US Needs To Generate 262K Jobs Each Month To Get Back To Breakeven

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This is the latest tally: since the start of the Second Great Depression, the US has lost a total of 5.2 million nonfarm payroll jobs, beginning with 138 million jobs in December 2007, and printing at 132.8 million as of 90 minutes ago. So far so good. The problem, however is that the denominator in the equation is not fixed, and as everyone knows the US labor force, despite the ridiculous BLS data fudging, is growing in line with population, albeit at a slower pace. According to all non-partisan budget forecasters, each month the labor force should be adding 90,000 people. Which in turn means that since December 2007, the labor force has really grown by 4.6 million. Adding these two together leads to a 10 million job deficit. So what has to happen for these 10 million to get promptly put back into jobs, and for America to get back to the ~5% unemployment rate it boasted just as the credit bubble peaked? Nothing too crazy: the country just has to create 262,000 jobs every month for the remainder of Obama's first, and now, by the looks of it, second term too. We are quite confident he can handle it.

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On this day in history thirty pieces of silver paid for a contract on an important political person.

The same thirty pieces of silver bought a large parcel of land in a world center city.

The pieces of silver probably used, where the shekel because it came from the temple.

This coins weight is around 22 grams. 22 x 30 = 660 divided by 32 = 20.625 oz or around $655 in today’s money. Does this sound like the correct price to you?         Cursed is the men that uses faulty weights and measures !

Happy Easter ZH 

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Hand 10 million people a spoon and tell them to dig and then fill in a ditch - Krugman's solution!

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A solution that would have lots of excess dirt and far too few people at the end.  This scam is almost over.  It only takes a dime a day to END the charade.  Physical silver is the key to stopping the Federal Reserve and the banks, especially JP Morgan and HSBC, reign of terror. 

This is what I am doing:

I am preparing my family for the end of this paradigm.  What are you doing to protect your family?

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The Fed, Congress & the POTUS should all listen to Krugman, if they want to solve our economic woes, because not only is Krugman correct in his latest article inasmuch as he claims that inflation is too low (and that the official data on inflation is a credible gauge), but there should be a concerted effort to dramtically boost inflation, because nothing will sooth what ails an economy with high STRUCTURAL (not cyclical) unemployment, falling real wages and hours worked (in other words, less ability to consume), slumping aggregate demand (for loans, goods, services), and pressures on producers, suppliers, retailers and consumers, at a time of near record government deficit spending and record government debt, like a ramping up of inflation.

Yes, get inflation well beyond its current levels, and all those companies with 'cash' (or, in many cases, debt in the form of fiat piled high as a result of corporate bond sales given record low yields on said bonds) will hire many new workers to produce more of the things that aren't in demand by consumers who can't afford the prices of that which is already being produced.

Also, that ramp in inflation won't at all kill the economy further, because it's irrelevant that Americans are awash in debt as it is, that seniors and savers are engaged in massive deleveraging not out of choice, but necessity (given current rates of inflation and ZIRP), and that such a process won't end up also dramatically ramping bank failures as interest rates ultimately get away from Bernanke slowly at first, and then hasten the pace.

Yes, that Paul Krugman is some kind of genius.



[Krugman is one sick bastard and pathological liar. In past columns, he never explicitly supported quantitative easing, but rather, called for fiscal, rather than monetary, stimulus. Not only does he call for more QE now, but if you read his latest sycophant rantings, he explicitly calls for the government to debase debt obligations via high inflationary policy.]


Not Enough Inflation


Published: April 5, 2012


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Sorry Bada, Jesus never existed. Sorry to break it to you. It's all allegorical. Just be happy anyways.

Google Bill Cooper and Easter and get the real dirt on the symbology and the astro-theology around christian festivals. Also, try Jordan Maxwell.

Christos is th eSon, "Risen" every day, thank GOD eh????? as Horus (hours anyone?) in morning only to die as Set every evening. Horus, Set. SunSet.

3 day North/South stillness of the suns tropical movement is always December 22, 23, 24..... then, on December 25th, it moves back up one degree.

HalleluJAH! HE is Born Again! They got this from observing a sun-dial.

if there is no Sun, there is No, none, no-thing.

All religious dressing is a scam, Hinduism's war tainted Epics, Islams warring  Prophet, judaism's Pentatuchal Madness of violence, Christianity's crusading lance....... Buddhism......hmmmmmmmmm


Really time everyone woke up to the religiion deception, hmmmmm? Major stumbling block to total awareness. For ourselves before they have it. 

God Damned scam, here in India, all the Gurus and yogis.... aaaargh.

If you see the easter bunny on the road, you are a mad hatter.

Anyways, awesome quote, got me laughing...

Conservativen. A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others. [Ambrose Bierce, "Devil's Dictionary," 1911]


walking on egg-shells.....


Read the truth behind the church here..... probably as good a time as any to wake up and see the great 503 (@#$#) C scam.



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you must have watched Soutpark Wednesday night.

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I never mentioned Jesus, sounds like you have a phobia.

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Just because the story of his life has been filled in with a bunch of hogwash borrowed from other stories doesn't mean that he never existed.

Note that I am an athiest.

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You're just pimpin' to full effect today. The top of the comment threads had been so quiet for a while too.

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There is always an agenda.

If you are going to reference Zeitgeist and Jordan Maxwell, you should research: Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

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Pained me a bit to [junk] ORI, since generally you're on topic at least somewhat. I send much love to you, brother, despite the bad taste on this occasion.

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hmmmm....well deserved derision al around it weems eh? Mea CUlpa.

Not really actually. Because What I said above is true. Someone said it gyrates around in india? WTF? Gyrates around is dumb talk. Do we have a different eleptic from the rest of the northern hemisphere. is India disconnected from the rest of the global landmass? Do we sort of gyrate around on our great indian tectonic plates. hmmm?

Good to see you all riled up. Other wise you just keep saying the same shit. Gold Bitchez! blythe @#$#%. + 1 Shiny Kugerrand...... Phyzzzzzzzzzzzz Bitchezzzzzzzzzzz........

Gene, Look up Dr. P K Bhat. 

There is no easter Bunny, sorry, you might as believe in Santa Claus.



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OK the Easter bunny no, but Saint Nichols was a real guy that achieved sainthood through charity.

True religion is not the administration or the building or even the congregation’s beliefs, its charity and comes from the hart.

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“3 day North/South stillness of the suns tropical movement is always December 22, 23, 24..... then, on December 25th, it moves back up one degree.

Look man I don’t care if you worship a cow, but get your facts right!

“is always December 22, 23, 24” before you go believing all the naysayers do some due diligence. And look up “earth’s precession” its a 22,000 year cycle that you obviously know nothing about. The time I quoted was 2000 years ago almost 10% shift from Dec.22,23,24

So this” 3 day North/South stillness of the suns tropical movement” is Closer to Nov 27th 2000 years ago.     Always December 22   NOT

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That 'stillness of the sun" is BS anyway. If you live in India, it sort of gyrates around in the sky, but pretty much every day has 12 hours of light. You have wet/dry seasons, and I'm not familiar enough with India to know when those are.

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zeitgeist mixed with south park + mystery religions as you wrote(buddhism,Hinduism , all new age/old age movements exc exc) will deceive many even on ZH...

 100's + prophecies have been fulfilled without you even knowing about it, and archeology has many proves opf it too, but if you live to think that the universe is a CAUSE instead of the EFFECT of God's creation( which is completely and intellectually unsatisfying, since cause/effect relation apply to all things) then i can only pray for you that The Lord may open you eyes one day, cause you know, at the end everyone believe in God: someone before death, some after death...


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And this offense coming from a culture(Indian) that believes in 300 Gods!

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Precisely my friend. Which is why my dear country is$#$#@#ed!

300 times divided.


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In my understanding of Hinduism, ALL Gods (and all of creation!) is subsummed into Brahman.

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Great avi. Did you get that from FRED?

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its from a screen shot

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does that "transitory" line still work? 

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Just curious on people's thoughts. It seems that Israel is looking to attack Iran in 2013 instead of imminently. Some of our fleet is backing out of the gulf. The Enterprise has been assigned to the 6th fleet. Do you think it's a head fake or do you think that there isn't the stomache for a confrontation with China?

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Word is, that Obama bought the Israelis off with new military hardware so that they would not hit until after the election....Then Boom.

Shizzmoney's picture

Absolutely 100% gonna happen.  Israel knows that the US population would go into upheaval if this happened BEFORE the election.

After?  The US population can't say shit, whoever the President is can wield more power to stifle dissent, and the stock market will become ever more bullish due to the new war.

Thats why NDAA was put in place.  Not for catastrophic economic collapse....that won't happen for another 5-10 years.  It's to shut up the protestors when they join Israel (who really can take Iran on themselves) in air/even troop support for a campaign.

Dr. Engali's picture

Do you really think that will happen in 2013? or do you think all this backing off this just a head fake it'll happen sooner? I thought it would happen sooner, but now beginning to question that.

battle axe's picture

The other theory is what you are saying "a head fake" which could be right, I thought it was kinda weird that the ex-head of Mossad came out against a strike,  seems almost like a disinformation campaign by the Israelis to throw people off the scent. I think one of the best articles was on ZH that talked about the sandstorm season and the moon phases in the Middle East, that would be the times to watch for a hit. 

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If I were an evil banker with the ability to get my elected minions to move aircraft carriers around on their own dime, I would get them to pump up tensions during an epic buildup of oil reserves just before I tanked the markets, then coordinate the 'easing of tensions' with the market downturn.

I would know that the system is doomed a few short years down the road so I would want to own all the production capacity that will survive the change, food, tech, energy amongst others.

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As is the habit to say in these parts it's surely all about the oil price bitchez..?

The USA will implode if the price reaches 5 dollars a gallon and stays there for the foreseeable..the USA has to give Iran a miss and it's Russia they'll be taking on this time, not just Iran. Russia knows the USA kleptos want access through Iran to the Caspian..which is totally off limits..Time for the USA to step down...from all of its shit..

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Maybe the BLS can tweak its Birth Death model.

Madrid2020's picture

Not until after the election!

battle axe's picture

Never going to happen, because we have a little bump in the road coming up in the very near future, it is called the war with Iran, that should hammer the economy into the ground even more then it is now....

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Does this topic post every six months?

Yes we are all gateful for the reminder.


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Well to be fair most of the unemployment is caused by people posting stupid shit on their Facebook account

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manufacturing of debit is the last of the jobs

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But what kind of jobs? Sign spinners for Cash for Gold shops? No one even discusses what KIND of jobs we have anymore, its just a job is a job. 

South Park - Cash For Gold - YouTube

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good luck with that....

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If Chalky Soetero gets a second term you won't be worrying about the NFP data. He must dream of Stalin at night when he sleeps. As this last week proves once more, he would prefer to be dictator in a totalitarian state. He attacks anything that moves that is a threat to his beloved power. Supreme Court? Get rid of 'em. A budget? Who needs it, I'm in charge. Laws are for little people.

Gully Foyle's picture


Once again using "Chalky" as a demeaning term will never catch on. Too British.

I know you borrowed it from the shitty Boardwalk Empire.

To be truly cool maybe you could call him Errol, Elston Limehouse flunky from Justified.

SheepDog-One's picture

I just call him the purple lipped Kenyan. Because he is.

Gully Foyle's picture


Deja vu.

Almost word for word conversation from a couple of days ago.

SNL, back when it was funny, had a Chevy Chase line that went something like this : I don't judge a man by the color of his skin but by the size of his lips".

vegas's picture

From who and what Obama actually is, Chalky is a compliment. Can't help it, everytime I look at his pus I see Chalky telling Nucky he needs more passing around money on the street. Where the hell do you think that stimulus money went?

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Do not worry Tyler... the cancer causing Coke and Pepsi will eliminate 90% of the unemployed.... MUST. GET. UNEMPLOYMENT. DOWN. TO 2%. BY. NOVEMBER.

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WOW nice of Coke and Pepsi to slow down a bit on the cancer causing chemicals!

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From Wikipedia.

Note it  is ONLY CA that has an issue.

Health concerns

There has been concern about the presence of 4-MEI in caramel color (which is the most used food and beverage coloring), typically at a concentration between 50 and 700 ppm.[5] Dark beers and common brands of cola drinks may contain more than 100 ?g of this compound per 12-ounce serving.[1]

At very high doses (360 mg/kg of body weight), 4-methylimidazole is a convulsant for rabbits, mice and chicks, and was the likely cause of acute intoxication observed in cattle fed with ammoniated sugar-containing cattle feed supplements in the 1960s.[5] On the other hand, several studies found no ill effect in rats and dogs for the concentrations found in caramel coloring.[5] A study even found that 4-MEI had an anti-carcinogenic effect on rats.[1][6] Based on these studies, caramel coloring of all types are considered safe. In the European Union the legal limit for 4-MEI in caramel coloring is 250 mg/kg.[7]

However, a 2007 study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) found that high doses of 4-MEI were carcinogenic in mice and in female rats.[8] Similar effects were observed for the isomer 2-methylimidazole, also found in caramel coloring. It also has been claimed that the reduction in tumor rates seen by Chan and others were due to lower body weight rather than a true anti-carcinogenic effect.[1]

In January 2011 California added 4-MEI to its list of probable carcinogens and stipulated 16 ?g per day as the "No Significant Risk Level" intake. This is considerably less than the mean intake of 4-MEI by regular cola drinkers.[1] The food industry has strongly opposed that decision, as it implies the need for additional warning labels on many products, and it disputes the validity of the NTP study.[1] In March 2012 it was announced that both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have had their caramel color suppliers modify their manufacturing processes in order to meet the new California standard; as of the announcement the changes had already been made for beverages sold in California.[9] The recipe is not changing in Europe, so the 4-MEI level will remain the same.[10][11]

tmosley's picture

Wow, so you only have to drink 3600 beers of cola drinks to go into convulsions?

I think you will have bigger problems at that point.

If cokes cause so much cancer, where's all the cancer?  Practically everyone drinks cokes.