US Debt Soars By $54 Billion Overnight, Closes May At Record $15,770,685,085,364.10

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There was one thing that the Roller-Upper-Of-Sleeves-In-Chief forgot to mention in his 1 pm rehearsed oratory today: the highlighted number below. And certainly the chart below showing the relative change in US GDP and debt. Since we can only assume the president was too busy pontificating on other very important things, we are happy to fill in the hole.

As of May 31:

Source: DTS

And the bigger picture:

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What is the official ZH prediction for the date on hitting the limit?

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And pension reforms are getting sensitive, in Illinois at least:

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not the best of rants if you don't know what he's talking about-stay on topic! If it were me(being an IL taxpayer like Santelli)I would have said"IF YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY HIGHER TAXES SO SOME IL STATE COP OR IDOT WORKERCAN MAKE A 6 FIGURE PENSION W FULL HEALTH INSURANCE FOR LIFE  AFTER RETIRING AT FIFTY YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY"

10mm's picture

Coming to a State near me.Penna already talking change in order with pension.Broke is broke.

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It is simply a game between DEBT vs. UNEMLOYMENT


Fed WILL print more DEBT. there is no other way.

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does that extra 10 cents really matter? lol who counts in pennys any more when you can count in trillions

drmfh's picture

Well, if I pay off the 10 cents and about 150 trillion other people do the same, then we're good to go, right???

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Obummer was pontificating on how every under water homeowner should have the ability to refinance their mortgage at a lower rate.  LOL

He asked, "wouldn't everybody like an opportunity to save $3,000 a year?"

And the sheep all applauded on cue.



otto skorzeny's picture

and then he should have said "but whatever you save will be destroyed by inflation bichezzz-I'm going out to the Choom Wagon! OBUMMER OUT!!!"

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...and then he should have said, ''enjoy the Apple, you shall not surely die. In your FaceBook. Prophetic peace out. (does satanic gang sign as he struts out of the White House Presstitue Room) ...bitchez, I got a dance date with Rahm at the Dimon House to get to in ''short'' (new world) order''.

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Look there is this thing called reality. Illinois has the cops and the cops have the guns. So, when the government says that Santelli is going to have to pay more taxes so that the cop can retire at 50, well, then, he is going to pay more taxes. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Sorry, wish it weren't so.

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He's mad because he can't figure out the vig.

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And the Chicago Teachers Union wants  a 30% raise over the next 2 years.  They must not have read the articles on Chicago's pension crises.  No surprise, though, as they are part of the same group who kept voting for one of the devil's henchmen from Illinois, Richard Daley, and all of his bribes of (unfunded) great wages and pensions that have left the city drowning in debt.

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Interesting site, bookmarked. Reputation is one of the big unsolved problems.

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Whassa matta? All of those "like" buttons fail to satisfy?

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LOL well with a name like "lazycash" who do you think they are targetting? Not people that research.

bloostar's picture

Nope, wait a minute... (tap tap tap 'return').... Now it is!

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So, she's doing BJ videos on Skype?

JamesBond's picture

yeah, i saw her on the 'frustrated housewives from russia' webcam site.

take it where you can get it

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It depends on how much is left in the Federal Employee Pension Fund. 

John Wilmot's picture

Did they ever repay what they took from it last time? (serious question, I don't remember)

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Once the pension age is raised to 199 years, that won't be a problem anymore. 1$ should be enough the fund it all!

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As of today, there is approximately $666 million in more debt to pile on before almost breaching the ever increasing debt ceiling.

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Dude, we're no where *near* that lucky.

battle axe's picture


Sudden Debt's picture

No printing is needed, you only have to imagine it.
Like in the wizard of Oz: click your heels 3 times...

LeonardoFibonacci's picture

No problem as the Rockefeller/Rothschild partnership will fix all these quirks.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Maybe Rabbi Dov will give back the $3trillion plus he stole while at the Pentagon?  That would get us back to $12T.


The parasite Israel will suck every resource out of this country until the host is dead.

Joseph Jones's picture

What about our "unbreakable bond" with the victims of the holohoax? 

Hugh G Rection's picture

The holohoax is a great PR campaign, bread and butter propaganda for Zionist Hollywood and Zionist MSM.


I have Christian ancestors that were among the 60 million dead under Jewish Bolshevism... where's our Christian state going to get set up?  When are the blockbuster tearjerk movies going to be released?


Zionism Delenda Est!

ZippyBananaPants's picture

Zimmerman, John (something or another last name) some Senator, man charged with driving a lawn mower while intoxicated.  


Thats all the news we need this weekend to keep people busy!!

Dr. Richard Head's picture

In his defense, that is the only way to mow one's lawn - intoxicated.

koan's picture

Not if you own a small dog.

NotApplicable's picture

And I haven't had rain in a friggin month!

Oh well, at least I can water my newly-seeded lawn while drinking (while trying not to think about how expensive my water is).

otto skorzeny's picture

the water is free-it's the cost of the chemicals that they put in that water that has shot up-thank The Bernank!!!

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How do we dig ourselves out of a hole like this?

... we dont.


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lock the bankers up, throw away the key, erase any debt owed to them for starters....  the collateral damage will be huge, but, will it be any better if any other course of action is taken?

smb12321's picture

What a cheap cop out.  Throwing folks in jail will solve the problem?  Bankers did not vote for politicians with ludicrous "free" programs. They didn't clammor for programs that could only be paid with massive debt.  They didn't formulate the ponzi schemes of Social Security and Medicaid, both bankrupt.  If you want to find someone to blame, look in a mirror.

somecallmetimmah's picture

Exactly.  Locking people up doesn't generate revenue.  *Fining* thes does.

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!!  Yeah that has worked well.  Restore real fucking consequences  for bad behavior or the people who actually create real goods and services will continue to walk away.  Fuck the paper pushers you moron, they add NO real value and have caused the crisis in the first place.

The "markets" would rally big time if the fraud was actaully prosecuted and companies were actually allowed to fail when their leadership and shareholders made bad decisions.  instead the taxpayer is forced to bailout private equity and you want the fucking criminals to go free, fuck you.

This is now way past revenues idiot, it is about restoring a real fucking market.   Either you we do this or other markets will emerge and the fascim will get worse.  History is very clear on how that plays out.

LawsofPhysics's picture

What a fucking idiot.  Restore the rule of law and real fucking consequences for bad behavior or it all goes offline, period.  Fine with me, at least then we get to find out precisely what the real value of everyone's labor is.  Fucking bring it moron.

GubbermintWorker's picture

You're right, throwing them in jail will not solve anything and since they can more than afford any fines.....we should just hang em!

azzhatter's picture

I would like one week in jail first so Dimon can get ass raped by Bubba from Birmingham a few times before we hang him

somecallmetimmah's picture

We're half-way to China, Dude.  Keep digging!

css1971's picture

Actually it's real simple. But the interested parties all have 12 figure sums on the line keeping the status quo.