Volatility ETFs' Crazy Churn

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Via Alex Gloy of Lighthouse Investment Management,

Two volatility ETFs (VXX and UVXY) are having almost half of the trading volume in the world’s largest ETF (SPY). How come?

First, the facts:


SPY is heavily traded (19% of assets daily turnover) compared to IVV (also referring to the S&P 500).

But then come the volatility ETFs. Tiny VIXY (assets $145m) turns itself over 2x per day.

Why are those long-volatility ETFs so popular, given they are wasting assets in an environment with a steep volatility-futures curve (source VixCentral):


(Ceterus paribus short-term long-vola ETF’s will suffer monthly roll-losses of 11% or roughly 0.5% per trading day)

The most likely explanation is that volatility-ETFs offer leverage without the need for margin:


On August 9, 2012, SPY had a trading range of 60bps. VXX offered 220bps, topped by UVXY with 440bps.

Tiny moves in the equity market can be amplified by using volatility ETFs (not that I would endorse this). It’s leverage without leverage for the day trader.

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On a long enough timeline, all retarded ETFs go to zero.

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With the central banks providing a put for assets, volatility had to fall.  With Wallstreet and the sell-side analysts ass-on-the-line, it had to be beaten into the ground.

That process has come to an end.

The bears have been in control of this market since 1422 on the S&P.  They are still in control.  The bulls have been lured into a trap.  There is a pending global recession and it's going to suck for equity.

Good luck bulls.  You'll need it.  Anything you do from here just gives me a lower entry for my leveraged shorts.

Market is going to tank big time.

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Well in that case I'm waiting for them to roll out the "obama" etf.

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May I interest you in some Crazy Talk with that Crazy Churn?

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How about some VDax or Vstoxx instead ?

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Just keeping those churn rebate checks coming !

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Because everyone knows a crash is possible even likely.

Tvix is less than 3 dollars a share from a $100.00 high a year ago.

Even getting in and losing 10 - 15% a day as a hedge and then getting out is preferred by people with large sums.

However, with the VIX itself being a manipulated number - even these players will one day walk away.

When your hedge against total chaos is being manipulated - you might have to look elsewhere for a daily hedge.



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In what manner are you suggesting Vix is being manipulated?

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One symbol is all that is necessary: SVXY (Ben's favorite ETF).  

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'It’s leverage without leverage for the day trader.'

... resulting in 'returns with no return.'

As P.T. Barnum urged the rubes, 'This way to the egress!' (and thanks for the fees!)

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I find the Vix products quite useful, each to his own I suppose.

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Trading treasury bond futures makes so much more sense...this is madness!!


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"Tiny moves in the equity market can be amplified by using volatility ETFs (not that I would endorse this)."


God I wish you would have left that disclosure out of there so a few of the usual trolls on here would have done it and gotten hung out to dry at some point. Now they will second guess themselves...Anyways, just a note to my stuff (Have the ZH Guide to Upcoming Cliff linked, as I do a lot of ZH articles). It is almost done. I will be rolling out an official launch on ZH in a week or so. www.TopTheNews.com


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Sp5 to sink big time as much as 175 points -simply SAR

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In relatively low volatility I think you can keep buying low and selling high opposing long and short positions. And then, plow those profits back into the system.