Watch Live As Obama Addresses The United Nations

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It is popcorn time as the President is only 10 minutes late to address the UN and discuss such innocuous topics as Palestinian statehood.

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Market losing its bid as Obama forgets his teleprompter at home.

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The United Nations:  Not United and primarily an independent bureaucracy that has nothing to do with Nations except the common desire to loot the USA.

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Ah Obama, President of the world. What a sad, shameful pile of horseshit.

He'd be better off concentrating on his duties as President of the United States. Like preventing Bernanke from destroying the currency with the latest round of Keynesian inkjet-blasting, and making all that foreign oil America relies upon significantly more expensive. 

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The only thing this idiot can do is look back and forth at the prompters on either side of him.  How the fuck did this idiot get elected?

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ROFL!   and something about the tyranny of lessened expectations.

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How the fuck did this idiot get elected?

Other IDIOTS!!!

This fuckturd is an embarrassment!!

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Many can relate to him.  Many gave him vested interest because they saw themselves running against Bush.  People hated Bush, so they liked Obama.  Now, people would rather continue lying to themselves that Obama is like them, instead of realizing the Lie.

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Not to wholly discount your logic, but Obummer ran against McChurian, not W. It was Swiftboater who failed to win the "anybody but Bush" sweepstakes.

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I think there was still a mindset of anyone except Bush, and people felt McCain was Bush incarnate.  Guilt by association.

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In  that case, shouldn`t Ralph Nader be POTUS by now?

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How the fuck did this idiot get elected?   ......  you know damn well how he got elected !!! , you are just not allowed to say .   

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Obama let all the peeps believe they'd be getting new cars, 60" plasma screen HDTVs, and filet mignon, courtesy of the government.

He was projected to be like Oprah, telling the studio audience that there is swag and car keys underneath all of their seats.


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Oprah is his coach and advisor, she thinks he is the "one", up until now the Obama Presidency is a big 'ole Oprah Show trying to get the "ratings" (votes) before the the next Sweeps (election) by giving away Obama's favorite things (healthcare, bailouts, cars, cheap houses)

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idiot  .  .  .  ?

poised beyond mere puppetry, fully-staged, and brilliant, this wunderkind seemingly emerging out of nowhere  .  .  .  was chosen long ago, scion as he is of at the very least kenyan/indonesian peripatetics, old school, whose diversity was just about incalcuably used as both kabuki and The State's kathartic erasal-of-race  --placated. before god, country and all the teary eyes worldwide. beside themselves-- so as to all the more easily conceal that earlier globetrotting not arranged by a wizard outta kansas taking everybody home, where-the-heart-is, The Heartland: the musical, where a-decade-in-the-making albumCover in toto is a rushjob and cliffnotes to an epic saga that'd make whatever fleming-forsythe-ludlum books,movies&spystories of Bourne identities/ascendencies pale by comparison, ghostwritten as it all is by minds that we sheeple will never hold-a-candle-to in the execution of their sullen craft and darkarts


That's Entertainment!


and the likes of you --genius! and never-a-sheeple-- are still in their seats, chewing over their cutesy insights and jujubees as yet many another oh-so-worldly and just-as-wordy cineaste, fatass forever cemented in-the-peanut-gallery in never knowing the scenestealers from the screenwriters as the credits roll. already over





again. once-you-start-talkin-to-the-hand  .  .  .

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The United Nations is a lie. A Big One.

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The United Nations is also known by their other name; 'Easy Pickins,' in many parts of the U.S.



UN troops traded food for sex
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It's legacy has been to loot the rest of the world.  They have recently turned their attention to the US.


A Cabal of financial and corporate fascist have captured the policy making process and their amoral compus is now so thoroughly entrenched and systemic the law makers (two party oligarchy), don't even bother to hide their complicity in blatant criminal fraud.  

"You have a system that's not being run to be productive as an economy or healthy as an economy.  Its being run to centralize control." - Cathrine Austin Fitts

Check out the fascinating interview on the evolution of corruption with Ms. Fitts.  Where's the wealth going?  If you're interested in the depth of the Rabbit Hole and the psychopaths within, see the "Dillon Reed and Company: And the Aristocracy of Stock Profits" link at the bottom of: The Looting of America: Happy Labor Day

Also see:  

 - Inflection Point

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<======== Please note avatar.

You have entered a UN Free Zone.


This Palestinian statehood dealio is ridiculous.  Israel is a UN construct, therefore the current Palestine is also a UN construct.

Do you think the US refusing to acknowledge the Palestinians might incite more violence towards us?  Blowback?

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I wonder if the UN likes being spoken to like children on all of the obvious by obama as much as America does?

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Freedom from Want is a BASIC human right?  

WHAT THE FUCK??   When did we enter a post scarcity economic model using nanotech replicators?  

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man, some progressive, metrosexual dink junked you. 

when will you MF idiot socialists learn that unless you build off of the base model of

One human, with the strength of their back, the sharpness of their wits and the depth of their conviction.

that you're bound to fail.  You cannot re-shape a human like clay.  You cannot make them any more what they themselves are willing to be.  How many fucking times must you see the failure repeated?  In the end all man's meddling will bring is fucking destruction.  There will goddamn smokestacks belching the ash of humans again, or pyramids of skulls, or another "white mountain" built from corpses because of these poisonous egos.

Leave people the fuck alone and worry about your goddamn self.  Charity is great and righteous when deserved, but too much can kill.  Now I know why HG Wells wanted "God damn you all" for an epitaph.


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Well, I want them all to STFU and go home. Now, who will respect my rights?

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Funny and true!

Watch the banks as they're turning red. They're starting to sell FIRST.

Word leaked out that Ben will disappoint.

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hoping silver drops below $38. I want to order 100 ASEs and 100 buff rounds.

I doubt we see much out of the FOMC meeting. Begs the question though why is "The Greenspank" there?

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As an aside, the long-faced B. H. Obama photo ZH uses bears a curious mandibular resemblance to a certain media character.


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"while we must always proclaim the virtues of peace, the unspoken objective is perpetual war."
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truely spoken by a woman..

just kidding, just kidding

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When "peace" prize winner Obama says "peace is not the absence of war",

he wants everyone to believe a corollary that peace still exists while waging his wars

(e.g. Libya, Pakistan, etc.).


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How many times do we have to say it?  The US killing people in LIbya is not a war or a conflict.

It is "kinetic action".

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does anybody take this guy seriously? 

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Just the rubes and fools (a.k.a. voters).

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Yes, the joos that work at NPR do. I heard them yesterday quote Fearless Leader.

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Hebrew National Public Radio.  Premium cuts of kosher beef.

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he's always late because he has to keep going to the bathroom--- he is scared shitty-- this guy is so in over his head.

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He's always late because he has to compose the MillionDollarBonus posts.

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He's late because of all the traffic he(and the UN) creates...has anyone seen Manhattan this week? atleast up in midtown it's been a complete clusterfuck.  Everytime I think NY has run out of cops, I turn the corner and there's 5 more with a van or ambulance or other some such ridiculousness. 

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+ 10 on that...Very Funny

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Are they ever going to update the tile in that bathroom?

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I think i just saw a unicorn!

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Is that blood I see on his/her horn?


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Is that my pot of gold there in the bushes?

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"Is that my pot of gold there in the bushes?"

No, it's the corpse of capitalism.

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Rainbows, Unicorns and other things fantasy... that's what Obama's speaches are made of!

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LOL al qeada is in charge of libya and he says they aren't a problem anymore...