The US Has Finally Done It: Mexican Immigrants Become Emigrants

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You know its bad when...the net flow of Mexicans into the US has fallen so much that there is a high probability that it is now in reverse ending around forty years of inward migration. The Pew Hispanic Center notes that the standstill - after more than 12 million current immigrants have entered the US - more than half of whom are illegal - appears to be the result of many factors including a weakened US job and construction market, tougher border enforcement, a rise in deportations, growing dangers associated with border crossing, a long-term decline in Mexico's birth rate, and changing (read perhaps more opportunistic) economic conditions in Mexico (especially if you work at WalMex). This sharp downward trend in net migration has led to the first significant decrease in at least two decades in the number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. - to 6.1 million in 2011, down from a peak of nearly 7 million in 2007. In the five years from 2005 to 2010, about 1.4m Mexicans immigrated to the US – exactly the same number of Mexican immigrants and their US-born children who quit the US and moved back or were deported to Mexico. By contrast, in the previous five years to 2000 some 3m Mexicans came to the US and fewer than 700,000 left it. It will be interesting to see the spin that the Obama and Romney camps put on this hot-button topic as the 'Dream Act' turns into a nightmare and hardline anti-illegal immigration stances become, well, less relevant as Mexicans become Mexican'ts.


Among the report’s key findings:

  • In the five-year period from 2005 to 2010, about 1.4 million Mexicans immigrated to the United States and about 1.4 million Mexican immigrants and their U.S.-born children moved from the United States to Mexico.
  • In the five-year period a decade earlier (1995 to 2000), about 3 million Mexicans had immigrated to the U.S. and fewer than 700,000 Mexicans and their U.S. born-children had moved from the U.S. to Mexico.
  • This sharp downward trend in net migration has led to the first significant decrease in at least two decades in the number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants living in the U.S.—to 6.1 million in 2011, down from a peak of nearly 7 million in 2007. Over the same period the number of authorized Mexican immigrants rose modestly, from 5.6 million in 2007 to 5.8 million in 2011.
  • Mexicans now comprise about 58% of the unauthorized immigrants living in the United States. They also account for 30% of all U.S. immigrants. The next largest country of origin for U.S. immigrants, China, accounts for just 5% of the nation’s stock of nearly 40 million immigrants.
  • Apprehensions of Mexicans trying to cross the border illegally have plummeted by more than 70% in recent years, from more than 1 million in 2005 to 286,000 in 2011—a likely indication that fewer unauthorized immigrants are trying to cross. This decline has occurred at a time when funding in the U.S. for border enforcement—including more agents and more fencing—has risen sharply.
  • As apprehensions at the border have declined, deportations of unauthorized Mexican immigrants—some of them picked up at work or after being arrested for other criminal violations—have risen to record levels. In 2010, nearly 400,000 unauthorized immigrants—73% of them Mexicans—were deported by U.S. authorities.
  • Although most unauthorized Mexican immigrants sent home by U.S. authorities say they plan to try to return, a growing share say they will not try to come back to the U.S. According to a survey by Mexican authorities of repatriated immigrants, 20% of labor migrants in 2010 said they would not return, compared with just 7% in 2005.
  • Looking back over the entire span of U.S. history, no country has ever sent as many immigrants to this country as Mexico has in the past four decades. However, when measured not in absolute numbers but as a share of the immigrant population at the time, immigration waves from Germany and Ireland in the late 19th century equaled or exceeded the modern wave from Mexico.


and the full report is here:

Mexicants - Reverse Immigration

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Welcome to the Banana Republic.


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Hogwash. You can not be arrested or imprisoned over debts in the u.S.. The idiot in the artcl probably did not show up for a civil law suit hearing filed by the collection agency and then had a warrant issued for failure to appear. Big difference. All you have to do is go into court and the judge will either set-up payments or force you into bankruptcy. But you do have to show up for court.

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You know the US unemployment is a problem, when Mexican Immigrants are not coming here. That is one of the main reasons to come here.

Time are definitely interesting for everyone


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Since no one said it yet..

Hasta La Vista Baby!

At least they have somewhere to go, eh? Good folk, all the Mexicanos I interacted with in the US. HArd working, sincere, lively folk. And a shitty, shitty life to boot. 

Now the interesting thing is, who'll pick the APPLES in WA? Who'll scrub the Pools in LA? Who'll mow the lawns in Sunnyvale? 

I believe the next wave of immigrants are Polish nurses.

Good luck America!



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LOL  - can’t wait till y'all need some meat processing plant workers, sod layers, etc., etc. and all the other stuff Tyrone and Shanice won’t do. Careful what you wish for it might come true.

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Wish for? Who's wishing? I hate to see them leave. People should be able to go wherever they want and do whatever they want so long as they don't commit force or fraud. They shouldn't need anyone's permission to cross a border. And there is NO WAY that Mexican immigrants have cost the U.S. more for social services than they've contributed to our economy with their hard work. We'd be lucky to have more Mexicans AND Asians!

If Marrion Barry reads this, I'll be Zimmermanned for sure.

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Will they still receive their UC tuition checks once they are back in Mexitco?  Distance learning and all that?

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Pinche dollar don't buy tacos and burritos!


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we don't need know stinking dollars

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Pendejos gringos. Escogieron Obama. Ahora no tienen libertad, el dolar es como un peso viejo, guardias en los aeropuertos con sus dedos metidos in tus culos, inoculaciones que hacen el publico mas estupidos de lo que ya son, etc, etc. Jaja, pendejos! Ahora si se chingaron! Revolucion Gringos, Revolucion!


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Soy de acuerdo contigo en todos respectos.

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exactly.  We should take all the politicians and their vote garden section 8 cheese eaters and ship their asses to Mexico and keep the people who'll at least work for a living.

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So you want slave labor...correct? In California alone, it is estimated to cost the state 12 billion a year in total services and incarceration. Now you may want free and open borders to capitalize on cheap labor but I prefer we have some back ground on those who come here. We don't need to import drug cartel's and criminal elements like rapist do we? Use some common sense instead of greed or some political agenda. The U.S. as a whole is no different than your personal home. I am sure you do at least a gut check on a person before you invite them in your house.

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Most of the Mexicans I know are very clean hard working people. Some of the worst pieces of trash that I have meet are white.

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As a white guy I just have to say. Please don't judge us all based on the actions of Bernanke, Geithner, George Bush, Cheney, Soros, Pelosi, Romney, Santorum, or any of the other putrid pieces of shit that mostly our fellow white citizens vote for. Oh, and I forgot that wigger Obama.

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STFU you stupid piece of shit.

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Awwww...some redneck wigger in NC got all offended.

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theyre a buncha heeb infiltrators who want you to think theyre white.

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Yes yes yes we know.....All Mexicans are humble simple people who don't drive drunk without a license flee accidents and don't steal someone else's social security number to use to work and they all work really really hard!


I'm amazed at how many people on ZH buy all the stereotypes

NewWorldOrange's picture

You mean the stereotype that they drive drunk, flee accidents, and "steal" ss numbers? LMAO!

No need to "buy a stereotype." Mexicans have worked for and with me for a few decades. I've seem 'em in action. The stereotype of a very hard working Mexican is based on reality, as are most steroetypes.

Last time I checked, blacks were committing far more crimes, and whites were committing far BIGGER crimes. Skilling Corzine, and Madoff probably cost Americans more money and misery than every illegal Mexican worker combined.

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"Mexicans have worked for and with me for a few decades."

"Best low wage slaves I ever had"

"She was beautiful! She was young, she was innocent. She was the greatest piece of ass I've ever had, and I've had 'em all over the world"

Guess what NWO...Amerika got plum filled up with so many noble hard working peasants that the wave has begun to roll back to that corrupt head-chopping "latino" paradise, Mejixco

-Chamber Of Commerce

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Awwww... another out-of-work dumbass who can't compete with Mexicans or even just find other work, got all offended. Poor lil' fella.

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I am Latino,  and I also have hired and assisted the Latino community for years.  I assisted with ESL Classes and immigration paperwork as well as file taxes.   The comment I made is about illegal immigrants  regardless if they are mexican chinese or honduran  (unless they work for cash) they can not  work without a social security nimber, or did you think an illegal alien can walk into a social security office and say,  "I'd like a social security number please" 

an illegal alien can no longer obtain a driver license and very difficult too unless they purchased the id and ss# of a puerto rican for example.     So yes most illegals now drive without a driver's license and without insurance so when they get into an accident they normally flee the country.

illegals apply for a TIN number since they can't use the social security number that was stolen and sold to them on the black market to file their taxes.


So New World Orange I've seen plenty


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i live in SoCal and still remember the EXPLOSION of Mexis that happened during the housing bubble years...It was like "Where did all these fucking peasants come from???" and I mean PEASANTS.

Fat, crude, obnoxious, ARROGANT(?!?), Proud(!!??), racist, leering, corrupt, drunken, pig ignorant, scofflaw peasants. They told themselves "We didn't run away from mexico, unable to even make it in the vast black labor market there. No. We are BACK in our ancestral homeland!! Si, se puede!! Viva La Raza!! etc". They created Monocultures in the exurbs of L.A., instantly transforming large swaths of "America" into dysfunctional replicas of the self-created mexican hellhole they'd just escaped from!!

There ARE fewer of them out and about these days. I wish I could thank my own government for that but the fact is that fascist amerika stood by while "insourcing" happened unimpeded at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce with the aid of racist "latino" politcal lobbies/orgs and their liberal enablers. That door still hangs wide open while amerikan citizens; teens, the elderly, the ill-educated, blacks, etc. lay there with zapatos tracks up and down their backs.

The Ponzi influx has taken a hit but the majority of Park Maintenance in my city is STILL done by Mexis...low cost "minority owned" CONTRACTED labor (the dirty little "dont ask, dont tell" secret of city managers everywhere in amerika these days)


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"Viva La Raza!! etc"

You're a bigot and it's obvious. I've worked with more Hispanics, most of which were Mexican, than you could ever meet in your lifetime. Not one of them has ever mentioned La Raza. In fact, I only learned about La Raza back in the early 00's through a racist website. This is a false stereo-type. The vast majority are pro American.

As for the other nonsense:

"Fat, crude, obnoxious, ARROGANT(?!?), Proud(!!??)"

Actually, you just described the appearance and attitude of millions of Americans.

Head_Shots_Work's picture

Uh - yeah - and don't them seem to have a murder problem down there?  They don't seem all that nice to each other - why would they care about shooting a whitey?

It sounds like Bernanke's plan to 'kill the host' is working. It drives out the parasites. Unfortunately all we're going to be left with is a bunch of crack head assholes that haven't worked since the 80's. Please come back y'all! (let's just make sure they aren't armed - oh -wait - our attorney general is taking care of that - we're all safe now!).

Papasmurf's picture

Exactly.  That's why the got the hell out of Dodge.  They left here in 2008.

Campagnolo's picture

white folks are just barbarians...they came from caves. Mexicans came from one of the greatest civilizations ever: Mayas. There is a giant difference there.

Are you kidding's picture

Hmmm...and right now, how are the Mayans doing and how are the barbarians doing?

Kobe Beef's picture

White folks also invented almost every piece of technology you're using to talk shit about them here. So curse us in Mayan, you ignorant fuck.

Captain Planet's picture

the ignorant schmuck is you and others who do not understand the significance of the technological innovations the Mayans gave to human civilization.

The depth of their knowledge is lightyears beyond what your beefbrain holds. 

maybe you know a thing or two now about an NWO orchastrated take down, but you know zilch about where lunar calendars came from,, which city had running water nearly a millenia (and maybe more) before the white man, courier mail service long before a pre-European thought of the Silk Road. 

The cultures of pre-european influence where in large part (though by no means exclusivley) some of the most egalitarian, intellectual and peaceful societies ever to exist. 

Hows that Greek experiment in Democracy going? Oh, nevermind.

Go read a book. I suggest 1491 by Charles C. Mann. 

Kobe Beef's picture

Wow, good for them, running water. Off the top of my head, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, Harappans, Scythians and Sumerians all had that as well, some nearly a millenia before your precious Maya. And yet, for all the "depth of their knowledge", The Mayans never made it out of the Bronze age. Never domesticated an animal, never rolled a wheel, never sailed a ship.

Lunar calendars? Wow, I've got one on my watch. Made in Switzerland. Those damn white people again. The same ones who went to the moon. But I suppose having a calendar trumps that.

"The cultures of pre-european influence where in large part (though by no means exclusivley) some of the most egalitarian, intellectual and peaceful societies ever to exist."

PC bullshit. Rousseau's "noble savage" is an utter hoax. I suppose it has served its orignal purpose, which was to discredit european colonialism in the minds of rubes. The Olmecs, Teotihuacans, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Mayans, Aztecs, and miscellaneous Nahua peoples were hardly egalitarian and peaceful. Unless you count being ruled by warlords and conducting human sacrifice egalitarian and peaceful.

I've got a degree in Anthropology. I've read most of the books. I did fieldwork in central Mexico. The salient point I gathered from my experience is how far the Cultural Marxist Academic Regime is willing to stretch the archaeological facts to suit their "Europeans bad, everybody else good" fallacy.

You know, kind of like what you tried to do here, you disingenous schmuck.



DOT's picture

The Swiss went to the moon ?

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And don’t forget ……

In 2009, the last year for which figures are available, employers reported wages of $72.8 billion for 7.7 million workers who could not be matched to legal Social Security numbers.

That total hit a record $90.4 billion, earned by 10.8 million workers, in 2007, just before the recession. Some of those were legal workers who simply made paperwork mistakes, but the majorities are believed to be illegal immigrants.

Google it

OK,  I'm done

Silveramada's picture

Mexi-gones sorry this was not the land you would expect from all the Holliwood propaganda BS jobs/$/freedom here anymore..

Forward History's picture

The fact that there were some benefits to having under the table labor, doesn't justify propping up an unsustainable system of abuse, or shitting in the face of the rule of law.

And it is abuse -- to those that are abused trying to cross the border illegally -- to those that are doing their time navigating our broken immigration system.

Reliance on illegal labor is as dangerous as the Roman Republic's reliance on slave labor. If you really want to see what that did to their own economy when it petered out, feel free to start your research. Here's a hint: it wasn't sustainable. And in Rome, at least slaves were legal!

There's a very real danger in propping up so much economic activity on a shadow labor pool.

SemperFord's picture

Unemployment is worse than they say, go to some Home Depots in L.A. and you will see African Americans and maybe one "white" person looking to be picked for for manual labor. Guess some of those Mexicans have said, have at it...

LFMayor's picture

you know it's bad if they're looking to work!  THE END IS NEAR

bank guy in Brussels's picture

They have many different ways to jail you for debt in the US

One example of what can happen to YOU there in America

Beatty Chadwick was jailed in the US for 14 years - no conviction, no criminal charges - for 'contempt of court' - the judge imagined he had money hidden somewhere to pay his ex-wife and the divorce lawyers

Chadwick said he had no money hidden overseas etc

Stayed in jail for 14 years ... filed many Appeals ... no one let him out till he was a broken elderly senior citizen 14 years later ...

US judges do whatever the hell they want

There is no 'law' ... US judges jail people when bribed or for sheer sadism ... the Appeals judges don't let people out ... the media doesn't cover the stories ... so Americans think their courts are like on TV or in Hollywood movies or like they were told in schoolbooks

You have 2.3 million prison and around 1 million at least in slave labour for 95 cents an hour or something so they can buy prison toilet paper and toothpaste ... But you don't see this on television

Smart European businessmen know - don't do business in America, and do NOT trust American courts

Americans need to wake up about this

Chupacabra-322's picture

There are no Judges.  They're Administrators which preside "Under The Color of Law" but really presider over an inforce UCC (Universl Commercial Code) for the State.  Get it.  We're all Dedt Slaves to the State. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Superb observations both.

The terrible truth is that the Prison Polulation in the US is a Slave Labour Force for Corporate America.

79 Cents/hr Amigos! No rights....

It's a shitty, crummy, cruel business.... what do they cal it? Corrections?

Corrections? Hmmmmmm.... That is how a Japanese person would say it.


Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Oh regional Indian,

Here's another keen observation.  It's not The Consitiution Of The United States it really is/was The Constitution For The United States.  It's not THE UNITED STATES, but actually The United States of America. 

And don't get me started on the whole how you're openly sold and on Wall Street and the World Markets as slaves through you birth certificate.  The Ponzi has no end.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Yup yup Chupa. All familiar. To many here actually.

But yet, most here still believe that the only real "conspiracy" is in Gold/Money. 

It's a fractal world...