Venezuela Gets First Shipment Of Physical Gold Today

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Back in August, the news that Venezuela ruler Hugo Chavez had decided to repatriate his gold from London vaults made headlines and was one of the key catalysts sending gold to its all time highs north of $1900/oz. Since then the story died down with no updates. Until today: Bloomberg has reported that Venezuela will receive the first shipment of gold reserves being repatriated from U.S., Canadian and European banks today. "Chavez, speaking on state television, said that the bars will be escorted to vaults in Venezuela s central bank by the military after arriving by air to the South American country. The gold that was over there in England will soon be arriving,  said Chavez.  The opposition says that I'll put the gold in the presidential palace or give it away to Cuba or something. This gold is going back to where it should have never left -- to the Central Bank of Venezuela. Chavez, a former paratrooper and self-professed socialist, in August ordered the central bank to repatriate $11 billion of gold as a safeguard against volatility in financial markets." Will Chavez demonstrate phenomenal foresight having collected his gold just months ahead of Europe falling into the abyss of a toxic debt spiral or were his worries unfounded? It remains to be seen. However, he will probably sleep sounder knowing that his gold is no longer in the vaults of the LBMA, HSBC, or several hundred feet under the New York Fed. That is, of course, if the "presidential palace or Cuba or something" ends up having real 999 gold, and not just several blocks of Tungsten with a pretty plating on top.

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Gold (and Silver) Bitchez!

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"Ok amigos!   Gold teeth for all my loyal supporters!"

Hugo 'Oro es Oro' Chavez, 11/25/11, Caracas


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Nah he wants to mint a bunch of commerative coins with his picture on them.  The "Hugorand" maybe?

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i hope Hugo knows how to test for iron pyrite

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Keep in mind that the promised delivery is from the same folks that are going to have the EU fixed any day now.

How many tons can you get on a C-47?

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Shipment is a sham.

The real stuff was long ago delivered to a swiss account.


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I would be worried of any "crashing" planes or "sinking" ships making the deliveries.

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Vuvuzelan gold bolivar.

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How come Venezuelans get to see their gold but Americans are not allowed to see our gold in Fort Knox?

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This is a proof that...


Bush = elite

Obama = elite

Chavez = elite


99.9% of Americans = slaves


Slaves are not allowed to ask too many questions.

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cause I only have 4 quarts of oil in my garage

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'cause only us crazies think it's not there and most sheeple worship paper anyhow and wouldn't care if it weren't

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It's only the first shipment.  They have to wait for the other 99.9%.

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chavez gold


first shipment delivered in sept 2011.. perhaps this was the last of.. or a big disinformation hokum to cover for the gold coverups ,

the thing to watch is the fed maybe even the banks using printed fiat to sell big time paper gold load up big time on the real at low prices .. maybe this the the source of the large quantity of new fiat on fed books

while the diaper clad read their manipulated charts cry bear,, and up we will go . leaving the pointy head behind and all the top callers and their many 250 please reports.. sucking their thumbs .. as per  usual over 11 years now,,

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You's Americans don't get to see your gold because it takes a little more team work in your case, as your gov. is coniving.

That Democrat and Republican thingy seems to keep the sheeple occupied enough to keep that traditional,barbaric relic gold, safely out of eveyones sight.

It would take a UNITED states of America,to see your gold.

Meanwhile ,kitco shows 1 month gold lease rates for Negative -0.3382%

So we all should just run on down and lease us up some of that negative 0.3382% gold,for one month.

And who needs to see their counrties gold when kitcos says you can lease all you need. 

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"Hey, Chief.  How many tungsten bars are going into Hugo's C-130?"

'Shit I don't know.   Whattya got?"

"Pretty much the whole load."

"Fuck it.    Let him have it all then."



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A Venezuelan merchantman laden with bullion...

...Where the Devil is Ragnar Danneskjold ?

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He should've used the service before accepting delivery to his carrier in London...

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Hugo wants his physical close at hand so that when the civil unrest spreads to Venezuela, it can be quickly and easily loaded onto his personal plane just before he skips the country.

Hugo may not be the smartest dictator in the world, but he did learn his lesson from Gadhafi and Mubarak...


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Ya, not only now does he have gold-gold the SOB has Black Gold too.     He's no estupido dicktater that's fer sure.   Ok, maybe just a little estupido.   And fat.  I don't know about drunk tho'.

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He won't have time.  As soon as final shipment arrives, NATO "humanitarian assistance" will be needed in Venezuela...

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They will have to be careful not to get the depleted uranium mixed into the gold or tungsten.  Is there a NATO base in Miami?

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Wrong. The reason dictators keep their gold offshore is to prevent it from being taken by the people during a revolution. Bringing the gold back to Venezuela means Hugo is more afraid of the international bankers than his own people.

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That is certainly a good point.  The rewards for those who whack Hugo are right there for the taking and distribution to the grooup that does the job on him.  It won't require any international approval to distribute a whole lot of reward.

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Dictator, not......Chavez is a duly elected leader in elections that have been closely monitored by the international authorities.  And survived, honestly, a referendum.  All this knee-jerk criticism of Chavez is a sad commentary on how much people let themselves be brainwashed by the Western media.  I have yet to read a detractor of Chavez who has read one book about him.  If someone really want to understand the true situation in Latin America read James Petras.

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Stalin was duly elected too.

i-dog's picture

So was Obomber. And Dubya.

delacroix's picture

marion barry, got re-elected too.

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Hey, careful with that independent thought thingy...

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And.. he survived a CIA backed coup. That was a close call.
Watch this amusing film:

johny2's picture

CIA regularly broadcast revolutions they produce.

Thanks for the link.

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Dictator, not......Chavez is a duly elected leader in elections that have been closely monitored by the international authorities.  And survived, honestly, a referendum.  All this knee-jerk criticism of Chavez is a sad commentary on how much people let themselves be brainwashed by the Western media.  I have yet to read a detractor of Chavez who has read one book about him.  If someone really want to understand the true situation in Latin America read James Petras.

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That seems to be a reasonable concern.

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Not the reason. Chavez has stage four cancer and will be moving on in less than 24 months. The gold will be put into hands he cares about, like his cronies, so whatever he wants after he's dead is carried out. This is just a dead hand strategy

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I've never found that rulers who are dead have much influence on what the followers do.  Disentigrated empires are good examples of that.  It is not just empires that are disolved either.  How about Yugoslavia following Tito?

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Who's to say he has stage 4 cancer? A razor or a bottle of nair can produce the same thing. I'm not privy to his medical records, are you? Hell, he can "Vanish" well before the inevitable global meltdown and ensuing chaos. He just purchased his golden ticket and will join the others in their D.U.M.B.'s in the very near future. This scenario is also a possibility. Prepare accordingly.

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Hugo is a slime but the bankers who were holding Venezuela's gold are equally corrupt.  All of them are just evil politicians.

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Hugo did learn his lesson from Gadafi. He wouldn't dare to ask for his oil payment in gold.

What does Mubarak's downfall has to do with gold?

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The scam goes like this:

  1. Put a puppet dictator in oil rich country while stealing natural resources with minimal taxes by starving the populace
  2. Encourage this dictator put all his gains in western assets like money,gold in US banks, properties and real estate, etc.
  3. When the dictator becomes uncontrollable, publicly declare his regime a terrorist regime and freeze his assets
  4. Send CIA to kill this guy
  5. You got all his money!
malalingua's picture

In regards to your #4, also introduce a gold-backed currency that will unite other countries and bypass the central banks.

DaveyJones's picture

3. Train your own populace to fear their foreign face and religion through false flags and subtle propaganda just in case you need more than the CIA to do the job 

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Straight from "Confessions of a financial hitman ".

e2thex's picture

He wants to turn them into St Gaudens and fill them with chocolate.

If you were dying from colon cancer, would you worry about your gold holdings?


Psst...what happens?

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Further evidence of a world turned upside down, when the socialists have real "kapital" and the capitalists are busy regurgitating each others paper shit.

DaveyJones's picture

and who the "bad guys" are

dumpster's picture

first shipment in sept ..

chavez remarked now we have all the gold returned ,, this was the last of it maybe 10%

headlines are ment to decieve .. why on earth do many still take these reports with any grain of salt.

dark sources laugh at this news as they were part of recovery effort and the two enitys that were holding this gold .

why confuse .. bldge 7 was toppled by a large winded lie ..

dumpster's picture

chavez gold delivered sept 2011

all else is pavlovian double speak

chavez said now that we have our gold .. perhap the very last 10%

real gold bars delivered from two enitys .. deep sourced contacts laugh at the gullibility of the american pavlovian gruel eaters ring . no tungstun..

posters cool the jets


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They would have been much happier with crisp, freshly-printed greenbacks. Gold is so heavy.