Walter Williams On The 2012 Election And Sound Money

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How quaint! Both the interviewer and interviewee seem to be laboring under the old-fashioned misconception that voters actually choose who becomes President!

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We do get to choose.  We can choose between the ticket of Rockefeller/Rothschild or the ticket of Rothschild/Rockefeller.  Either way, they win, you lose.

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any blue pills left? I'm in dire need of one!

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Actually, that's not the point. The point is that we'd choose someone who promises us the impossible rather than someone who tells the truth and refuses to let us live off other men. We, as a people will more likely choose the leaders who offer bread and circuses even though it results in our destruction. You don't need any conspiracies.

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The sheeple choose who does not become president.  anyone who truly wants individual liberty and personal responsibility cannot become president because that would mean the end of welfare (social security, medicare, etc). And for all of you who don't believe those programs are welfare then you are financially naive.  Recipients on average get a huge amount more than they put into the system, all of this increasing the debt on our children.

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Last November we tried to choose in CT, but then a bunch of trash bags of "votes" arrived at the Bridgeport polling station and then the choice of the people of CT was sort of trumped by these bags of trash. 

Also, Bridgeport "ran out of ballots" and a couple of unsupervised poll workers were sent to photocopy more (really slowly) as the Democrats sent busses to the ghettos and paid people to come vote Democrat. 

On the bright side, no dead people voted.  Why bother when the non-existent and never existed can vote?  Via black trash bags?

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We have to get the American people, as much as politicians, to respect the Constitution.

The American people as a whole will come to respect collapse before they come to respect the Constitution..

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And as for the interviewee's comment:

"We can blame politicians a little bit, but the bulk of the blame lies with the American people."

That is a stinking load of "pass the buck where it doesn't belong, and maybe nobody will notice"!

While it is true that an educated "people" MIGHT be able to make an informed choice---if they were presented with ALL the facts---the politicians have full access to all the facts and all the think tanks that analyse all the facts. The people are fed nothing but propaganda and pablum ... and are then expected to make an informed choice?! Give me a break!!

Williams is a failed apologist for the globalists.

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Alright nice to hear from the Dr. always tells it as he sees it .

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"Black by Popular Demand." - Walter E. Williams

Tyler, please add the E. to the headline to disambiguate from the other "Walter Williams" who is, well, not of this view.

- Ned

{and junkstaz, if u haven't heard him, well, he'd make most thinking folk piss their pants.  Not so much fun since his wife died.}

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Meh.  Anyone can talk about politics.

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Exactly.  How about talking about those other "entitlements".  You know, the "I drove my company into the ground but I am still entitled to a massive bailout and huge bonus because I am too big to fail."

Never hear people complaining about those entitlment motherfuckers.

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Where do you hang out?  I hear about it all the time.

So far (at least), the bailout pale in comparison to the entitlements.  I'm sure now that we've increased the Moral Hazard, that'll change.  But, until it does, it's Medicare and Social Security that are driving us over a cliff.

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Social security is driving no one over any cliff.  The program is still self-sustaining.  Net cost of SS is zero.  The only issue that has any meaning from an accounting standpoint is cash flow. 

Pointing to SS payments as a government expense is absurd . . . but it works as long as you conveniently ignore the fact that the gov has to pay off on SS Trust Fund assets that have been bought and paid for. 

The SSTF is literally an investor that bought Treasury securities.  When other Treasury Debt write-offs are seriously on the table--with meantingful haircuts for well-heeled investors--then perhaps this analysis will make some sense. 

Of course, military entitlements--not self-funded by any definition--continue to escape the attention of these deep "anti-entitlement" thinkers.

This stuff is Accounting 101.  It is not beyond the business community's capacity to understand it. 

The "misunderstanding" is deliberate.  It's nothing but a transparent attempt to frame the issue in terms that will justify writing off the SSTF debt as some kind of twisted virtue. 

Just more attempted theft by the finance community and its useful idiots.  Gotta love "highly principled" sociopaths who just want the lower strata to be "responsible."

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Social Security was robbed by Tip O'neill, Lyndon Johnson, Ted Kennedy and spineless republicans sucking at the defense tit, and 40 years of democratic control of Congress. 

Leave it out of the equation until all the money that those paid into it and earned in interest is returned.

Otherwise you prove that you don't know what in hell you are talking about.

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Way back, one of the true conservatives, Robert Heinlein stated:

When the plebes discover they can vote bread and circuses for themselves, it's the end of your empire, it's only a matter of time. 

His solution:

Don't let people on the dole vote.

The "progressive defense":

Make sure everyone is on the dole somewhat so the above rule can never pass.

The bad guys won, it would seem, and they's us (well, not me, of course!).

And having once worked fairly high up in the republican party, yeah, only a few people get to decide who you get to vote for, and their mission isn't representing the people at all, no way, not even a little unless it's totally an accident.  I'm sure the dems are no better, and probably worse.  But either set of clowns, are well, clowns.  No choice there except for which squeaky nose or the color of the clown shoes you like best.  Poll workers discard ballots from independents regularly.

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I think I read everything ever written by Robert Heinlein as a teenager.   He is the God of science fiction or at least the right hand of God, Isaac Asimov.

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“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”

Whether it was Heinlein, DeTocqueville, Tytler or whoever that  first  opined some form of the above, it is a concept worthy of  being grokked.

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I'll go one better:  Only tax PAYERS vote.

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I consider a few Sci Fi books must reads.


The Foundation trilogy

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

And while not technically Sci Fi the Conan books are also good reads.



Rodent Freikorps's picture

Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

You are welcome.

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Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams was a good read.

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"Out of the Silent Planet"


"That Hideous Strength"

-C. S. Lewis trilogy


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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." 

Upton Sinclair

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the bitchez post bitchez!

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How did Jessie Helms know he wouldn't get reelected?  He had been in for a billion years for plenty of stupid votes.  He still got voted in.  Maybe he should have stated that he was afraid he couldn't raise money from his ag lobbyist if he voted in any way to take money out of ag mouth.  Maybe this is the excuse politicians give in order to shift blame from themselves.   Of course ideally people are voted in to lead, not to be led by the threat of losing elections.   Using your logic, then politicians are finding it easy to shift the blame as well, blaming the people for their deeds, or lack thereof than looking in the mirror and asking what they have or have not done to uphold the integrity of their office.  What have they done or not done to better or worsen the lot of America in the name of "being afraid of not getting elected"  What a total canard.  If you don't have the balls to do the right thing than get the hell out of office and do something else.

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If you don't have the balls to do the right thing than get the hell out of office and do something else.

This is the problem, nearly all of the good people have gotten out or not campaigned in the first place.  That vacuum has been filled with the sycophants.

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Yea how many times has Ron Paul been elected President uhh none times , that is Walters point , the guy is much less diplomatic when on the radio he tells it like it is. And what it is is everybody votes their own Stupid Interest even when it hurts them because people don't think clearly anymore..When People are Angry they think stupid thoughts. Or when they are short sighted as most of us are now today, Start a new utopia some where it ends the Same, it's our fault how many of us really worked and demanded our neiubours and friends worked to keep this country safe and on debt free???

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Jessie Helms was a Senator as is Ron Paul.  Ron Paul keeps getting elected.  I didn't read this article to mean winning presidential election but equated it more properly to congressional votes which run most of the dollar show.  My point is to take Walters idea, change american people and replace it with american politician.  I think the argument he uses works much better with that substitute.  Case in point, majority of voters according to most polls  did not want Obamacare, yet POLITICIANS lied, and stole to vote it in.  You can't blame the people for the votes of the political elite.  Now if they start holding referendums on healthcare and the people vote it in then the blame can be shifted to the people.  Remember how all the politicians voted yes for TARP, yet held their nose.  The people didn't want it and the politicians knew but did it anyway and their only cover was they "held their noses".  WTF. 

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Ron Paul is a congressperson, not a senator. Just FYI.

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WW: "We can blame politicians a little bit, but the bulk of the blame lies with the American people."

For the FED?  For the IRS? For 911? For HFT? For houses you can't own?  For the word "register?"

For "re-presentation" by the Articles of Incorporation?  The Red Amendment?  The Patriot Act?

The TSA?  The derivative?  MERS?  The Nuclear Pile?


Please WW, tell me exactly how!

/thought not./

Get serious, or get out.

"What this town needs is a better class of research rag criminal."

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I concur, spoken like a true politician.

But then again I think he is trying to tell us: "the bulk of the blame lies with the American people for letting us proceed with the destruction of this country and as long as we are permitted to do so, we are just keeping up the good work.

Btw, some comedy Gold from the same article after blaming the American people for the shitpile

Walter Williams: Very seldom are people willing to blame themselves for the problems they create.

He's a cunning linguist

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"...a Republic, if we can keep it."

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The american people can shoulder some blame for the current state of affairs due to their motives in voting, and for those that don't vote, they too can shoulder some the blame for not expressing themselves at the ballot box.

That being said, the american people -----as the writer above quickly illustrates -----has nothing to do with the hijacking of their vote by lobbyists who have managed at every turn to thwart the voter.

I can accept no blame personally other than this: I don't possess the resources required to put a stop to the ongoing rape of the people by our representatives in D.C.

The inhabitants of D.C. live in a country separate from the United States. They don't pay social security, but steal from our fund to pay for thousands of programs that have turned our nation's spine into  jello.  They are able to trade on information that a private citizen, who possesses the same information would be prosecuted and jailed for using to make a profit.  They do not lgive themselves cuts in pay for failure nor can they be fired as citizens of the other 51 states are routinely.

We are governed by a foreign nation and to blame us for the inept, corrupt, and entirely criminal enterprise that is the US CONgress is naive, jejune, at best.

You are not excused, Mr. Walter Willams, for your groundless attack on the people.  


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i agree that the whole point was decentralized Government that's why here in Oklahoma no country was bigger than a days horse ride se people could get redress , and we have lost that since Washington Took that after the Civil War.. But the people do get the leaders they put in there and very few of us can say we did everything we could for ourselves and our country to keep it free and debt free.

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I excuse him because its true.

When we get to the point that some if us are no longer asking the government to, feed us, clothe us, house us, protect us, give a cell phone to us, school us, doctor bribe us for the damned vote...then and only then will I agree.

Some ask too much and always bitch that its never enough even as they walk away with arm loads...(from Keynesians to welfare sows) from some of the most lecherous incompetents among us...he's exactly right.

They strip you of your dignity and you shrug it off and ask for more abuse (not you personally, generally).

So, junk it bitchez...but you know I'm right ;-)

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+ 1 nmewn

It actually IS partly our fault.  Yes, there is an Elite there fighting for every scrap.  What is NOT pointed out often here at ZH is that that The Elite is not one monolithic group.  Various rich and powerful families HATE each other.  There are lobbyists and researchers who do NOTHING but dig up dirt on their political opponents (a friend of a friend of mine DOES JUST THAT).

It is up to us as individuals to take our country back.  The best shot we have, IMO, is the Tea Party and that kind of thinking.  Lower taxes.  Less regulation.  More transparency.  Smaller government.

Since that looks unlikely to happen, we then, as individuals, have to prepare against the likely BAD TIMES ahead as the Evil Empire starts to crumble and fight to the death.  By buying gold, etc.

But, politics at the grass-roots level DOES matter.  If we do not elect decent people, we get more of the same.  And it looks like (barring a President Ron Paul), that we WILL get more of the same.

Those of you who say "they are all the same" are not correct.  There is at least 14 cents worth of difference between the Ds and the Rs.

So, junk this too, bitchez, but you know WE are right.   :)

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Very good post.  While I suspect most voters would have no idea what I mean, I find the Fed's purchase of dodgy CDOs to be a violation of the Fed's charter and any losses incurred by Maiden Lane 2 and 3 should be born by the true owners of the Fed (e.g. J.P. Morgan, et al.).

I agree with the author that self-interested beneficiaries of the social safety net are more likely to vote for increasing taxes than those who actually pay those taxes - but a bigger problem is getting the public to understand the issues they face when the MSM is busily trying to hide those problems. 

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Because the American people keep electing douchbags like Barney Frank, Steny Hoyer and Sheila Jackson Lee.  'Splain that and you'll have your answer.

Here's the Citizen's Against Governement Waste Analysis of Agriculture, btw:




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Politicians created those things, but the American people did nothing about it.  If the people don't keep the politicians in check, the people have failed.

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Well, it's like he said. If Congress ended the Fed's charter, revoked legal tender laws, removed the mark-to-myth restrictions on interest rates, ended pointless foreign wars and entanglements, stopped subsidizing real estate and every other industry, then the vast majority of Congressmen would not get reelected. People in this country - most of them - simply don't want freedom. They want to be taken care of, and told what to do. And so, they have gotten what they deserved, because nobody cared enough to think about unintended consequences.

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You've gotta be kidding....obviously it's because we voted for the assholes who made all those things possible, oh master of the disingenuous.  What do you do, go into a voting booth, close your eyes, and do an eenie meenie miney moe? If not, and if you've ever voted, at some point, congratufuckinlations, you made a shit decision, just like the rest of us. Christ, grow a pair and take some goddam responsibility!

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Get the Fiat out of politics..........

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That will never happen.  You know better than that.  But, if you get junked later, it was not me.

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I was wondering what had become of old "No Neck" after he left the Yankees in 1975.

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Reminds me of Nixon's second term slogan.

"Nixon now More Than Ever!"

Watch Obama -use the same thing........

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"I am not a crook" famous anouncement by Ricard M. Nixon, after it became clear to everyone that he was, in fact, a crook. Any country that has a president that gets on national TV and says, "I am not a crook"; has big problem.

OrestesPenthilusQuintard's picture

Actually the guy wasn't a crook - they got tired of blowing people's heads off so they politically 'assassinated' him.  Russ Baker's Family of Secrets will give you the straight poop.

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"We have to get the American people, as much as politicians, to respect the Constitution."

"The American people" don't think in those terms, it's too abstract. What they see from MC, SS etc. is their rights and anyone reducing their "rights" will be struck down with great vengeance and furious anger.

This shit ain't ending until the money runs out.