Watch Bernanke's Remarks At The Systemic Risk Conference

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Ben Bernanke will provide brief prepared remarks at the Fed's systemic risk conference starting any minute. Watch it live below. Nothing new is expected to be revealed even though the speech is less than a week away from the FOMC meeting, and will be watched by many.

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Complete prepared remarks:

At the Conference on the Regulation of Systemic Risk, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

September 15, 2011

Distinguished guests, I would like to welcome you to this conference on the "Regulation of Systemic Risk," which is jointly sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board and the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 1 It is the fourth conference in a series that was initiated in 2005 and is held every two years. These conferences support original research on topics that are highly relevant for the Federal Reserve's public policy mission. Conference proceedings are subsequently published in special issues of the journal and disseminated to researchers at central banks and academic institutions worldwide.

While the previous three conferences focused on monetary policy issues, the papers presented at this conference relate to the Federal Reserve's duty to maintain financial stability and contain systemic risk. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act now requires the Federal Reserve to take a macroprudential approach to financial regulation--that is, to consider the health of the financial system as well as the health of individual firms and markets.

The recent financial crisis has spurred a great deal of research on its causes and, more broadly, on the topic of systemic risk and its regulation. This research is of critical importance. It can inform the design and implementation of macroprudential regulations and policies, and I suspect no one in this audience needs to be convinced that we must get this right. The nine papers at this conference make a variety of welcome contributions in this area. Two focus on an important aspect of the recent financial crisis--namely, the rise and fall of mortgage securitization and associated swings in real estate lending.2 Other papers study the causes and indicators of systemic risk more generally and look at how well macroprudential regulations and policies can address those causes.3 Finally, several papers examine specific regulations from a macroprudential perspective, including capital requirements and risk retention rules for securitization.4 

The discussants' remarks, the general discussions, and the policy panel will surely be very helpful in identifying fruitful directions for further research. I welcome you to the Federal Reserve and wish you a stimulating and productive conference.

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Bernanke's a systemic risk.

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gold will go up 1% while he speaks

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Gold is gonna start shitting the bed.

It's too close to 2000 dollars.

The world governments are gonna start putting their boots on gold's neck.

But what's a boy to do?

Men make their plans while God laughs.

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Good citizens of Metropolis!

Here's the solution:

Tune in, turn on, and drop out.

Gold and silver ain't gonna save you.

Like Gandhi said.

First they ignore you.

Then they beat you.

Then you win.

Fuck the bankers.

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What if the national debt is secured?

Why does the IRS have a $14 Trillion lien against the US?

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I would like to see an explanation of this

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Yikes, what a mess. I am going back to bed..

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"Systemic Risk......      yes             thank you."

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They have had four years to attack systemic risk and they are still doing studies???  The derivatives market is ten times  the size of the real economy.  Interest rate swaps alone are six times the size of the global economy.  What more do they need before kicking in the doors and putting a stop to that crap.

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Arrest Bernanke and solve a good part of our systemic risk.

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Something wrong here I tink...

Some dweeb iss presenting a hopium peasantation on Economic Chromodynamics complete vith extensive use of tensor t'eory and other bunga bunga..

(correct linkie pleez??)

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Might be a pres on The Grand Unified T'eory of Bankster Bullshit  ?

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This is ALL soke and Mirrors for what the FED is really doing..

which is shipping of the U.S.'s Wealth! AND!!!!!! Wealth Capacity!!

The Renminbi is WORTHLESS! (except for the gold swap window that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT! except everyone)

Our Manufacturing Base is GONE!! *POOF*! to China in a Decade! (11 years and 7 million Manufacturing Jobs but who counting??)

The Mexicans here at ZeroHedge dont seem to mind, LOL!!

Learn a New Language America!! Aztlan is coming for You!!


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The cure for systemic risk to insert "non-" in front of it. Then it becomes non-systemic risk.

This will be presented over the course of 65 busy powerpoint slides