Unofficial Greek Exit Polls

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And from one presidential election, we go to the other even more crucial parliamentary election, in Greece, where courtesy of Planet-Greece we have the first unofficial exit polls. Since these numbers differ massively with what opinion polls predicted as recently as 2 weeks ago, and indicate the status quo is likely to persist, we urge everyone to take these with a huge grain of salt.

This is obviously Google translated:

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francis_sawyer's picture if one Greek Tragedy wasn't enough.

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If these results are true, the focus will entirely be on france.

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If they re elect the same clowns that led them into this disaster, then the Greeks deserve what they get, good and hard. 

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Pretty even splitzky

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It doesn't matter who votes for only matters who counts those votes.....

I'm just saying....

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Damn ... you beat me to that Stalin classic.

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Given the future these "technocrats" have already condemned Greece to, does anyone think they would be above election fixing?

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The famous Stalin quote:

"You know, comrades," says Stalin, "that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this - who will count the votes, and how."

- Joseph Stalin, quoted in 'Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary' (1992), by Boris Bazhanov

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If I voted for the commies, anarchists or natzis Im not sure I would admit it in a poll. But then Im not Greek.

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No one is afraid to say what they vote in a poll in Greece. Especially communists who have a very strong footpring in the political stage.

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Really? REALLY?

Do they use Diebold machines?

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PASOK and the porcine poster boy for Greek socialism are out.

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If this results are to be confirmed. Will mean Greek's mood still not mature enough to take the next step to change things. They still on the kicking the can mood, trusting their leader.

The same here in America, if we pick another "Keep doing the same thing until it works". Means more pain is needed before the peasantry start questioning their leadership.

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DIEBOLD must be everywhere.

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Yes, Diebold makes some of the ATM machines here in Europe, for sure.

No bank that I use, though.

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It's the HFT algo of election technology. No audit trail, no problem!

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what outcome can trigger a sellout in stock market?

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Trick question--There is no Greek outcome that can trigger a sell out in the market.

Seems that no one ran for the doors when sovereign CDS magically turned into Charmin, so why would a mere election spook the horses?

/partial sarc

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I don't think your "partial sarcasm" disclaimer was necessary: the whole world is 100% Potemkin village.

/partial hyperbole

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Most of the posts on any thread here should be read as if they ended with an implied "partial" tag [just an impartial observation]

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Requiring I.D. to vote is racism.

And war is peace.

Democracy is the perfect cover for blaming failure on you.

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Which one is MOST corrupt. Hopefully that is the one who wins.

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If any foreign minister begins to defend to the death a "peace conference," you can be sure his government has already placed its orders for new battleships and airplanes.
Joseph Stalin

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As a greek here is what I know:

Ive spoken to dozens of family members back home and the VAST majority of them voted PASOK or New Democracy. They simply refuse to vote for the smaller parties as they believe the propaganda how Greece will turn into Pakistan were they to return to the drachma. Throw in some voter fraud and dont be surprised to see the main parties walk away with 45% of the vote. 

I'm long crude so these results should help my position POP

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Why is it when the opinion polls differ from the election results or even the exit polls, the opinion polls are automatically wrong? Shouldn't they be screaming vote fraud?

Wow, I guess vote fraud only happens in countries where the bankers don't fully control.

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As enraged as the Greek Populice is right now, how could it be possible that the Status Quo will stand? Further, I am having a really difficult time understanding how the Extreme Right Wing/Neo-Nazi Fringe is polling as well as it is.  They don't remember WWII in Greece?


One would expect by now that the average Greek Citizen would understand who is causing their pain, and throw the Bankster-loving Austerity Pigs out. Is all news from Iceland totally blocked from reaching Greece?

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The following people must be released: In Greece the 9 members of the Golden Dawn movement (I read about them in Time Magazine!!!)

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Greeks may be able to choose a government but they have no choice when it comes to even more painful days ahead.

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When was the last time that an election brought major or marked change ?  We fret and shake our heads, might even ball our fists, and then ?

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Nothing will change until bullets enter brains.  Period.

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Seems all they are doing is facing off with cops on the street. They throw some rocks, the cops shoot some CS gas, and then they all call it a day, and go home... and then the Media shows cute video of "Riot Dog." I keep expecting to hear reports of Greek Citizens burning Bankster and Austerity Pigs' houses, and then cutting them down with axes and pitchforks when they flee.


But, no.


This is the third round of major elections in Greece since the crisis began, and it is looking more like an exercise in a mass masochism fetish. If they vote for the Status Quo Austerity Pigs, and/or vote in more Neo-Nazis/Fascists, then we might as well write them off.

It's after 6pm in Athens. Results should be in fairly soon.


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Don't tell me the Greeks are putting pictures of boys on posters again! We really have gone full circle. 

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