US Economy Has To Generate 256K Jobs Per Month Until The End Of Obama's Second Term To Regain Lost Jobs Since December 2007

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In our monthly update on how many jobs have to be created by the end of Obama's potential second term, when accounting for the 90K per month natural growth in the labor pool, we now get a new record of 256K jobs per month, up from 254K last month. In other words, to regain all the losses in the labor force since the December 2007 start of the great depression, which at this point are 10,596,000 when adding the 3,870,000 growth in the labor force over that period together with the 6,726,000 cumulative jobs lost, somehow America needs to add 16,356,500 jobs over the next 64 months. Good luck America.

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On a separate note:

Fannie Mae asks taxpayers for another $5.1 Billion.

Fannie Mae = black hole that sucks money


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Yea WTF does Fannie Mae need with $5 billion bucks? Why do they still even exist? 

Pay Day Today's picture

That much money, you can hire a quarter million workers for a year.

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zh robbed again of its chance to be right.........

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Can we please stop posting this?

2007 was a huge, huge anomaly.  Let's stop acting like that was normal.  The economy was in a huge bubble then.

If we get back to 2007 employment levels (in population-adjusted terms) any time soon - then I'm dumping every stock I've got, because that means we're in deep, deep trouble.

(like we were in 2007)


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Most all of those jobs in 2007 had to do with either constructing, selling, or generating NINJA loan financing for McMansions to power the housing bubble. 


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Now it will bridges to nowhere and airports we do not need.

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While I agree those things are stupid, I could get behind some rail infrastructure. If we want to employ manual laborers, which we should, this is the prudent way to go. Tho the airlines would pout, long term: trains are the way to go long distances (when there's not water involved).

SheepDog-One's picture

Rail infrastructure for what, to ship all our Chinese goods around? 

Pay Day Today's picture

You're going to need a lot of rail at $6/gallon.

dbach's picture

Rail infrastructure to move people and goods efficiently around the country. If the economy implodes and we are all foragers again then it doesn't matter, but if we want to have some semblence of a functioning 21st century world, then efficient means of moving around is important and energy will not get cheaper (unless the migrant foragers thing happens).

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

Can't forage dbach.  Unkie sam and big AG have an issue with wild edibles and crazy gathers......

dbach's picture

lol I had no idea. Thanks for the link!

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manufacturing economies are built around manufacturing infrastructure. how about creating railway infrastructure to ship american goods around the country, and decrease reliance on china?

Critical Path's picture

We do not need any more construction activity UNLESS it has to do with repair and maintenance.  The infrastructure is falling apart around us so we can pay for shitholes like iraq and afganistan. If we're not going to make repairs or provide maintenance, then we need to tear it down, period.  Either way, we'll have to eventually put some of the construction industry to use.  Or.... we can leave it up because the way things are going all these bridges might provide necessary shelter to a substantially portion of the U.S.

Doubleguns's picture

Difficult to shelter under a collapsed bridge.

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"Most all of those jobs in 2007 had to do with either constructing, selling, or generating NINJA loan financing for McMansions to power the housing bubble. "

Yep.  Interesting (and odd) that your post has gotten +5, and mine is -2, when we're pretty much saying the same thing.


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What is it with powers of 2 this week?

eigenvalue's picture

Obummer's second term? I don't want this twerp to have a second term. Hopefully Ron Paul will be the next president.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

somehow America needs to add 16,356,500 jobs over the next 64 months.

War, huh, what is it good for?

SheepDog-One's picture

Wars are great for jobs overseas and greatly reducing the food stamp and unemployment check population.

Hansel's picture

Because it isn't like we pay soldiers salaries and provide them food to eat...

hedgeless_horseman's picture

...there's got to be a better way.  Say it again.  There's got to be a better way.  Yea.

Afghanistan is the longest war in American history.  Once again, why are we fighting and dying there?  I haven't heard the Teleprompter speak to this issue.  Have you?

SheepDog-One's picture

$500 billion/year heroin trade for the world banksters.

Version 7's picture

The CIA takes care of the drug traffic and Wall Street launders the cash.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

...and the media doesn't cover it, so it is like it isn't even happening.

If a soldier falls in the dust of Afghanistan, and there is no embeded reporter to hear him scream, does he make a sound?

glenlloyd's picture

these wars will be our undoing....just as Afghanistan was for the Soviet Union.

Doyle Hargraves's picture

Every empire in history met their downfall in Afghanistan. We will be no different. Something about killing a bunch of goat herders ultimately proves to be a waste of time that bleeds every empire that tries it dry.

WiretapWilly's picture

Labour force growth now creates lost jobs that need to be regained?  Well, I guess if cutting higher planned expenditures cuts spending, all bets are off as far as standard definitions go.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

It's entirely possible. Also the Dow will be at 26,000 and gold at 12,000. The 'jobs' will be mostly in the service sector. Sexual service, military service shit like that...

Yes yes ... um ... Good Luck.

spankthebernank's picture

You mean we're not in deep deep trouble??  You mean we've wrung out all of the excesses and we're set to go higher?  The point of the post is that the oven is on 550 and the US is sitting inside and is COOKED!! 

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Printfaster's picture

Who says BO's second term is consecutive?

Could be like Grover Cleveland with a split second term.  He could have Rahm Emanuel or Hilary run as his interim replacement.

Byte Me's picture

Growth sectors:- forestry, linen manufacture, wheelbarrow and ink production.

Can't see +254k average job growth over this timespan though -- that would include two business cycles' downsides.

holdbuysell's picture

Seems to me at this point that how you create a huge number of jobs is by going to war, a substantial one.

Celente has been speaking the war trend for some time and most recently on King World News.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Can we stop pretending Obama is in charge of anything other than his golf swing please.

Let's start looking at the scum behind the curtain who are really controlling this obvious agenda please Tyler, that would then make this site perfect!

SheepDog-One's picture

Very few look to see whats going on behind the curtain, they prefer the puppet show in front.

Printfaster's picture

We need to run a census every month.

mfoste1's picture

change we can hope for!

urbanelf's picture

We can change the definition of employment.  We can count anyone who makes comments on blogs as employed.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

The only hope for Obama as far as second term is concerned is that voters won't elect a member of one of the nuttier religions, one that brings its superstition fairytale into more modern settings:

And, BTW, where do you think the Repug front runner's secret million dollar superpac donation came from? I'd bet it involves the LDS.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

I'm getting impatient. When are we going to start counting the slave labor US gets from our prison system as 'new employees'?

Hook Line and Sphincter...incarceration style.

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