are robert fisk? or his spokesman?

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Dear Mr. Free Wheeling Freddy Free Prose Falak Pema,

 Punctual punctuaction shall it be.