United Welfare States of America: In 2011 Nearly Half The Population Received Some Form Of Government Benefit

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While politicians may debate whether or not America is the most "generous" (with other generations' money of course) socialist welfare state in the history of mankind, the undoctored numbers make the affirmative case quite clear and without any chance for confusion. The single most disturbing statistic: in 2011 nearly half of the population lived in a household that receives some form of government benefit, which in turn accounted for 65% of total federal spending, or $2.5 trillion, and amount to 15% of GDP. And yet some people out there still think these people, long since indoctrinated to do little but mooch off the welfare state (which will continue subsidizing its existence so long as debt rates are so low that the government can issue trillions each year without fears of consequences) will halt their iTunes purchases, will voluntarily stop subsisting on the government's teat, or will rebel against a government which is their only source of income? Why? Especially since something tells us that there will be a peculiar overlap between this 50% and the 50% of Americans that pay zero taxes.

Of course, this chart should be observed in conjunction with the "What is this?" chart we presented two days ago from Morgan Stanley which pretty much explains everything about the US "economy"

From John Lohman

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So is the 99% or the 1% on the receiving end of this? 



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“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Maybe he should have said "with their children's money".

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What is the difference between "cash assistance" and buying votes?

Vote Tammany Hall!

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My mom was wealthy.

My dad was poor.

I grew up witnessing both tales of the tape.

The Nero Bankers use everthing they can

to divide and conquer us all.

Money, religion, race, gender, sex.

My only resources are my mind, my heart and my friends.

For the last 3 years, I've been speaking of the coming currency collapse.

You could see the writing on the wall back in the ENRON days.

and it has only gotten worse, worst and worstest.

Today, I spent a few hours with a gentleman who is an Ex - Crip from the Dallas South Side and some of his friends. He'd doesn't bang anymore, but he's still in tight with them.

It's surprising how the approaching death of the financial system, unites sensible Americans.

I'm really glad I've been making so many Deputy badges.

The most HILARIOUS thing about all this fucked up shit.....

....is that in a financial collapse, most poor people will find their life style stays the same or improves.

It's the upper middle class to the really rich that'll be blowing their own brains out.

God bless everyone,


God Speed good Saints!



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You can thank Obama Buddy for all the benefits offered by his socialist govt.  His plan for change under socialism seems to be going according to plan!

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Are you saying that Barack Obama was a priest in the Spanish Inquisition, learned to drink blood to extend his life, and since then has been hatching this master plan to unleash socialism in 2012?

That's a crazy fucking theory.

It'd be an awesome action film. It'd need kung fu

and asian chicks to  work though.

When Barack and the Bernank shake hands,

it's pretty clear that

the Bernank holds the

"higher" rank.

use brain to think

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something tells us that there will be a peculiar overlap between this 50% and the 50% of Americans that pay zero taxes.


And that will also overlap with the 50% who vote for Ogolfer.  Of course, if he can raise that percentage just a bit before election time comes, then everyone gets 4 more years of Hope, Change....and foodstamps!

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Ahmee, it's probably much more insidious than that, don't you think? These NUMBers tell a story of a failing nation, actually a purposely failed nation.

All going hand in hand, hand-to-mouth, no? We'll swallow your 401 K and Soc Sec., but give you SNAP cards in exchange. See? How nice we are.

I think government funded food kitchens serving factroy farmed and factory produced frankenfoods is the future. Else why would they clamp down so hard on the small farmer?

It's the addictive government Coke-teat.

No one is allowed to thrive. You may however survive at our pleasure.

It's coming everywhere by the way. India has it's own version of the SS NUMBer scheme under-way. once everyone is tagged, they start to close the gates.

Big gates, they close slowly, but when they shut....




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Food stamps are as easy to print as dollars.


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Indeed NT. And Snap Cards are a one time cost.

Winner? Gold Mansacks.


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I thought J.P. Morgan ran SNAP.

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We don't do SNAP, We dont do heat assistance, we dont do education (Other than what really bites compared to street, fire, police etc in tax)

Half this stuff did not exist before Obama took office.

I remember even more back when the Nation actually tried to help get people off welfare. And for a time I think they did.


I am not including the Vet, VA, Disabled and Social security. Just these chart programs.


If you took the pie away and let the People fend for themselves, you WILL have disorder and a big problem this winter.


It's a shame because there are still thousands asleep for every dozen who wake up.

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>>>Half this stuff did not exist before Obama took office.<<<

You are either very young or very stupid.

Pick one.

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Young and stupid are not exclusionary.  One can be both.  I suspect that to be the case here.

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direct payments include Mediscare, SS...they are a function of demographic shifts, not anything sinister.

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Here comes the "Soviet Kiss of Death": the still working 50% of American will stop working shortly with nobody working any more in the United Soviet State of America. Well, the FED will try to keep printing presses running...

Then comes a revolution since people do not like going hungry and government "law-enforcers" going unpaid.

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You may be right 1.5.

This, I thought, was a kicker... "In Washington, D.C., and Mississippi, more than one-fifth of residents receive food stamps."


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Where's the direct federal payments charts and graphs to the 1% predator class?


Really, Tyler...Divide and conquer?  Yes, I know it's about views, posts...eyeballs.

Get them frothing at the mouth over payments to the moochers and underclass...while the truly heinous payouts go ignored...at least you could have mentioned an aggregate number for some balance.



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Ahhh...Yes. We must NEVER discuss subsidies to the corporations and banks, but scream Holy Murder if Fed $ shore up school lunch programs.


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Hey, I have an idea.

Maybe theft is wrong, no matter who you give the money to?

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i live in mississipi, and most of the afican americans are on EBT. A large majority have kids knowing they cannot afford the little ones. but the younguns are a pay check. The whites here are also getting the attitude that the govt also needs to take care of them also. It is a disease to culture and personal responsibility. The south has so many issues because of the attitudes of people on assistance. They dont take care of what is afforded to themby the tax payers, and they expect more and more. The issue also raises concerns about the health of these indivuals, i see it daily.They never work, they smoke, drink and take very little care of themselves causing a major burden to the hospitals and the entire healthcare system. They have no innitiative to take care of themselves becausethey know that healthcare is afforded to them. I for an example try to live a healthy lifestyle because I do not want the cost of my healthcare to rise where i am employed at. Untill the system either decays and becomes unsustainable or the govt puts these people to work for what they get it will never be fixed. NO MATTER WHAT! 

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Those are the same people who "refuse to do the jobs the illegals are doing". I'm as stumped as you. Why aren't they told to work? Slavery guilt perhaps? Can't MAKE them "work the fields". Vote buying, that's all it is, they raise their own voters.

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NO ONE PAYS zero taxes! If you are alive you pay taxes! Just because you are without a job doesn't mean you don't pay taxes.Just because all there is, is part time work for near nothing doesn't mean you don't pay taxes. You sound like a hack from the Cock brothers 1% team? So you are a tool of the 1%. I pay more in % taxes than Mitt!

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True, if you use dollars you pay the inflation tax.


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True.  This would seem to be either far too complex a matter for the mathematically challenged finance class to comprehend or just another example of their routine dishonesty. 


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can we work in some giant fighting robots?

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No. It is much more simple. Obama infringes upon our freedoms. By means of introducing various types of regulations he suffocates the economy of this country. He weakens the country and as a result diminishes job opportunities and put more people on needle of dependence on government assistance. For those who try to preserve their assets offshore he makes it more and more difficult to do so.

He grows the country debt preparing the eventual country collapse.

He stops the measures to achieve energy independence. He stops technological advances (like space exploration). He wastes money on projects which make no economic sense to accelerate bunkrupcy. (Salindra, Government motors)

Obama is the worst thing that happened to America. It is not the question that  most of us  probably  need to pay more taxes, it is our freedom (including economic one) that rapidly disappears. Obama ultimate goal is default. He will then introduce the state of emergency, close the borders and become de facto the dictator. Mouth trap will be shut. And then you will see what Marxist paradise really mean. In this respect Ron Paul is absolutely correct. The problem is: he will never be elected.

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Give me a break. Obama reads a teleprompter and lives it up. All these evil things have been going on for the last 100 years and progressively gotten worse over time. The idea that it is all Obama in the last couple years is just ridiculous. Lyndon Johnson or FDR were far worse for this country. Obama is just a stooge.

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The so-called Progressives (Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR) were the beginning of the end; Omojo is the end-of-the-end, the icing on the cake.  All you have to know is what you are going to do when they come a knockin'.  Everything else is academic.

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Obama is a convenient and visible target -- that is all.   Anyone who can't see past this decoy is quite short-sighted.   Rotating the White House shills is the game being played.  If you believe that a POTUS can fix any of this, you need to get out more.

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Yep, surely Gingrich or Romney will see us thru this. LMAO.

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Don Coxe Update, says everyone should have significant gold exposure and see's a gold reprice by the US at some point.






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zionists to kill obarry?

speaking of mooches, this from haaretz:

"The owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, has suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu consider ordering a Mossad hit team to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama so that his successor will defend Israel against Iran."


did the US Navy just deploy its oldest carrier, scheduled to be decommissioned next year, to the persian gulf?



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The US government spent $662 million to refurbish the Enterprise so it could make its final deployment. Yet people wonder why the country is broke.

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Aye.... she'll no take much more of this!

tarsubil's picture

But. Scotty. I. Need. Those... engines.

HungrySeagull's picture

Yes. It will not be much of a loss compared to the new carriers.

Also the Big E has some resources not availible to other ships in Commission today.

At least one Carrier is in the Bathtub right now. Just dont know which one.

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question....i have renters that receive sect. 8, that in turn i receive....which one of us is considered in the 50%?

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Both of you.

Rent is too damn high!

Do the rest of us a favor and price accordingly. You wont because you are addicted to other peoples money, too.

smlbizman's picture

tell me what the proper amount is?

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You have more patience than I, had to dump all sec 8, could not handle gov in my business.  What a cluster, especially the self important inspectors, great use for a pig farm those guys.  Whatever sec 8 is paying is too little for the cost of being attached to a gov teat..

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Ol' Alexis?! If he would have conversations in the US nowadays, he would notice that you don't say socialist, planning economy or "liberal" anymore, you say European. Against all facts, but hey, new times beget new swearwords...

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This comment is so muddled and confusing, I'm going to guess it's a FOXbot Algo used to spread profitable piffle.





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Confusing? Just *TRY* to have a normal conversation with my UK and US relatives and you will find out that they think they live in the land of the free and that the eurozone is a socialist overregulated hellhole where half of the population is on some kind of government support.

NewThor's picture

I live in Texas so I hear the word Liberal all the time.

and the term 'Socialism' is deader and dumber than 'free markets'

neither of those two exist anywhere on the planet

except in peoples minds.

I swear, sometimes it's like everyone on the planet believes

everything Ellsworth P. Toohey ever says.

And Howard Roark laughed.


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Peace? Is good, let's hope we'll have some.
Socialism might be dead as a word in Texas, regrettably it's a beast alive and kicking in this world. Was just musing how 1984-like the UKUS political vocabulary is becoming...

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Define socialism for me please.