Watch David Einhorn In The World Series Of Poker's Charity Big Drop Event

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David Einhorn is kicking ass and taking names, currently in 4th at the WSOP 2012 with over $16 million in chips (having just won an all in with pocket Aces). Select US viewers can watch the live stream below direct from the ESPN2 website. To everyone else, we are confident a 3rd party livestream can be found elsewhere.

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Is it rigged?

No, but if you try and bluff him it will seem that way.

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He is so preciously bright.

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That's why one should love ZH as they have their hands in everything. No need to check any other blog or even TV show. Kudos

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Who gives a flying fuck?

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Best of luck to him.  Now if he would only wear a ZH cap.

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He had aces in his pocket...?

Is that legal?

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Einhorn is 3rd! And he's giving it all to charity. Us goldbugs are smart and good...

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Einhorn. 4.3 million to charity. All you Jill Sommers, Blythe Masters Jamie's and Lloyds. You are despicable criminals. Men like Einhorn beat you fair though you are unfair, and he punts 4 million to charity to boot. You are freedom hating, America-thwarting trolls. You belong with all the Bernie Madoffs and dictators of history and furthering their diabolical project of poverty, famine and evil. You all suck!!

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surely not.... is it sponsored by Goldman sachs? is Morgan Stanley Posting the blufs?

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Surely not.... is it sponsored by Goldman sachs?

No...but they are the ones who own Caesar Entertainment's debt, who runs the WSOP.

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Fuckn' A Einhorn!

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if he wins maybe he can go and buy himself a nicer toupée


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Diablo making evil comments. How appropriate

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So this access business, wherein one needs to specify a provider that [presumably can reverse charge you for accessing] provides rights... this is a US-only thing, or is it just another thing that US "service providers" [gag-choke] use to pretend that they are in fact providing a service that the rest of the world proivdes for free and with less hastle...  ?


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pretend that they are in fact providing a service that the rest of the world proivdes for free and with less hastle...


Yes, Nage..., it's the new American way. All of our business leaders and elected officials practice this method. It's an art form really.

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I'll be impressed when he goes ALLIN with "2" "7" off suited & wins the hand instead of just sitting there looking stupid with swirly x-ray specs that he got from trading in Bazooka Joe comics in the hopes of seeing Jennifer Tilly's dairies...

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He's a grinder in everything he does. He will do his homework on a short, turn over every stone, and then patiently wait--years sometimes--for the criminals within the company to be revealed.

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Fascinating, I'm listening in...

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Wow!  Phil Hellmuth is my second cousin!

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 No thanks. I have the last bastion of gambling, to torment myself with!

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I am waiting to convert my Euros into Patacas.

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Cute.  How about Pencettas?

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Ha, have to see if the farmer's market offers those.


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what bothers me the most is that so many young kids are into poker over here and where half of them are very deep in debt because of it.
We even had to put a ban on it at work for playing during and after workhours with collegues because of all the problems it gave.
Gambling isn't a sport and it shouldn't be gloryfied.

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I agree - they should be spending far more time gaining an education and learning to spell.

Words like "glorified", for example.

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When you can write in Flemish or any language other than English then I might be impressed. 

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Wow, gambling your own money in an unrigged game.  What a novel concept.



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"You can't out think a man who isn't thinkin'."   Doyle Brunson

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Damn, I should have just sat out of the market in June and gone to Vegas!

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HELL YEAH, he wins everything!

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I've just been told about Einhorn's refusal to show his hole cards on the broadcast. It'll be interesting to see how that resolves itself.

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There is a fishy looking lump in his jacket.  I think he is hiding a radio receiver or something in there.  

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Maybe he's just happy to see you...

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The big question is whether Barclays are deciding the order of the deck?   


"Could I possibly have the 5 of clubs somewhere near the top of the pack if possible please guv'nor?"

"Done, for you big boy"

"Onya son, a couple of cans of Red Bull coming your way".

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What happened?  Did you mirror the SEC's 2nd most popular web visit this afternoon?


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Low man Baldwin just filled a straight to the inside on the river after going all-in and beating 2 pair. Can I get a witness? You gotta love this game!

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Perhaps the river is decided by a 'contributor panel'?

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Have his chips been rehypothecated?  Is Jamie Dimon "holding" them for the casino?  Just don't want to see his winnings Corzined, like 40,000 MF Global customers.

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Trained by the finest banksters, I demand to see all players hole cards before I bet...

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He really has time for this?!  IIRC Jimmy Cayne went down this path - that worked out well.

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Probably having fun with the money he made from his Green Mountain Coffee short!

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Speaking of the WSOP,

"It will either go down as the greatest fold in poker history, or the worst tournament blunder of all time.  It all depends on who you ask and what you believe."

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David Einhorn is a pile of crap.

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No, not really. But thank you for your shitty imput.