Wall Street Pundits' Instant Response To Global Fed Bailout

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And this is how TPTB assure their billion dollar bonuses. Well played, assholes.

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...when you flood the market with liquidity, risk assets go much higher [nominally]

Oh yeah?  Well, when I exchange US Dollars for Mexican Pesos the amount of money I have in my pocket also goes much higher (nominally), but am I really wealthier?  No.


What Does Nominal Rate Of Return Mean?

The amount of money generated by an investment before expenses such as taxes, investment fees and inflation are factored in. For example, detailed data on a mutual might show a fund's nominal rate of return as 10%, but also show its return after taxes on distributions and sale of fund shares is only 7%. Investors should look beyond an investment's nominal rate of return to get a true idea of what their investment will earn.



What Does Real Rate Of Return Mean?

The annual percentage return realized on an investment, which is adjusted for changes in prices due to inflation or other external effects. This method expresses the nominal rate of return in real terms, which keeps the purchasing power of a given level of capital constant over time.


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Is it possible to win TIME Man of the Year twice?  Way to go Bernank!  You saved us!

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Save the Bankers again...injure the serfs/ peasants again...

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the fvckers....it is all about the bankers all the time.


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This is why you never ever hold X3 ETF's overnight.




Watched too many get trapped in X3 ETF trades and get badly hurt.  Both in bull and bear.

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History repeat..how did it work out before

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Nymex Crude Futures blasted through $101 per barrel this morning.

Great job, Fed.  This action doesn't create jobs, yet the masses get to pay higher energy prices...

Amazing what the 1% will do when THEIR wealth is threatened.

100% FUBAR.

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Under normal circumstances, stocks would be a lot higher.


And if pigs had wings they would fly, Mr. Kaufman.

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LOL, I know.  ES is up 38 points.  What does he expect?

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What will be the third piece of bullish news to complete today's trifecta?

1.) global CB bailout

2.) ADP 4 SD blowout

3.) ??

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Roll up a big fatty

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will someone please tell me how this addresses the DEBT the world is in by throwing fiat money at it?  How long can this hopium last?

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"It feeds into the idea that policymakers are at least beginning to address the problem. There was a very dark mood developing at the back end of last week. With the dire scenarios doing the rounds the last few days, it's all the more important they step in with aggressive measures to support the banking system and show they're beginning to confront the financing problems of the sovereigns as well."

Dumb. Stupid. Fire this fuckshite immediately.

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Agreed, it's just a handjob, the joy will pass quickly and we'll be back to square one.  These Neo-Keynesian douchebags wouldn't know effective leadership if it kicked them in the head.  And a good kicking is what these bastards need!

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It only gets worse:

11-30 8:57: Pimco's El-Erian says the ECB "needs to go all in";...

El-Erian needs to STFU, all the mouthbreathers take him seriously which is sad because the man is a complete imbecile.

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yeah but he's got the best mustache in the business

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But ultimately isn't this is exactly the same as getting killed on an S&P futures position, getting a margin call, and then convincing the exchange to change the margin requirements so you can continue to fight the bad position?

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Yes sir. It buys time, fixes nothing, perhaps makes things worse in the long run by increasing the probability of collapse later.

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"This decreases the cost of funding in U.S. dollars or other currencies so -- it's small -- but it's a boost to banks' profitability and gives them a better chance to shore up their capital ratios."

bonus bling bling!

you must love central banks..


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I still won't lend to BAC and I guess no one will either

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I hope and pray we have $4.00 gasoline by Christmas.

It will serve the serfs well to show them what fucking idiotic imbeciles they truly are.

Oh, I know I'm among those serfs, but I'll have a great time laughing at them when they can't afford a McDonald's hamburger. Which I won't be able to afford, too, but at least, I'll know why.

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I'm sure my wage will improve immediately.

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So confirmation that the world is in dire need of money and is actually totaly bankrupt is uber bullish? America ceases to exist in 2012 and that is uber bullish? The banksters need to die there is no other solution left. This is the exact same thing as an entire town saying, We all want Ferraris and we won't pay for them. All the other towns must pay for them and be happy about it. We refuse to work for anything but expect to be given everything regardless of the consequences to people outsie our town. It would be better for everyone outside our town to kill themselves because we deserve to live better anyway. I'd take Stalin or Hitler over Obama and Bernanke. 

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And Robotrader is proven right again.  They will never let the ship sink....  Until it does.

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Strange times we live in.  In simple terms, there was once a notion that an economy was based upon workers performing units of work and delivering products and services that added value to the community.  Now, it seems to be based upon bureaucrats adjusting fiat currency supplies with whoremongers cheerleading them every step of the way.

Scary future in store for the next generation.

100% FUBAR.

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Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus....   

Right down Santa Claus lane.... http://www.41051.com/xmaslyrics/herecomes.html

Wow. A completely manufactured, worldwide, coordinated Santa Claus rally. Who knew that Central Bankers believed so much , that they would step in and help out old Nick when he was in trouble.


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I just checked my bank account.... and I didn't receive a billion dollar bailout.... bummer..... MAYBE NEXT TIME!!!


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It is looking more and more like 2012 is when it comes crashing.  Be merry now, as next year much tougher times are coming.



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Today starts another trillion out the door.. bad CDSs, to "help the E.U.. Goldman and JPM sold worthless CDSs on Foriegn exchange Euros 2009-2010, did not set the procceeds aside in reserves, claimed it in revs/profits, took hugebonuses.
Now Greece CDSs not payable=voluntary..Goldman set the CDSs on Greece.
The trillion+ CDSs position GS and JPM is essentially being bailed out-more Fed money-GS and JPM are the most powerful of the Advisory comittee of the Federal Reserve.
This is another Bank Bailout.. it will be followed by another and another...as the Central Banks are no longer about the economyies they are supposed to represent, but about a drug like need to not pay for their investments....ever.

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By now it should be obvious to the central banks that they are shelling out more and more only to buy decreasing amounts of time while exacerbating the final outcome, which is a foregone conclusion.

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It is pretty clear that they are only trying to pad their escape before the big kaboom.

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Funny how the mayans predicted it all. 2012 we´ll shout TIIIIMBER!


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Keeps banks from freezing up so they can buy bonds from their governments.... yayyy

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Instant Response To Global Fed Bailout

It's amazing how quickly these folks can assemble a commentary like this. Kind of makes you think that some people knew about it before the rest of us, eh?

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OK, the gaps tell me this is a short squeeze rally, because we aren't dropping back down to tend.

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I wonder whether Dick Bove will say today that he was wrong about being wrong? It certainly would not be below him to do so...

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Doesn't matter anymore TPTB isn't even pretending to act in the populations interest anymore.

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We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!

THE FED to the global markets.