Watch Ben Bernanke's Press Conference Live

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Ready to be disappointed by the Chairman announcing a whole lot of nothing, but doing it in a very Greenspanesque manner? Here it is: the live webcast from the Bernanke press conference which is about to begin.

Live broadcast by Ustream

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Who's that Heidelberg? You tried it out yet? [wink]

knukles's picture

At least he's being uncertain with a straight face.

gangland's picture


Ben "upper lip and voice quiver poker face" the Bernank ? BTFD


"the prices of women's skirts & icrap has gone down while food and energy have gone up , so the kkkommeetteee see's inflation subdued and transitory untill 2014"



" this isnt the inflation you were looking for"


"all your MBS are blong to us"


"Come with me if you want to live"



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the veined penis steve LIESman why do they insist on dressing his fat ass in blue w a red tie he looks like a dick

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unreal question "is the fed part of the problem?"

the chair satan: " I think the concerns about the fed are based on misconceptions, what we were doing was trying to prevent a collapse of the financial system and the american economy"

we were doing g-d's workHAHAHAHAHAHAH  has dry mouth!!!!!!    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA to eternity....

dwdollar's picture

Bernanke just doesn't get it. No, jackass, THE FED IS THE PROBLEM. The fact is you bailed out the bankers and their fat salaries. Period. Yes, there would have been a deflationary depression, but those fucking bankers would be out on the street with everyone else, thus the income inequality gap would be much narrower now. In other words, you fucking Jew, the pain must be shared equally.

whstlblwr's picture

Bernanke's arrogant intellecutal. If we disagree with him, then we are ones ignorant.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

So much money has been wasted.  Just like China, throwing money away.  It doesn't take an intellectual giant to do that.  Bernanke is a clown.

whstlblwr's picture

Agree, but he thinks he knows more than everyone else. He's not printing to be evil, but he believes it's right thing to do. If we disagree, we are ones who don't understand. It's what makes him more dangerous.

toothpicker's picture

He IS printing to be evil

Sam Clemons's picture

When you control everything, its very easy to create the problem, and then roll out the solution and pretend to be savior.  I expect the next Fed induced crisis to have the same outcome.  The gold backed solution will have the same people running it.

gangland's picture


pffft you need a phd from chicago dude lse havad blahhh yale blahhhh i counter with randal wrey, mike hudson &  especially bill black, all 3 at umkc  /s ;) neo-chartalists

gangland's picture


catherine from (smokey voice) : "does operation Twist Work?"


the chair satan: "We know savers, bank's net interest margins, & pension funds are pissed, the response is a greater good which is PD churn profits, and so we belive that we will continue to force feed you equities, after all there's wood chips in lays potatoe chips"

derek_vineyard's picture

Can any of you dudes remember what a non ZIRP environment is?  These are epic times and ZIRP/neg real rates are the symptom.  Shit, the blonde chick on CNBC just said 'you guys are smoking the hopium'.  She must be a ZHer. 


Hey blonde chick if you read this, post your phone number.

TruthInSunshine's picture

We all know that Steve LIESman was only in attendance for the donuts.

#CNBSC&BartonBiggs > Tebow

rubearish10's picture

He wants us to believe our economy has been saved because of him. End thought.

Goldmanite's picture

I think Ben Bernanke has been pretty straightforward and has done everything in his power to boost the recovery. While people like you want things to collapse, I want people to prosper.

whstlblwr's picture

How will things prosper when failed business propped up by taxpayer and it costs us with gas and food prices?

Gas and food would be half price now or more without Fed printing money.

Goldmanite's picture

Americans need to learn that they are not the only one's who eat, drive and produce in the world. We live on a strain resource environment.

Inflation while is a bit high, is not the hyperinflation some of you dream.....

whstlblwr's picture

And you obviously don't pay for your food.

The Fed likes to blame limited resource for high price, but it's smoke and mirrors and no one fooled by this argument except Fed who thinks people fooled. Without excess liquidity provided by Fed, dollar wouldn't die to cause inflation.

12ToothAssassin's picture



There I fixed it for you

gangland's picture


"It was bad luck!" - Big Ben


Question "what is your mandate , why are doing what youre doing, do you have any credibility?"


The chair bernank: "it's the banks fault, tight credit standards, the tresury churn net under my chopper hasnt resolved deflation"



Tramp Stamper's picture

Will someone please replay a tape of this and count  how many times he said UMM


nope-1004's picture

We saved the economy.

Without our efforts, we'd be in a bigger ditch than now.

Most people dont' understand the severity of not intervening as we did in 2008.


ALL of these statements are an admission that the Fed, gov't, and banks CONTROL our free market capitalist society.

johnnymustardseed's picture

ALL of these statements are an admission that the Fed, gov't, and banks CONTROL our free market capitalist society.

Sorry, it should be obvious that capitalism has failed..... chaos is up next

Raskolnikoff's picture

we would have capitalism if we didn't have the Fed, but since we do have the Fed, we don't have capitalism and thus it isn't capitalism that failed.

GoinFawr's picture

It was outlined centuries ago exactly how capitalism concentrates wealth/power, and in fact its demise is unfolding pretty much precisely as illustrated.

Unfortunately the suggested solutions unrealistically hinged on the absence of a group of ignoble traits prevalent in a certain percentage of human beings regardless of political ideology: greed, ruthless self interest, sociopathy, psychopathy.  Which just so happen to be the same distinguishing features prized by the pack of Berks that are currently laying waste to capitalism; go figure.

buyingsterling's picture

Wrong - Marx didn't write about derivatives, and central banking was part of _his_ philosophy, I'd like to see a quote from Marx about how capitalism will lead to fiat currency, which will in turn destroy it.

As for the concentration of wealth - how about the concentration of trophies in the hands of the best athletes? A level playing field will always see the concentration of achievement (but also the broadest level of success for the most people).

GoinFawr's picture

Heh, he didn't write about Mooncheese either, but that's not stopping anyone from bundling it, slapping a triple A rating on a CDO of it and then marketing it to unsuspecting pension fund managers now is it?  You'd like to see the what now? Fiat currencies existed long before Marx; money is a tool, not an ideology.

Sure, a level playing field. I think you may have missed my point?

whstlblwr's picture

Just this morning intervention in stock market proves they have tight grip.

Put your faith in government controlled financial market. We will support you, there is nothing to worry about (play peaceful music in bacground as read this)

We need class action lawsuit against SEC for collusion and fraud.

realitybiter's picture



most importantly, the issues which created the systemic collapse would have had the light of day shone on them and they would have been removed.  Yes, folks would now be subjected to criminal trial because crimes would have been revealed.  Yes, there would have been economic disruption.


But the f-ing sun would rise, grass would grow, and life would go on.....just without jackasses like Jon Corzine running around buttfucking the pooch.


This nonsense that the Fed had to save the system so the system could work is a complete departure of what the original mandate was.....the Fed is the lender of the last resort....NOT the lender to the lender of last resort.  Big freaking difference.  Unfortunately, our retarded society can't figure this one out.  SO they are completely complacent in accepting Ben Shalom's BS as he robs them.  Pull your freakin heads out.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Because he is a dick. And a hack.

The grand facade that they had sustained for decades and finally lost control of 3 years ago is about to crash in spectacular fashion. Once again, little people eat shit.

This is why they chose Benny for the job. He knew going in he would be the stooge eventually. Greenspan should be crucified in a public ceremony ($79.95 on PPV!)

fonestar's picture

"We have policy tools in case we need them, but I am pretending to be scared of Rick Perry because he is pretending to sound like Ron Paul."

AbelCatalyst's picture

LIESman up first and makes it political...  Excellent!!  Next!

Translational Lift's picture

And the Bernak gave the proper answer but forgot to end it with  ASSHOLE!!

Bruin4's picture




    An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears. 
SheepDog-One's picture

Nahhh!! Not with a name like Benjamin Shalom Bernank! Full blooded Irishman!

knukles's picture

Betcha Mrs. Bernak calls him "O'Ben".
I understand.

whstlblwr's picture

Are you Jew too? Help us distract from issue. And it's help to discredit ZH for MSM. We (wife) notice in past that criticism of BIG MEDIA equal more racists on ZH.

object_orient's picture

What do you have against articles (of the definite, indefinite variety)? Your comments are usually pretty insightful but why the gimmick? Does everyone on ZH need a gimmick? Sheesh.

Use of Weapons's picture

The relentless churning of old racist memes actually keeps ZH somewhat safer than you'd expect - nutjobs on the intarweb, when they bring in the dough, are not only tolerated, they are encouraged.


The principle is called "Plausible Deniability". i.e. "What, m'lud? No, I was running a whacky comedy site to pander to the tinfoil wearing loons of the intarweb! How dare you suggest that anything I said wasn't satire - look at the comments section!".

realitybiter's picture

I have many friends that are cool as hell and are also Jewish.  I love them.

But my mind is confused when I realize that I live in a society that goes full retard to make sure that there is diversity everywhere.....yet for some odd reason jews are horribly over-represented in banking and the regulation of banking. There are only 18 million world wide...yet somehow...Geithner, Rubin, Greenspan, Leavitt, Blankfein, shall I go on??? 

This is not anti-semitic, it is a recognition and celebration of diversity. Where's Jesse Jackson?  Or the Nuns?  They always seem to show up to right this wrong....  Oh, I forgot.  If you criticize anything regarding a situation involving a Jew you are automatically moved to the Hitler column.  Their hair could be on fire and you could comment on such and of course, you were being a neo Nazi...not just being a cool bud, "uh, dude, your hair's on fire...."  

"anti-semite!"  "ahhhhhhhhhhh!!"

I am all for getting some asians, blacks, and non-jewish women in banking....just to balance it out, a little.  


Gosh, we tried that back in the 90's...only Rubin, Summers, and Greenspan "shut that non-Jew bitch up!"

Yeah they showed her.  And us. 

Maybe that was Brooksley Born's problem....not jewish.  I am sure if she were, we would have all heard about the "persecution" when she got rebuffed.....

top of her Stanford Law Class.  Dead Nuts on regarding the OTC derivatives, CDS....yet three powerful banking Jews gave her the boot.  Bill Clinton was too much a pussy to tell them where to go....(which is surprising because she was kinda hot...but smart, not Bill's fav)...

Now who is really persecuted? That's right.   Us.




whstlblwr's picture

We need Jew in oil industry. How come only Christian in America BIG OIL?

walküre's picture

BIG OIL is dirty. BIG FINANCE is kosher.

Messianic's picture

Historically, Jews have always been the bankers - partly because Christians banned usury and Muslims likewise banned riba.


But the whole problem isn't jewish or whatever - the problem is individuals allowing governments or entities given special privileges to control the money.

GFKjunior's picture

Every child molester has a mustache... but not everyone with a mustache is a child molestor

dolph9's picture

America now has too many disparate groups to function as a whole.

We are incredibly divided by race and class.  Middle and working class citizens are being screwed now to support all manner of parasites:  Jew financiers, crony oligarchs, illegal Mexicans, section 8 and food stamp niggers, the diseased and demented and the healthcare complex which refuses to let them die, the defense contractors and their phony wars.  The list is endless.

Slowly but surely, month by month, year by year, the parasites are killing the host.