Watch Harry Reid's First TV Appearance Of The Day

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The trite soundbites:

  • Senator Reid holds news conference on debt limit talks, says Democrats have compromised on debt limit, time for Republicans to “face facts.”
  • Says Senate bill can reach $2.4 trillion cut
  • “Confident” final bill will raise debt limit through 2012
  • Schumer says it is time for Boehner to pull the plug on his plan
  • Schumer says block of republicans can't lead nation off a cliff
  • Says Reid's plan offers potential to break impasse
  • Says Senate bill "is the better bill"

And more irrelevant space filler


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V in PA's picture

Green for the avatar. Nice.

gall batter's picture

uh, isn't it never overestimate Reid?

pupton's picture

I think it's "never overstimulate Reid".

max2205's picture

that guy is on ludes... i want what he's on

SheepDog-One's picture

Never underestimate Reids ability to not only totaly bankrupt his state, but the entire country as well. That ass hat should be in a mental institution for the criminaly insane. Basically Reid is a Batman villain.

j0nx's picture

Don't blame him, blame his asshat constituents for continually reelecting him. Nevadans have to be the stupidest mofos on the planet. Hardest hit in this economy (which is almost ENTIRELY due to Reid and a few other key players shilling for the banks) yet they reelect the man time after time after time. Las Vegas and Nevada in general deserve every bit of real estate devaluation and unemployment hardship that is coming to them.

StychoKiller's picture

Agree, and the Senate can hector Boehner and the House Republicons all they want, but in the final analysis, Boehner is gonna have difficulty getting his own proposal(s) through the House, nevermind the Senate spew from the Decepticrats!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Thank you Tyler, but no, I will not watch it!

fuu's picture

Good call. Kill your television equivalent.

dracos_ghost's picture

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

pupton's picture

Boner should now get on his delayed 10AM press conference with his rebuttal:



MarketTruth's picture

Blah blah quote some website instead of the actual GAO numbers, blah blah. Kobuki theater...

TradingJoe's picture

We must and can be proud of our "poli(fraudo)ticians" man they can hold conferences gees I was laughing my behind off! Schumer made the cut for me, that mummy Reid should just lay down and DIE!

docj's picture

Yahoo News is still pushing the $2.2T made-up "cuts" number for Reid's "plan".

Can we line-up mainstream-media types against the wall right after politicians once the Revolution starts? Please?

Clueless Economist's picture

I would love it....but their will be no revolution as the American public does not have the stomach for it.  Exhibit A: Some AZ congress critter who has contributed to the ruination of America gets shot, and their is an enormous outpouring of grief.  Plus the public has American Dancer Idol to be concerned about sheesh

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

Implications of your arrogance and stupidity run pretty deep. Atone --before someone with a strong stomach uses your orbital cavity for a shot glass.



Byte Me's picture

Can we line-up mainstream-media types against the wall right after politicians once the Revolution starts? Please?

Why wait??

Miss anthrope's picture

now I know why I do NOT have a TV any more.  It is too painful to watch this left right paradigm stuff.  Dolore Ayi!


monopoly's picture

If this senile senator was running against anyone besides Sharon Engel in the last election, he would have lost. He only won by about 20,000 votes. Anyone. He is so hated in Nevada. Needs to go to a home where they have assisted living. Nevada is in a depression, but Harry keeps the casinos alive.

Hedgetard55's picture

Schumer? You mean Ant-knee Weenuh's mentor and look alike?

sabra1's picture

what time is boners appearance?

Bam_Man's picture

When he's done putting on his orange make-up.

j0nx's picture

About 9pm tonight when my girlfriend crawls in bed.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

schumer scared to death his wall street masters might not keep getting free money

Rastadamus's picture

Babylon is hell of burning.....

mr.glitch's picture

Reid: "No democrat will vote for the Boehner plan"...I love the open minded, bridge building approach Reid is taking!  

litoralkey's picture

Welcome to the jungle.

No longer a nation ruled by laws.

No longer laws.

No longer a nation.

The murder of Hajis, and occupation of foreign countries is a structural outlay of the US Government according to Reid and Schumer.

Only under Reid's brilliant leadership can the US extradite itself from this course of warfare and carnage and brutality.



whiskeyjim's picture

The Reid 'plan' is this:

We don't have any real particulars, but we double dog promise to redouble our efforts to cut spending of at least $1.2T. Seriously.

In what reality is that the adult approach? In what boardroom would that 'plan' gain any kind of traction, other than the motivation to kick the presenter squarely in the ass on their way out the door?


docj's picture

This is precisely the "adult approach" in the "reality" where the NY Time, the WaPo, ABC, NBC, SeeBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest provide air cover for you.

And when you have The Party of Stupid as your political opponents.

Segestan's picture

In other words .. It's Obamas way or the road. None of this changes fundamental flaws in a broken system, we are screwed.

bania's picture


Q: Where does Ben Bernanke run his printing press operation?

A: In De-basement

pupton's picture

Go back to Mendy's ya hack!  (kidding)

NotApplicable's picture

The only thing funnier than this circus is the fact that millions of people voted it.

youngman's picture

Lets default and get it over with....2.5 more trillion more....cut...shock and works in will work here....we need to clean house...get back to statesman...that care about this country...

baby_BLYTHE's picture

the Congress needs to get roughed up and play a violent game of tetherball

Bam_Man's picture

Who needs waterboarding when you can force Gitmo detainees to watch this shit 24/7 until they scream for mercy?

Cole Younger's picture

Does that mean no compromise like Obama asked for? I just find it funny that compromise is a one way street. Harry Reid and the democrats are being Obama's veto.

I hope the Republicans hold the line and force the treasury to print. If the treasury tries and borrows, I hope the House will send federal marshals and arrest Timmy. Section 1, article 2. Only Congress can authorize borrowing. The funniest thing is that neither plan is worth the paper that it is written on. But it would be funny if Turbo Tax Timmy was arrested...

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

Cole, Cousin Jesse would be proud of you for that thought. 

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

Waah, waaah, waaah.  Mommy, they won't play fair in the sandbox.  Waah, waah, waah.  Mommy make them stop.  Waah waah waah.

OMGosh, somebody get a truckload of pampers and talc up there on Capitol Hill asap. 

How embarassing for a superpower.   

redpill's picture

I'm happy to see he has no real solution.   The debt ceiling needs to stay right where it is.  Then we can really "face facts," prioritize our debt service payments, and cut from the rest of the budget as needed.

aerial view's picture

Welcome to "Dancing with the Debt Ceiling" featuring Harry "smoke too much weed" Reid,  John "cry baby cry" Boehner, "Cha cha cha" Chuck Schumer and last but not least Barack "obla di obla da" Obama. Time to get down and dirty dancers!

DavidC's picture

Why does the word 'pathetic' keep coming to mind?

Dang, there it is again...