Watch Berlusconi Address Parliament Live

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Those wishing to watch the guaranteed comedy that is Berlusconi address the lower house of Italy's parliament can do so here. As a reminder, the time of the original address was strategically rescheduled to after the Italian market close. Too bad the US market will be open for the duration of the entire address unless of course it is rescheduled to after 10 pm local time (oops, it may impact Asian trading then...)

Full address after the jump:

h/t Paolo

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King Berlescone... Politicos Babble BS ...


While Asia Etc. buy Gold hand-over-fist ...


International Monetary Fund data for June today showed Thailand bought gold for the second time this year, raising its reserves by nearly 19 tonnes to over 127 tonnes, while Russia bought another 5.85 tonnes, bringing its reserves to 836.7 tonnes, the world's eighth largest official stash of the metal.

So far in 2011, emerging market central banks have bought nearly 180 tonnes of gold, more than double the roughly 73 tonnes purchased by central banks globally in the whole of 2010.


Mexico has been the largest buyer of gold in the year to date, with $5.3 billion worth of purchases, or 98 tonnes of gold, followed by Russia, which has bought 48 tonnes, worth $2.6 billion at current prices.

Earlier this week South Korea confirmed it had bought 25 tonnes of gold in June and July.

"Central banks evidently do not regard the price level as too high and are diversifying their currency reserves. This was the first purchase of gold for the Korean central bank in over 10 years," said Commerzbank metals analyst Daniel Briesemann.

"Gold's high-altitude flight still appears to be supported by many factors and an end to the boom soon is not in sight."

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@ Guardian: It's Gotten So Bad In Greece They Are Even Firing The Priests !!!

Because the Greek Orthodox church is partly on the state payroll, the clergyman's salary has fallen by almost 10% to €15,000 a year.

Is he saying that the Orthodox church is also subject to public spending cuts? Pater Daniel laughs, then holds up five fingers: there are five priests in Piraeus, and soon there will only be one. He's pondering taking a second job.

"There is too much pain, and people are looking for someone to listen and squeeze their hand." He sighs. "Everyday I leave this church with a headache."

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No way I am watching this after three weeks of C-SPAN.  I will just wait for the Reuters summary 

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Hehehe, I know this is going to be liked... Don't forget that Berlusconi is:


- The most successful and longest serving PM of the Italian Republic

- For all purposes a successful business man

- The holder of a record election victories

- The Nr. 1 Enemy of Murdoch (which is the reason why all english-speaking sheeple get their weekly dosis of Berlusconi-hate-news)

- A typical Italian of his age-cohort (every Italian family has at least one member that behaves or would like to behave like him, including his womanizing)

Ghordius's picture

From my notes (thanks, Tyler, for the link).


Berlusconi said:


- Less spending, bitchez!

- We have to spend near zero until Year End.

- No spending, dammit!

- Here, 7 billions for the South

- AUSTERITY, bitchez!

- Banks have to function better

- Did I mention Austerity?

- I'll try to say it without demagogy (sic): we have to function better.

- Efficiency, bitchez!

- Less cost, also MPs have to cost less.

- We have to overcome the "heavy inheritance"

- We have now (starts to count the initiatives)

- Less taxes for start-ups (entrepreneurs younger than 35y)

- We have now a good collaboration with the Trade unions

- We have to close ranks!


- We all have to work harder for the common good.

- Nobody says we are not in a crisis.

- You are listening to an entrepreneur that has three listed companies

- We have to take Italy out of this planetary crisis

- Bring Ideas, bitchez!

- 2013 is election time, let's count the months until them

- To the Italians: we have the coalition ready to do it's duty.


- We will overcome the crisis.


Perhaps it is time I get back my Italian Citizenship…


+100000 for Berlusconi, love him or hate him, he does not talk like most politicians…

He might be buying MP votes left and right, but hey, I DO approve his course...

smlbizman's picture

and weres the fuckin gabba goo....

joak's picture

Somehow we noticed you like the guy. The question is : if he is the "longest serving PM in Italy", why he did not do all of that yet ? Too busy with teens, or trying to avoid to be sued ?

For sure he is not like other politicians. Instead of paying lobbyists, he uses his media empire to seize directly the power. At the end he is right, let's cut the middle men :)

Ghordius's picture

Don't get me wrong, the 17 year old party girl is not what I am talking about, also I'm not talking about all the other issues he has in the courts.

The Murdoch clan hates his guts, Junior is heavily involved in snatching a share of the conservative viewers from him.

But you have to know Italians a bit to appreciate his political RESULTS.

This is what I worry about current politics in the UK and the US.

The candidates have to be screened and holier-then-thou, at the end you find them with the hand in the cookie jar and the scandal is less then bad (because it's not sexual?).

He is somewhere on the opposite side...

Cdad's picture

Just a moment while I vomit....

There...better.  Just listening in to the new bailout hopefest going on over at the BlowHorn [CNBC].  This network seriously needs to have its license to broadcast called into question by the FCC.  These are serial deceivers at work.

Time to recheck the latest ratings plunge.

TruthInSunshine's picture

CNBS is the modern day equivalent of Tokyo Rose.

From the Amerikranski Government's & Federal Reserve's mouth to CNB(S)C's teleprompters.

Cdad's picture

It is so obvious and disgusting, both, that it is amazing to me that COMCAST has not yet figured out that the bankers that write the script are killing the network.  And COMCAST does not have the big sugar daddy GE to pump money into a losing broadcast network.  Seriously, how dumb are the new owners of the BlowHorn?

I fail to see how the network can continue to destroy its credibility, day after day, without concern for the profit associated with integrity.  At some point, something has to give. 

And they might start with the simple epiphany that putting Cramer on in Mark Haines former seat was an ABSURDLY bad idea.

OK...and now from the BlowHorn..."Italy has solid banks."  There...fixed.

Good grief!

Hansel's picture

I also hate that Cramer is in Haines chair.  What a terrible idea.

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Berlusconi actually said that banks need to function better.


Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Do you wish to pair don Corleone with Bertanke ? Who is more harmful of the two ?

luigi's picture

Don Corleone stands out as a stetesman compared to this coward and yet ferocious clown...

bania's picture

where are the young ladies in skimpy outfits?

Quintus's picture

I believe they are generally to be found in the stateroom of his yacht.

jkruffin's picture

US market scam will take a HUGE dive,  Europe is getting smoked!!!!!!!!  No way this ponzi bubble in the US holds up....flash crash that becomes a permanent crash ...

Ghordius's picture

Well, if the media can scare all that cash sloshing around the world back to the US, then the American Markets can hold longer...

WE NEED MORE BEARISH NEWS ON EUROPE!!! Tyler, do something...

papercanteen's picture

It's hilarious to watch these people desperately throwing each other under the bus in an attempt to say "We're not so bad compared to everybody else!"

jkruffin's picture

Look at what they are using to hold the ponzi scheme up in the US.  GOOG, NFLX, AMZN, AAPL, PCLN   they are using these high priced stocks to hold the markets up from crashing...LOL   they are the only ones green

As soon as the shorts figure this out and attack these big stocks, they are going to crash and this market will PLUNGE!!!!!!   NONE of them even pay a dividend so you know the money is not flocking there as overpriced as they are..  what a scam....

TJ00's picture

The English translator on the BBC actually used the phrase "well capitalized", so they are definitely done for.

Sudden Debt's picture

Does anybody remember the time when Azian markets didn't matter and just followed up on American markets and European markets also only followed American markets?



dwdollar's picture

Was that back when America was a leader and not a self-serving bully?

Caravaggio's picture

Well, Obama addressings were much better. Kind of a "we can", though...

carbonmutant's picture

I love it...

"If the Euro is in so strong, why is everything in Europe so expensive this year?"

Bam_Man's picture

"And now my fellow Italians, it is "Bunga Bunga" time!"

Sudden Debt's picture

At least the guy on his right side thought it went well....


Caravaggio's picture

Need cowboys for my cows. Payment cash - 5 Euro/hour. Hamburgers/cheeseburgers free. Wall Street experience highly appreciated.

Zero Govt's picture

Hey say what you like about Berlusconi but amongst Europeans this man has brains and style ...the only President to hand-pick only fit young Italian totti (models) for all his posts as representatives to the EU

Ok maybe sexist but what's wrong with thinking with your salami amongst the insidious talentless wothless moronic Marxist crones of the EC/EU... they could hardly be worse decision-makers or duller at dinner parties

Berlusconi i salute you , a class act amongst decades of fuking Euro-trash 

Temporalist's picture
Italy 'to default' but Spain may 'just' escape

"Fingers crossed but there is a real chance that Spain may avoid default and debt restructuring, unless it gets dragged down by contagion," Mr McWilliams said.

"Realistically, Italy is bound to default, but Spain may just get away without having to do so," he said."

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