US Military Re-Surging In Persian Gulf As Turkey Scrambles Jets For Third Day And Iran Fires Medium-Range Missiles

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If one only looks at equity or FX futures this morning, one would completely ignore the real action in the last few hours which is all about crude, where Brent just passed back above $100 and WTI is up over $3 on the session. The reason is that the market's ultra short term attention span has noticed the following piece from the NYT, which says nothing new, and which Zero Hedge readers have known for a while, yet as a regurgitation of an old theme, provides at least a "new" short-term catalyst: "The United States has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the Persian Gulf to deter the Iranian military from any possible attempt to shut the Strait of Hormuz and to increase the number of fighter jets capable of striking deep into Iran if the standoff over its nuclear program escalates. The deployments are part of a long-planned effort to bolster the American military presence in the gulf region, in part to reassure Israel that in dealing with Iran, as one senior administration official put it last week, “When the president says there are other options on the table beyond negotiations, he means it.” Supposedly this is news, even though a month ago we observed the latest very much expected accumulation in the 5th Fleet in "And Meanwhile, In The Arabian Sea..."

Of course, the escalation posturing continues on both sides, as Russia and China are no longer shy about their particular interests in the region: "Iran said on Tuesday it had successfully tested medium-range missiles capable of hitting Israel in response to threats of military action against the country, Iranian media reported. The Islamic Republic announced the "Great Prophet 7" missile exercise on Sunday after a European Union embargo against Iranian crude oil purchases took full effect after another fruitless round of big powers talks with Tehran. Iran's official English-language Press TV said the Shahab 3 missile with a range of 1,300 km - able to reach Israel - were tested along with the shorter-range Shahab 1 and 2."

And just to make sure if and when all hell breaks, NATO is involved too, we read that Turkey scrambled jets for the third day in a row just to keep the provocations going. From Reuters:

Turkey's armed forces command said on Tuesday it had scrambled F-16 fighter jets for a third consecutive day on Monday after Syrian transport helicopters were spotted flying near to the Turkey-Syrian border, but there was no violation of Turkish airspace.


It said in a statement a total of six jets, four from a base in Incirlik in the south and two from Batman in eastern Turkey were scrambled in response to Syrian helicopters flying south of the Turkish province of Hatay, within 1.7-4.5 nautical miles of the Turkish border.

Actually, in retrospect perhaps one should ask why it isn't WTI that is crossing back over $100 following this barrage of belligerent news.

Finally, here is how the US naval distribution around the world looked like as of last week, courtesy of Stratfor:

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This time we mean it Bitchezz!!!

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Here we go again, another bankster war for profit.

Colombian Gringo's picture

On the good news front, CNN's terrible ratings should improve.  Even the Vanderbilt queer Anderson coming out of the closet didn't help boost viewers.  Even better, Cooper now has a excuse to visit the gulf and shack up with the american soldiers.   Should make for a great reality show. Love those uniforms, eh Cooper?

camaro68ss's picture

Nobel peace prize winner at it again. Dropping Kenetic bombs of peace.

Bombes away bitchez

bigdumbnugly's picture

roger that.

violence + suppression/oppression = peace prize.

to be nominated for even more nobel's i suppose he could beat his wife but i think michelle would probably kick his ass.

he'd have to send a drone to do his dirty owrk.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Fear, force, fraud, aggression and coercion.

Love American Style!

francis_sawyer's picture

My advice was to pile all my armies into Irkutsk & invade Kamchatka, but they never fucking listen to me... EVER!

goldfish1's picture

"Brent just passed back above $100"

Someone knowledgeable please weigh in with the diff between Brent Crude and Crude Oil Prices.

smiler03's picture

Well I suppose everybody has to learn sometime...even if it has taken you just over two years. Here's a very good article on the difference, from a "knowledgeable" website....

Laddie's picture

i think michelle would probably kick his ass.

The average guy on the floor at the exchange wouldn't stand a chance, that creature reminds me of that Haitian fellow who ate the face off the Italian guy from Brooklyn in Florida last month.

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I've heard that Wookies tear people's arms out...

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Here's a new one from the great Brother Nathaniel: Three Faces of the Anti-Christ:


vast-dom's picture

july 4th fireworks - sound and fury signifying gamed up oil prices.

Bringin It's picture

War would be the worst possible outcome.

Marginal Call's picture

Can't do fireworks in the states this year, the whole place will catch on fire.  Gotta do em' somewhere. 

HungrySeagull's picture

The bans have gone up left and right.

Conchy Joe's picture

False Flag on the 4th


kridkrid's picture

It has certainly crossed my mind.  Nothing would rally folks more than being attacked on independence day.  It's almost too obvious, however.  

Randall Cabot's picture

If Iran is really as batshit crazy as Sean Hannity and Michael Sausage tell us then we should expect a sneak submarine attack on the US ships in the Gulf followed up with the launching of hundreds of Sunbeams as this would surely lead to Armageddon and the coming of the dude from the well.

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Things are so on that things have now become very much like Donkey Kong...

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if that doesnt make you gush with bullishness, i dont know what would.  afterall, $150 oil and $5 gas is a sign of strong growth, right?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Problem, reaction, solution.

It never gets old because it's infinitely repeatable when a population is asleep at the wheel and totally compliant.

Now....where were we with the latest Tom Cruise divorce? Is it really true that he divorced each one of them once they reached 33 years of age? Is that a Freemason thingy or "just" Scientology? Or are they combined?

nonclaim's picture

hmm, it must have some relation to the 33rd parallel...

i-dog's picture

Perhaps the Europeans are planning 33 "final solution" meetings!?!

Only 14 more to go......

HungrySeagull's picture


A Family Member was part of that long time ago. Lets say that everything you have, good and bad in the closet during life prior to being allowed to "Marry" Scientology is extracted from you with a lie detector machine and carefully recorded.

That and very large sums of money.

Where do I have my information?

Easy. Probate and examination of the man's papers, and everything that remained after his death was there for all to see.

Those papers don't exist anymore. I shredded them and then burned it myself.

Except in the "Church"

Switching gears to look at Freemasonry, I don't know anything other than they seek to rebuild Solomon's Temple and bring on the Anti Christ in the last days.

At the same time they seek to ensure that everything is "Square" and correct by degrees in Life.

Even Children have a path in Freemasonry to a number of Organizations designed to harness and protect them as they age towards adult hood.

Jason T's picture

Guess Isreal was tired of always having to be the one to "scare" oil up to over $100.  

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We all knew this was coming when Obama dropped in the polls.  This is a diversion from his TAX on the people (the largest in history) and his Failure to do anything right on the economy!

LULZBank's picture

Obama will have more flexibility after the re-election. Apparently, Vladimir knows about it.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Obama + flexibility = scary.

RichardENixon's picture

Your equation defines the only real question to ask yourself in the November election, as there is so little difference in the candidates themselves.

aerojet's picture

Ah, the parroting of talk radio continues.  I don't see how Obamacare is any kind of tax increase unless you don't carry health insurance.  But don't let thinking get in the way of a good rant, okay?  There is nothing they can do "right" on the economy--the government can only grow but it can't grow anymore.  You see the rock and the hard place?  If they lay off government workers, the economy dies.  If they don't lay off government workers, the economy dies.  Having another war is a seemingly easy fix in a world of no choices left.  Eventually, someone is going to hand the US a gigantic defeat and then what?  Will the nukes fly just to save face or will we accept the defeat and be a diminished world power?

Aziz's picture

War is the greatest misallocator of capital/labour/resources.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Not if Paul Krugman has anything to say about it.

LULZBank's picture

The 2 Turkish pilots of the downed F-4, have they released their names and pictures as missing?

Normally the PR campaigns would have blasted their pics all across the media with stories about how talented they were, loving fathers, sons etc etc with their loved ones appealing to Syrian authorities to help them atleast find their dead bodies for proper burial??!

Oopps, did I say something Im not supposed to say?

fuu's picture

Do radio control units have parents and loved ones?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Only if they have Intel inside. Then everyone loves them. Otherwise they die orphans.

Wait, are we talking about remote controlled jets or mind controlled pilots?

Ying-Yang's picture

Some drones purposely have Flame virus so when Iranians peek inside their balls start itching!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

They found their boots and helmets though. Isn't that close enough?

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People on this site don't believe in anything!


/sarc off