Volume Comparison: Pre- And Post-

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Hey some humans showed up to trade! Amazing...

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There used to be a good band called SSD

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turn up the volume, bitchez

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Solid State Drives plunge in price? Sweet!

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haha, you got me laughing on that one....


The funny thing about SSD drives is that they spoil you, even now that my computer boots up to login screen in just around 10 seconds, I am still tapping my finger wondering why its taking so long.

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Should we call it a Flash crash then? (sorry nerd humor)

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If everyone would just sit still for a minute and let the damn machines do their jobs we could have had Dow 36k by now.

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but didn't some one say volume dosn't matter? {sark}


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yea they lose a fraction of a penny per trade but make it up in volume 

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Wanted to tell you that there are many of us out here who see the same things you see in society. Do you have a good reading list to suggest?

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What's the deal with Reuters pushing the "Eurobond" positive spin story using nonsensical sources..ft and reuters dueling?

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That's one of my pet peeves about ZH. Very few speculate about the players behind the scenes and their motivations. It's like "gold, bitchez...duhhhh"...retarded. If you look at ZH's Twitter feed you can piece the factions, their allies and their motivations (sometimes). But you come here to the comments section and the IQ level drops. It's like they're blindfolded or tunnel vision. Some idiot here said he was voting for Bachmann...bankster crazy coot Bachmann...amazing...stupefying

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The feed is run by the site, the comment section by the sock puppets.

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Watch the stock indexes go UP.....


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Commence fade @ 2pm.

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Maybe Im missing something here but this chart looks bullish not bearish.  As the buyers are buying there are no willing sellers.  They must bid up the price in order to get filled. They cant buy in size without pushing the price up dramatically.  As the market turns over and traders are selling in size there are many willing buyers to buy in volume.  I bet the VWAP is prob somewhere around 1190 or so essentially buyers are willing to pay more.    Im not sure where HFT comes into play with volume/VWAP etc so maybe someelse can elighten me. 

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sink stank stunk....  black gold to $200

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They are already attempting to walk the market back up with relenteless bidding.

We'll be flat by the close.

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No worries, the HFT's will tickle the market right back up again. Simply hilarious... 

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I disagree.  The SEC will be there to stop it.

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....AAAAANNNNDDDD, REITS are back to zero and heading into positive terriory.

Damn...those guys are relentless in their fraud.  You have to hand it to them.  It's f'ing epic baby...shameless...pathetic....sad...


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i'll be happy to take out es 1180...for now