Watch The Italian Parliament 2010 Budget Vote Live

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I'd like to see a big old fist fight break out. The India and Japanese parliaments are much more fun to watch. The know how to have a good brawl. Europeans are too uptight.

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The US stock market likes this, buyers are bidding up almost 2/3 of the stocks.

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Hi Tyler, what link did you used to access the tv stream? Thanks

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"happily backed the prime minister's war against the judiciary and magistrates"


sorry Tyler, this is really wrong. it is actually quite the opposite. large part of the italian judiciary openly declare itself to be on leftist positions and some even proudly declare to be communist, partecipate to Italian Communist Party events as speakers and openly declare to be on  a quest to rid italy of Berlusconi.

B and his companies have been the target of hundreds of search warrants, and just even reading the accusations against B will quickly clarify what sort of BS prosecutors come up with in order to start action against him. they are increasingly getting so desperate that they even start trials with B as plaintiff in order to be able to continuosly subpoena him to testify in court.

or how about this?

a totally bogus allegation from de benedetti, an enemy of B, trasformed in a sentence by the crazy italian judiciary.

B is no saint, but if there is a war, is surely not B waging it on the judiciary.