Watch G-Pap's Parliament Address Live

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It's all Greek to us, and even if it was in English, it still would be, but watching body language while backpeddaling 180 degrees, after having your bluff called, always fun.

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BOY/\H means JKLOL in Greek.

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Pap: "We need global governance, and we need it fast!" (see video)


After all that is what fiat currency crisis is all about...

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Thats what this is ALL about! Get everything to bunged up that 'the solution' is just go to a 1 world govt, 1 world currency...see all fixed with World Bank kings....GPap calling for it, Vatican just called for it, IMF has called for it!

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And there you have it folks, the market goes up on news of suppressed democracy.

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I think Lindsey Williams is exactly right.  They will not let a collapse happen yet.  Their plan is to create so much debt that everyone ends up bankrupt and they end up owning everything.  Can't make your mortgage payment?  The govt owns your home.  Can't pay your property taxes?  The govt takes possession of your home and rent it back to you.  Can't feed your family?  The govt can help you.  [My thought]Here, take this chip (NOT the mark of the beast) and you'll be set for life.  People will be brought to such a point of desperation that they will beg for a global central bank and a New World Order.  

Guest Lindsey Williams November 2

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when ows says they are the 99 percent. they are correct. they want help. they want change. they want the government to do it all. so they will be the ones that take this mark and the one percent?  what will happen to them?  the ones that refuse to bow the knee. oh you wicked one percent, how dare you defy the new world order............... how dare you defy the noahide laws, you noahides....

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Not really...  the claim of 99% by OWS is basically a demand for more tribute payment/rations.  It's disingenuous at best to think that many are not in cahoots with the 1%, just far less benefitted.  Ultimately, the socialist policies are all the same and they've met the inherent flaw, that some animals are more equal than others on animal farm.  Their outrage isn't at the 1%, it's at themselves for this inherent conflict of ideals.  (thinking that equality was some real, tangible thing that could be provided by someone else).

In the end, I dunno what the % figure is that actually desires to be productive, can be productive, AND knows there is no free lunch.  It's definitely lower than 99%...  and it's definitely higher than 1%.  In order to exert the kind of control oft talked about on here, TPTB would need to be much, much more overt (and I realize you think they presently are, but they are not).  Subtle nuances...  incremental changes...  the illusion of free will.  Without these methods, the control apparatus fails...  not for all societies mind you, but for americans it does.

I wouldn't fret as much...  if it is as bad as you say, then you don't get to change the course of anything...  if it isn't as bad as you would believe, then you've already won, just wait and see...  (kind of like waiting on gravity to sag a pair of fake tits...  or fake economy in this case).

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I agree with most of what you said but... things do not always go along at the same rate.  Cataclysmic events do occur at points in history.  Like war, for instance.

What TPTB plan, and what they are able to accomplish in a desired timeframe, are two different things.  I also think it is a mistake to view them as a completely cohesive group (not that you do).  They may have the same ultimate goal but each faction would like to be the head, not the tail. Look at China, India, Brazil, etc.  To the Anglo-American contingent, they say "Not so fast.  You have been the head for three centuries, and we will not allow you to bring everything down with you. For Now it is our time in the sun."  So no one knows for sure how it will all come down in the short/medium term, not even TPTB.  This is just how I see things.

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You mean one world debt that will lead to a one world default eventually.  Why does anybody think that piling higher and deeper will lead to anything else but total disaster is beyond me.  Really if they manage to sell this crap as a solution to anything and anybody buys it, the world population is dumber than I thought.

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I like the BOOYAH! to start it all off.

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My Greek (the language) is rusty, but I will try:


"Late last night"...something something..."strange phone call to my personal phone"...something about a "dead fish or "squid like creature delivered" to his "porch"...something that I can't translate...."Jackals" and "global banking cartel."


I have no idea what this all means.

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...."Jackals" and "global banking cartel."

Correction...It was Jekyl and then something about an island.

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"creature delivered" is a very rough translation.

And there, in the bed next to me, was the head of my favorite horse delivered by some creature from Jekyl Island.

There, fixed it for you.

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"Jackal" could have been "Jekyll" and" squid like" creature may have definitely been merely "creature."

My Greek is very poor.

The one thing I feel confident of is that he mentioned he that he was "deeply remiss" in not "clearing the referendum" idea with "certain persons" before mentioning it publicly.

On a seperate but related note, has the EU been turned into Hotel California?:



Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said ’we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’

And in the master’s chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before

’relax,’ said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

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It was never on. All these politicians have a weak underbelly -- wealth stowed away in so called "safe" places like Switzerland but they would be cut off from it if they don't do the bidding of the PTB. All that would get exposed if they were to go against the financial elite.

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Following some serious pressure from Angie...

This is the third time in a century that Germany has tried to foist political integration on Europe. This will be the third time that they've left the place in a smouldering ruins. Can't we just build a wall around the whole country and shoot the bejesus out of anything that tries to come out?

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This is the third time in a century that Germany has tried to foist political integration on Europe.

That is putting it mildly.

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The common factor I see is that all three attempts have similar themes:

1) Your democracy is not suitable for our requirements

2) We will proceed with our plan regardless of how damaged your country becomes.

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Voting?  There is no voting in Europe!

Where do those Greeks get their crazy ideas about democracy?

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I'll get the bottle.  Does this guy blame the 1% too?  Can someone translate "Pass this bill now" for me.  I wold hate to miss an opportunity to drink before noon-CST.

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?????????? ?? ?????????? ????

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After almost 2 years on ZH Im surprised you missed this one.  I am referencing a popular drinking game when the POTUS does his jobs speech-

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He tried posting the google translation of the statement but the font isn't supported so it comes out as ?'s.

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From here in case you want to hit the listen to this button.

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fuck. doesn't G-Pap know it's movember (moustache-november).  It's his month to shine. own it.


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Someone needs to make a Super Mario game where Mario jumps on Gpap's head to knock him out of the contest.

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I never bought a video game before but I'll buy this one.

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Watch G-Pap's Parliament Address Live



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Your sell short order cannot be processed. Short sales in this security are not allowed, as we were unable to borrow the shares.


thanks, etrade. jerks.

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Your democracy has been dissolved.  The only way you'll ever be anything more than slaves is to take your country back with swift and blinding violence.  A bullet in the head of every banker and politican in Greece or you'll never be anything but slaves, forever.

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They will be replaced by worse.

The real masters are not known.

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Actually Anonymous has maintained a list of them for a couple of years including all their children and parents plus the known whereabouts and security details assigned to them. 


If a bounty is posted next to the primary on silkroad it's usually fulfilled in less than a week.  Right now the only bounty posted though is for the Officer that shot the protestor in the head in Oakland.  I think it's a dead or alive posting.  Not sure, don't usually hang out on the eBay of illicit products and services.

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BTW bring bitcoins, silver or gold.  Nobody does business in that universe with FIAT.

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Iriestx, that should be what is happening NOW in the OWS movement. We gave peace a chance. Now it's time to lock and load. 

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This IS the total bullshit about 'democracy'....OH sure theyll let the people have a vote, as long as the outcome can be controlled in favor of the politicians. Once it is out of the politicians hands and its obvious the peoples vote would result in the politicians neck under an axe, the voting and 'democracy' is cancelled.

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Wouldn't that be why the Tree of Liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants?

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For safety reasons of course. And the children.

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He praises the programm once again. You don't miss anything good...

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I'm telling you guys, this is about domestic politics.

The opposition was changing positions on the referendum and he was going to lose the Friday vote and be ousted.

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Thank you, Captain Obvious. Who would have guessed domestic politics?

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The fastest way to get NATO troops on the ground in Greece would be for G Pap to announce a Gold Drachma and instead of taking it back, then announce complementary denominations in the form of Silver Drachma. That would be the game over for all elected representatives. Hillary Clinton would scream bloody terrorists and send in the tanks and Obama would write a stack of executive orders to ensure drones swarm over Athens with immediate notice. That is basically the buy signal for popcorn.

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'Domestic politics' as in 'How can we keep our heads out of the guillotines now"?

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We do not forgive,

We do not forget,

Expect us.


Fuck this shit...time for Operation Scarlett Letter.

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Ooh, scary.

But sounds kinda exciting too.