Wall Street Kneejerk Responses To This Morning's Disappointing Economic Data Barrage

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Good citizens of Metropolis!

Even Superman can't save us.

Let's shave our heads and wait for the mothership!


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Liesman says the jobs # is due to "the effects of hurricane irene" lol

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Liesman's analysis only goes as far as whats on the Shoney's buffet, or what type of sandwiches the gas station is selling

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Lie sman's analysis is on the teleprompter in front of him.

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This market is like the fat guy eating pork every meal topping it off with a gallon of ice cream, and a bag of chips.  The heart attack is coming and because there is so much fat - over valuation - the condition is terminal even if the fat guy lived across the street from the hospital. 

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In the areas of the worst destruction, which is pretty bad, wouldn't MORE people be working...on roads, bridges, broken hightways??? Just drove from New England to Chicago, USDOT gravel and other road-building trucks on the highways everywhere.

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Seriously, just listen to Krugman.

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celente always sounds angry ...which makes him sounds stupid. regardless of the content of his words.

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Perhaps we can sort this all out with a telephone conference call? Seems to be the new real McCoy.

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Associated Press (AP) is surprised ! Those jokers and their headlines.....

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Doesn't it frost you how stupid they are? I've been ranting about AP as the fount of all incorrect information since about 1965.

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Speaking of knee jerk, I just saw a 12+ point ES reversal in less than one minute.

Price stability.

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GOTTA love the spectacular Bernank price stability Cdad! It really is wonderful...dont get me wrong, not nearly as wonderful as my pink unicorn that shits mounds of delicious Skittles and pees yummy chilled lemonade, but CLOSE!

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That ES move I just saw was clearly a "horse fixing" moment.  And as I said last night, GLD is being jammed up...a last desperate attempt to give the short bus algos the all clear to buy the market...because gold is falling, so therefore fear is gone now that Europe had a conference call.

Nummy unicorn skittles...mmmmmmm.

**and check the shank job on the Dixie.  Criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers doing what they do best**


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You know I actually thought for a minute the whole Europe problems Eruo down Dollar up thing was being orchestrated to give Bernank QE cover....nah not so much.

The fact is its all at point of implosion and all they have is carrots and sticks, and only dumb mules believe in a carrot on a stick for more than a few minutes.

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The TF went up in a flash pump too. Wow. Did they set the algo timer right at 9?

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So they're blaming the jobless number on the weather again.  That never gets old.

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WTF just happened?

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'We think the FED can still do at least some additional 'easing' next week...maybe an Operation Twist lite or something'....

WHOA there Wall St dude! This QE3 trillions has been priced into every bit of lousy news daily since February! These people cant do MATH, you cant price in $3 trillion to equities since DOW 9,800 and then say 'we're good here...maybe a minor Op Twist' thats about it'.

'Operation SUBTRACT' has to happen one way or another next!

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Yeah right, & i'm from Missouri

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It's too bad JPM and HSBC can't get short squeezeed when they are so very on the wrong side of the trade silver trade....but with endless supplies of manipulation paper don't hold your breath. 



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I think going after JPM is futile, because they are a custodian bank of the Federal reserve, they have direct access to 0% credit.

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This market is on life support and denial...really amazing with ALL this bad data in the last 12 weeks which was completely expected given the end of QE2, that S&P is pushing 1200 again, the dow is only down 10%.  Back when central banks didn't rule the world we would be at 850 and down 35% respectively...where is the SEC?

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where is the SEC?

They're hanging out with the CFTC drinking vino and eating caviar.....at yes, 10:00 a.m., collecting the easiest paychecks known to mankind since the only job mandate is to close your eyes and shred some docs every once in awhile.

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Well NEOSERF you and I know that, but the general public? Its a success, everyone believes in it. No matter who I talk to about whats really going on, they come back with, 'Well I heard the DOW closed up +100 today, so things cant be bad as you say'.

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Well, doggie, that's your problem, hanging out with the sheep.  I have a friend who is very intelligent and knows a lot about the market.  He has denied all that I have been saying for four years.  Everything I said came true to this point, but his belief in the markets is a religion. 

You are either born with enough scepticism to think for yourself, or you are not.  No amount of reasoning can overcome someone's true nature.

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there is no data there is only the bernank.

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Lets see. Economic data this morning all sucks. Check

Inflation ticking higher. Check

NFLX collapses (no surprise to us here) Check

UBS close to blowing up. Check

Dollar lower. Check

Greece will default and nothing fixed in Europe. Check.

We still have the 3 stooges running this country. Check.

Gold gets hit for 36 dollars at 1,787. Yup. it all makes sense does it not. Amazing markets. Broken is too kind a word.


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all you zh fools in denial -- look at the markets, not "news." gold finished going up, stocks finished going down. losersssssssssss!

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WTF are you mumbling about?

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the markets aren't broken, they are just managed.

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Gold gets hit for 36 dollars at 1,787. Yup. it all makes sense does it not. Amazing markets. Broken is too kind a word.

Well, it makes perfect sense to me, and I said so last week when I sold my paper gold position.

  1. Options expiration
  2. Fed meeting next week
  3. Europe:  We traded in a channel for a month, and kept drifting back to $1900.  That seemed to be ok with TPTB, until now.  Something bad for the markets and good for gold is about to happen, hence gold must be pushed down as far as possible or we will shoot right past $2000, and they won't give up that line without a fight.

I also said we would see a margin hike, but have been wrong so far, so what do I know anyway.  The price action with respect to gold has been pretty much predictable, and will remain so in the future as TPTB become more desperate to kick the can and buy up cheap gold.  Everything else is window dressing. 

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Gold got kicked in the balls.

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Im reading emails from goldbug friends who are freaking out on their gold, everyone convinced the next stop was going to be $10,000, but I warned them from long ago youre in with the Bernank central banksters and theyll screw them out of their gold any way they can think of.

If people dont have the nuts to hold gold now without chewing their nails to bloody stumps, then they should just get out of it because its all only going to get far worse.

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Not to worry SD1, some weak hands will be shaken from their positions by huge paper manipulations to take down gold for a time. Volitality...

Be right and sit tight... none of the fundamentals have changed. Benny and the other central bankers are in the markets dumping on gold and bouying equities and suppressing bond yields... They will only blow up the world financial system with their manipulations.

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Absolutely SD1, focus on your physical, and if you have paper, expect to feel a whole lot of pain if you trade based on logic.  Gold is moving on anti-logic because the paper price is fixed.  Any bad market event will cause it to do exactly what it did BEFORE the Swiss "pegged" the franc, drop like a stone.  Now gold is dropping like a stone, what do you suppose is going to happen soon?  My guess is something bad for TPTB who want to kick the can and buy cheap gold. 

Paper gold is for trading, not investing, or whining.  Physical is for investing, planting in your garden, and rolling around on naked. 

Gold is getting kicked in the stomach.  Next week, it will ramp based on what is happening in Europe OR something the Fed has to do here (QE3?).  In that case, expect margin hikes because "gold is getting too frothy" even though the price is only returning to trend from suppression levels.  TPTB goal is to keep it below $2000.

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Opposite day, bitchez!!!

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Remember guys, do not let short term moves influence your decisions, it was just a while ago gold was under 1,000. Hit a high of 1,911 and now 1,787. Big freaking deal. No sells here.

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Good point.  That's a little over a 6% drop in a position trade whereas most position traders use a stop of 8%-10%.

Past successes in the gold trade have made people overly sensitive to losses.

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OK, you understand the markets are manipulated, teh data is bad, so work the charts.

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Guys, I believe gold and silver at this point is trading based on a European liquidty run.....just like the U.S. in 08/09. That is something I believe Sprott may be missing at the moment, how it's not oh so different perahps this time. Think about it, you have a brokerage account in Italy or Spain or France where the banks are being taken to the woodshed and losing massive amounts of money....you're worried about any assets tied up in any institution, therefore you sell all and any brokerage paper Gold and Silver and what you have is paper markets tanking while the physical markets surge.

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I get the feeling that Bernanke is back in the Market.  The Market is trading the same way it did with QE2.  The huge ramp for the last 2 Mondays with the bad Greek news.  Then this Monday with the huge ramp at 2:00 PM and continuing higher for 3, now 4 days.  As you said with bad news every day.

Plus, the late day ramps like with QE2.  I am not sure how he is doing it but I do think he is in the Market again.

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Yes, gold has to go down, and markets have to ramp, immediately prior to bad economic events/announcements.  It's as simple as that if TPTB want to continue kicking the can and buying cheap gold.

TPTB have pretty much kept their powder dry up to this point.  Expect them to use both barrels to create a cushion between gold prices and $2000.

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During Fed meetings 10% of the time is spent on policy discussion and 90% of the time is spent on 'how to word' the policy. Managed perception, propaganda, PR, call it what you will...

Which proves that when one has a bogus currency and totally managed asset mkts, one must spend lots of time convincing the sheeple that all is ok and 'the Fed is still firmly in control of the situation'...

Con artists that could sell any rube the Brooklyn Bridge.

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The Great race to Reflate

-Fed announces 0 Funds, will sell short term/buy duration. I effect, we're announcing we are raising short term rates.

-Fed says they'll buy duration & talking heads parrot duration is going down in yield and will stay low for long time......here is where duration holders are going to be SLAUGHTERED. Smart duration buyers willl lock in less risk. I'd rather but Dollar general , or Hungarian junk than UST.

-Sure, Fed will buy duration, but will continue buying at decreasing prices. Look for duration yields to have bottomed THIS MONTH. UST yields will be back at 5% by end of Q1 2012.


Snidley Whipsnae's picture

"UST yields will be back at 5% by end of Q1 2012."

Strong call catlady... If it is true then the slaughter in real estate is going to be unbelievable.

I forgot the exact number but believe that for every 1% interest rate rise in Ts, funding the US deficit goes up by ~ $140Billion per yr... So... about a $700Billion rise in funding the deficit? Wow... Print faster Ben.

catladdy's picture

Expecting several 3-5 pont bond move days q4-q1 as opinions are made. Hell, we could print 5% & back at 2.6% as the struggle continues.

Probably have June 2007 yield highs as a back drop until 2015 when the Chinese truly take over the world with their RC & start a controlled distribution of our debt

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ES shorts Still too early to reposition. Ample warning given since Tuesday about Mother of ALL SHORT SQUEEZES.

Just wait! We're going to see another retest of our Aug lows.  

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Frontrunning QE3 version 2.0 (since 1.0 was in August)