Warren Buffett Favors Wells As The "Single Best Bank To Own": A Comparative Returns Analysis

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Following on his latest bash session of gold from the weekend, when Warren Buffett dedicated a substantial portion of his annual letter to shareholders for the now routine and perfectly expected gold blasting, the Octogenarian of Omaha revealed to his faithful personal scribe Becky Quick that of all banks, he would recommend Wells Fargo as the single best bank to own. Naturally, as was previously lampooned by William Banzai, Americans, even those paying a 15% tax rate, would "do absolutely nothing for Warren trading book" if they were to buy gold instead of pooling their cash into the ponzi. As for buying WFC vs. gold, the chart below will show why the world is increasingly taking any proclamations from the man whose net worth was bailed out by the government, with humor more than serious consideration.Presenting the past decade's return of Wells Fargo and of gold. No commentary necessary.

And as a reminder, here is just why Buffett happens to be a big fan of bailouts, especially of Wells Fargo.

The only conclusion we can make is that gold never benefited from taxpayer-funded cash infusions aka bailouts.

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The gay old Oligarch from Omaha got Mung bunged again and is still pulling it together.

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The "Geritol from Omaha" is completely dilusional!!  How bout the Gold, Warren!!!  Don't worry Becky will wipe your arse!  Oops time for another bath, Warren!

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"You know, Becky, sitting here with you, you call to mind my father -- he always liked that old Cole Porter number, 'In olden days a glimpse of stocking, was looked on as something shocking. Now, Heaven knows, anything goes !' -- Aw, shucks ! But what he did he know, anyway ? Dad was for the gold standard !"


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The Orifice of Omaha. Somehow, everytime he opens his mouth I vomit. He is so insufferable, yet the CNBC guys keep having his baby.

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Buffett's a sharp guy but where you stand depends on where you sit. Let's see, Warren's an 81 year old guy who turned nothing into $45 billion in net worth. The world fawns on him, politicians come to him for advice, business owners offer him special deals because they want to be associated with him. Think he's looking to change the system?

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Warren 'Thanks for the taxpayer bailouts of the past 3 years or else I'd be down about 20 billion and exposed as the Crony Capitalist that I am to the bluehairs' Buffett should mainline a two liter of Cherry Coke whilst inserting a DQ Buster Bar up his own ass.

Warren 'Taxpayer Buffet' Buffett.


Warren's Billions Thank Uncle Sam For Bailing Them Out | ZeroHedge
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Warren Buffett's dad, Congressman Howard Buffett, on "Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money":


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"Octopus from Omaha"

Like The Squid, it has it's tentacles in everything supported by America's debt serfs.

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Meredith Whitney is also bullish on WFC (the only major financial she likes really): guess Uncle Warren sent her a check as well. 

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All technical indicators point to the market rolling over this week, and now they roll out this plutocratic mummy to keep it from doing so.  (A slight delay in operation robo-kill phase 2--that is all. )

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When asked his view on stocks/equities, Buffett said "it's not spring time anymore."


Ole' crooked Warren just can't come to terms with uttering the words "ridiculously overpriced."


It's not spring time.


(If people can't see that Warren 'Derivatives are Weapons of Financial Destruction' Buffett, after getting deeply involved in the derivatives games only to be bailed out via Paulson/Geithner's bailout of AIG, is a piece of shit of foulest order, they deserve what they get listening to this smiling sociopath).

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How come Warren will only be interviewed by Becky?

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Apparently Joe Kernan doesn't massage ye olde testes as well as Quick does. 

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On camera Becky is very professional, off camera she giggles like a horny teenage girl in the presence of Warren. 

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This just in.....gold still sucks.




JPM Hater001's picture

Lincoln Day Dinner season...couldnt find one person there who bought gold or silver in the last year.

Santorum won our meaningless strawpoll.

Ron Paul only beat out Chris Christy, Mitch Daniels, and Sarah Pahlin...each of whom got 1.  He got 11 and I brought 4 of them with me.

We need to work harder.

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Buffett = Obama's Head  Cheerleader...

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Is that akin to a head nurse ? -- You know, the one with the dirty knees ?

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Warren Buffett is on CNBC right now and as he was talking gold/silver have ticked up, I just had to switch off the television set.

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We'll finish green today, across the board. Watch.

mayhem_korner's picture



Maybe, but even the green days are illusory now.  I consider equities "green" when they finish up, percentage-wise, relative to gold & oil.  Those "green" days have been rare and usually nullified within 24-48 hours.

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Illusory? Of course. But the real lesson from 2008 is, I think, any and all 'markets' can tank but equities can't have free falls because it takes much longer to get confidence back. Now, the risk is not a collapse but an absolute [nominal] take-off. Any drop from here will be managed with utmost control. Of course, retards like Tchir will be all I-told-you-so but it's self deception. In fact the entire thing is a based on people who love to deceive themselves.

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I'll take the other side of that bet ... it's a red letter day for the DOW/S&P

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The only conclusion we can make is that gold never benefited from taxpayer-funded cash infusions.

Never mind the countless end of capital and volume the bank recieved from illegal gambling websites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt (The DOJ seized 30mil in poker players' accounts from Wells Fargo in 2008), as well as being one of the major cash houses for various Mexican and Columbian drug cartels.

Nothing like the Black Market to strengthen your balance sheet.

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Somebody needs to put that fossil out to pasture. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia who had purchased a California mortgage company called Golden West at the top of the market. Then Wachvioa started running that ridiculous pick a payment mortgage. As a result Wells Fargo has a ton of toxic mortgages. I'm surprised they held up this well. I suppose when you have the fed buying your crap you can.

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I'm watching the interview live, and this characterization of what he actually said is a bit of a stretch.

I'm not a Buffett fan, but I don't think he needs any help from poetic license to look like even more of a buffoon either.

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Mr. Super Duper Quadruper A.

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Markets are suppose to let people fail so that the market can re-evaluate the situation and create a better paradigm to the reality...they kept that gift from our Kommrad.

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In similar news...

Buffett prefers Becky Quick to Abbey Joseph Cohen, Janet Napolitano, & Christina Romer...


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In a post-nuclear sole-survivor scenario, if your choices came down to Janet Napolitano or Janet Reno, well...let's just hope you were looking at the flash.

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could be the name,  BJ Quick

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Get to the wagon!

mayhem_korner's picture



Anyone who thinks Uncle Warren isn't on the take with the complex better get his/her head examined.  He's the ultimate poster child for telling the sheep to pour whatever remaining fiat they have down the toity.

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Buying puts on WFC every time it goes above $30 has been my trade for like the past 2 years. It's such an easy trade.

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Plot BRK vs GLD and you get the same result.



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Well, so far, he hasn't answered my emailed question:


WHY did you sell all your silver under 10 bucks when silver clearly had nowhere to go but up ?

I wasn't really expecting an answer.

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Meanwhile, this is crossing the headlines via CNBC:

Buffet: I'd Buy Up 'Millions' of Single Family Homes If I Could

I wonder how many people buy into this crap.  I'm sure there are millions of sheeple out there saying "Well, if Buffet says to buy real estate, I'm in..."

Poor saps.  They don't get it.  Buffet is part of the political oligarchy, and you're not. 

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This from the same guy, Buffett, who disowned a 21 year old adpoted daughter just because she participated in "The One Percent" documentary.

What a baby.

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Does anybody know if was successful in modifying the life insurance law so that he could make bets on who died?  I mean hedge against life settlements.

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50 Fight Club Lawyers...one from each state...filing a motion of objection to the 50 sock-puppet AG "settlement" based on Equal Protection under the Constitution.

Read this Buffet you "Octogenarian of Omaha"...lol. You suck.

Harmon Law Continues Jihad on Justice and the Conjured Corporate "Resolution"

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Harmon Law Criminals need to go to jail w/o passing Go

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He tells us to buy WFC, but owns JPM in his "personal" account. Wasup widat?

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He also owns just a wee bit of Bank of America if memory serves ... ;)

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I watched the interview it was boring and full of BS.  I was waiting for Becky to say" Warren before we continue can i suck you off??"   Buffet has those sneaky deviant eyes you know, he was thinking it too.


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"The only conclusion we can make is that gold never benefited from taxpayer-funded cash infusions aka bailouts."  Really?  It seems to me that gold benefitted immensely from the taxpayer-funded cash infusions.  Gold shot upwards and ever since then Glenn Beck and Roslyn Capital has been banging down my doors trying to sell.