Watch The Final Senate Vote On The Debt Ceiling Live

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The farce is ending. Watch the Senate vote on the debt ceiling live below. The vote is expected to pass comfortably.

Watch live streaming video from cspan at

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Oh goody, the "Asshats and Useful Idiots" channel is back on.

Who brought the popcorn and beer?

wang's picture

NO! I will not watch this political porn anymore

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Take two Prozac and return when it's in your blood stream. And next time stay on your meds like all the other mindless idiots.

I love my Congressional Critters.

slaughterer's picture

The only thing that matters is market reaction to the pass. 

slaughterer's picture

4:1 put/call ratio on SPY August options.  Nice moment to squeeze shorts.  Just saying. 

Cdad's picture

Hooray!  I got my $17 trillion dollar or bust debt hat on and a bucket full of confetti.

Bring on the Moody's and S&P downgrades!

Oh, and of course, to Speaker Boehner and Senator's resignation time.  Let's get ready to Rumba!

Conrad Murray's picture

I like the hat idea; it reminds me of the sponsor patches plan. All these political pieces of shit should have to wear a sponsor(campaign contributor) suit like NASCAR drivers(maybe outfit all of their personal vehicles too), and a hat that says, "I indebted you and your children X Trillion dollars in 2/4/6/ short years".

Pool Shark's picture

How about taking it one step further, and making them wear hats with constantly-updating digital displays showing the total amount they have personally contributed to the national debt based on their votes.

Pool Shark's picture

Speaking of hats:

Looks like it might be time to once again dust-off those "DOW 10,000" hats.

DOW 10,000!!! WOOO HOOO!!!


slaughterer's picture

Nice to have the vote planted right in the middle of the normal trading day.  Time to follow market reaction in real-time. 

weltvermesser's picture

ASK WHY, bitches! - 


meanwhile in europe:

up next: italy will have to save their banks, then downgraded, bonds plunge, germany to save italy ...the show must go on

caerus's picture run...tell them to wait like 5 mins, k...thanks...

Pool Shark's picture

Woo Hooo!!!

"Satan Sandwiches" all around!!!

pods's picture

Wow, it was really great for them to work so hard and get this done the day before we defaulted. /sarc

This is merely the denouement of the play.  Tomorrow they can go back to finding better ways to screw our grandkids.


fuu's picture

Pretty sure today is when they bend our great grandkids over a barrel.

Dr. Engali's picture

No thank you I'm about to eat lunch and I'd like to keep it down.

caerus's picture

they should call it "raising the roof" it would garner more support from the public

GEM_Warrior's picture

Nothing new, unfortunately... just words "No, we can't"

JLee2027's picture

Where's the promised filibuster?

JW n FL's picture

Super Committee is the Cat Food Commission


JANE HAMSHER, firedoglake at
Hamsher, founder of the blog FireDogLake, just wrote the piece “Whip the Super Congress: Call and Ask Your Member of Congress if They Like Their Job.” which states: “You won’t find a Super Congress mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. It will be an elite body of 12 members of Congress who write legislation behind closed doors and then announce it to the public. Whatever they decide will then be fast-tracked through both chambers, where it can’t be amended by simple, regular lawmakers.

“This is the ‘Catfood Commission’ on steroids.

“The creation of a ‘Super Congress’ is how Congress intends to insulate themselves from taking unpopular votes to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits — by investing a small group of elites with extraordinary powers, and then tying their own hands from stopping them.”

thedrickster's picture

It is but another step toward executive dictatorship...almost there now.

Long live the Politboro.

JW n FL's picture

NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

Hedgetard55's picture

Listening to
Rush today. As he did yesterday, sounds like he is drunk, has had a mini stroke, or is on serious medication.

Art Vandelay's picture

That makes today different from any other day how, exactly?

Seasmoke's picture

How many will vote No ?

markar's picture



Bill will pass

Markets will spike (for a day or 2)

PMs get taken down(for a day or 2)

Moody's /SP find a reason not to downgrade at this time

slaughterer's picture

Predictions will be effortlessly fulfilled.

Dan Watie's picture




                BS Bill Passes

                Markets hiccup then continue DOWN


                Further downslide




mendigo's picture


puss oozing...


MonsterBox's picture

"Just as a dog returns to his vomit, so does a fool return to his folly." 

Really, did anyone seriously think there'd be a political way out of this decades-old bankster shitpile? 

Only one or two chances left to vote out ALL of these cowards/idiots/thieves before the SHTF.

sun tzu's picture

Bitch McConnell is a maggot. 

Alex2245's picture
Super Congress: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Representative Democracy And Freedom As We Know It



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