Watch Nigel Farage Dance On The Euro's Grave

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Nigel Farage needs no introduction: the famous Euroskeptic is one of very few men who has had the temerity to question, often in an abnormally high decibel fashion, the stupidity of the Eurozone leaders from day one. Now that he has been proven correct, he has every right to gloat, which he does to everyone's delightful amusement in the European parliament. The look on the unelected von Rompuy's face, especially as he watches his decade-long bureaucratic nirvana crash and burn every single day, is quite priceless.

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Not with the snp down over a percent.

I'm still waiting for the "Market Collapse" that was blogged about two hours ago!

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That looks like a very satisfying "I TOLD YOU SO"

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I now have a mancrush on Nigel Farage!  Bra-fucking-vo sir.

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Can't spell Farage without RAGE

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Can you imagine the destruction if a guy like Nigel was up on the stage with dumb asses like Cain and Perry!

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there would be none - he would get less time than ron paul...

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Well now, good show, Nigel, old boy - I suppose next you're going to kick the world elite scumbags out of London - the world fortress of bankster "services" - i.e. the hedgefund hidy-hole and fiat-leverage, UK taxpayer and BOE+US FED/Wall Street  sponsored NWO center of financial terrorism against sovereign states and the world's working masses?

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No, Nigel Farage is an arsehole, I don't know why ZH promotes this guy.

It wasn't long ago that he was calling for the army on the streets to 'crush' the 'criminals' smashing shit up in the UK, while he was proclaiming the Greek government corrupt as people were smashing shit up there.

He's actually the Bank of England's man. The Old Lady visits him in his dreams & he is happy.

And last I looked, the Euro is trading 1.3457 to the US dollar & gold is down in Euro's. The Euro is well alive, liver than the US dollar & Farage is full of shit.

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Firstly, credit where credit is due, Farage was right about Europe.

Secondly, criticism where it's due, his party is a basket case which promotes the sycophantic business centric, market orientatated, wanking hierarchical corporated shitfest which has caused the fucking problem in the first place.

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I'm not even sure credit is due there. There has been a recurring debt crisis in Europe  for decades, look at the EMU during the 1990's. It's not surprising that many governments offloaded gold at 'low' prices at the time, they had no choice.

Anyone with half a brain could have predicted a debt crisis to reoccur in Europe.

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Anyone could have predicted it but the silence should tell you something. Anyone with have a brain the Euro couldn't work and that Europe as a whole would collapse under debt.

The thing is that was the whole fucking point and it's the people in charge, the un-elected assholes that Farage points out that are the ones who stand to grab total power when the whole house of cards collapses.

Don't suppose for a second that they plan to have a form of government that protects individual liberties. This clusterfuck is designed to end that experiment once and for all. Can't have Joe Blow working his ass off and accumulating wealth and challenging the status quo. now can we.

No, these assholes intend, as someone else here aptly labeled, peonism for us.


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these assholes intend, as someone else here aptly labeled, peonism for us

Yes & that includes Nigel Farage as asshole, he'll sell you the obligations of the Bank of England, nay, he'll force them down your throat if he gets put in charge, despite what some of the morons reading this website think.

i-dog's picture

I would be interested to see some evidence for your assertion. You keep repeating "Bank of England"....

(I'm suspicious of him because of something I read a few months back, but I can't remember what it was).

High Plains Drifter's picture

well for one thing he used to work as a gold trader for the rothschilds in the city of london.....


a man cannot serve two masters...........

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I don't know about the Bank of England but he is clearly a staunch defender of The City (close enough).  Perhaps its a jingoistic perspective where he sees all this as a financial warfare recreation equivalent of The Battle of Britain.  Some myths die hard.


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As a proclaimed 'libertarian' does he get up in the European parliament & lambast the propensity of the Bank of England (so British government) to default on its obligations?

No he gets up & grandstands & otherwise talks shit. I agree with the other poster, he is a demagogue.

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You get it.  The rest of these people on ZH seem to think that the architects of the E.U. and this global economic system are truly incompetent and that they have lost control.  No, they are devious, but not incompetent.  Your end game for Europe is exactly correct.  This so-called "crisis" is engineered toward the ends you describe.


They rather liked feudalism, after all, their families ruled humanity and lived as Gods.  So it shall be again under the neo-feudal New World Order.  And it only took them a couple hundred years to stamp out democracy and individual liberty for the masses.

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there's incompetence too.  the seams of information control are spitting stitches by the yard.  

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Ok, but debate one single thing he said in that speech? He has guts to call out this unelected group of Eurocrats who subvert democracy everywhere they go. 

You are complaining that people are criticized for people smashing shit? I'm not exactly opposed to mob violence when absolutely necessary, and Greece certainly has reached that point, but this guy is talking about DEMOCRACY, and smashing shit is not exactly democracy. I don't really get what you're complaining about. 

And comparing Euro and dollars is like asking who is the skinniest pig. Plus, you have Chinese propping up the Euro to keep their exports cheap. 

gojam's picture

In that speech he said absolutely nothing I disagree with.

But he is the leader of a party that just wants to continue the same old corrupt system.

That, my friend is a fact.

Applauding idiots should read what he stands for in full. The man is a demagogue.

History is littered with tossers like him who are right on one issue but then drag civilisation down into the sewer


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But he is the leader of a party that just wants to continue the same old corrupt system.

Yes, that's what I said, he is the Bank of England's man. The Bank of England has been serially defaulting on its obligations for centuries.

When the price of gold begins to rise relentlessly, then & only then should anyone dance on the grave of the Euro. Same goes for the Pound, USD & even Australian dollar.

11b40's picture

Define relentless, please.  The march from $800 to $1900 looked pretty relentless to me.  A little backing and filling now, but hardly what I would call a retreat.

AUD's picture

So you're dancing on the grave of the USD?

11b40's picture

What's propping it up?  What is it "backed" by?  If memory serves correctly, it's something about full faith.....are you feeling faithful? 

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UKIP? I bet it has a higher percentage of anti-banksters than the Tories do.

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From Wikipedia 

Farage was educated at Dulwich College before joining a commodity brokerage firm in London. He ran his own brokerage business from the early 1990s until 2002.

The guy IS a banker for fucks sake.

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he speaks nice words or so it seems. but if he was for us, he would not be in that position.  these people are chosen just like they are here.  

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Amazing how astute some people are about Farage. He is very charming in person, but say anything contrary to his narrow world view, and watch him rant like Hitler with all the accompanying spittle and mad smiles. He certainly is not wrong in this particular  tirade, but people like him make a bad situation infinitely worse, just when you think it couldn't get any worse. He reminds me of the sort of politicians that crawled out of the populist woodwork and wreaked havoc with nationalist clap trap, and divisive religious/racial hatred in the former Yugoslavia. 


The reason for ZH's love affair with Farage should be obvious. He is pure entertainment, and he hates Europe, just like most Americans praying for a bit of diversion from their own problems. The fact that Germany has thus far rejected the ECB being the lender of last choice, and thereby rejected the US model of the Federal Reserve should speak volumes about what kind of a regime people like Cameron, Farage, et al in the Anglo-American banking bumchum club are advocating whilst at the exact same time criticising Germany for not being "decisive and bold" enough. 


We should be thankful that the ECB is not like the Federal Reserve. The weakness of the ECB is also its strength as far as the taxpayers of Europe are concerned.

Harlequin001's picture

I'm inclined to disagree with you there. The ECB is different in that it does not have the right to sell bonds on its own ticket but that's it. The problem within Europe is that all these countries are at different stages of collapse. there are those that think they can still manage it and those that wish they could still manage it but they're all in the same fiat boat.

the Fed is the same in this regard but there is far less transparency in the US system. Same ultimate result though...

YHC-FTSE's picture

Not quite sure what you disagree with considering I haven't disputed the basic premise of a central bank, but I agree with you. 


Thinking aloud - When Greece leaves the Eurozone, I'm betting on BAC and AIG filing chapter 11 on the day of the credit event. We're also bound to see such wailing and crying from the European private and central banks that I fear the climate would be ripe for the Goldman Sachs of this world to consolidate a stronger ECB with all the powers to print to infinity in the single currency (If they can get rid of Merkel and the German fear of hyperinflation). That would make the Goldmans the ultimate controller of the two strongest fiat currencies on the planet - a system to devalue the wealth of billions of people, and keep us all teetering on the verge of high inflation to make us all work harder or die. 

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"""""""""""It wasn't long ago that he was calling for the army on the streets to 'crush' the 'criminals' smashing shit up in the UK, while he was proclaiming the Greek government corrupt as people were smashing shit up there."""""""

... Nigel remains critical of English bailout measures though he also criticized the student groups rioting because they got their government tuition checks cut.

gojam's picture


The idiot is for all of those things.

Farage just wants a British elite to rule over the UK.

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I miss your old avatar.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

God speed, Mr. Farage and Dr. Paul.

slaughterer's picture

Give Farage US citizenship.    Paul/ Farage for President 2012.  Dream team!  (Make Tyler the Fed Reserve Chair, and Rosenberg Treasury Head).

i-dog's picture

While I admire many of tha attributes of those you have named, it is delusional in the extreme to think that they could effect any change in the Federal Central Planning System that has grown like a cancer in DC since it illegally took virtually all power from the sovereign states of the Union back in 1868 (when the 14th Amendment was "adopted", rather than ratified by the States).

The next election (which I believe will be cancelled, anyway, in 3Q12) is for just half of the Congress of 535 parasites (which recently extended the Patriot Act for 4 more years by a vote of 323-176) - which means that any "dream team" of Prez and VP has fuck-all chance of "fixing" the broken lobby-whore system.

Wishing for a 'saviour' leaves you and 300 million countrymen wide open for a dictator to be appointed (by TPTB) rather than a leader elected (by the delegates).

Save yourself and your community from the Borg ... SECEDE NOW!!

Oh regional Indian's picture

i-Dog, I think the secession window is closing fast or already closed.

The guns, the men in uniform, the rules, the holding stations are all well and truly in the hands of the controllers. Anyone denying that needs a bop on their head.

This system will not be brought down by fighting it.

It's in every legend, as old as man.

One spear in the soft underbelly. Now the question where is that belly and what is the spear?

Perhaps some of us know and understand.



Creative Journey

jeff montanye's picture

the next election is for more than half of congress:  all of house, 1/3 of senate (also prez).  secession?  at the individual level has some merit.  anything larger is a dead end imo, emphasis on the first word.  

voting is actually easy and powerful, given a good candidate.  it's the last that's the hard part.  paul/johnson '12 could be a start.  elizabeth warren in mass couldn't hurt either.

aphlaque_duck's picture

Both pres and VP must be born here.

kaiserhoff's picture

Or Kenya, Indonesia, some cargo bay on a tramp steamer...

nmewn's picture

Nigel...I love this guy.

Watching the douchebags squirm in their seats is worth the price of admission alone.

krispkritter's picture

Watched him for awhile. It's greatly entertaining to seem him call these arseholes out time and time again and they just sit there with these disgusted looks on their faces as if he's making this shit up. Meanwhile the people they 'preside' over are making the same faces back at them for screwing the pooch and leaving them more penniless every day. He gets a kick out saying 'Rumpouy' I in 'Run Boy!' or 'Rum Boy'...shades of Mel Brooks; 'Oh are pissing on my economy...'

nmewn's picture

Its fantastic...pure populism at its finest...sticking a finger in the eye and pulling it out with a pop!

I predict great things for him...if he survives & stays away from hookers or boys.

You know the drill ;-) 

BigDuke6's picture

Being an old cynic nmewn it won't surprise you to know that Farage is totally ignored by the uk MSM, BBC etc because he asks the questions TPTB dont want asked.

Try to find this clip on uk media? you won't.

A bit like Ron Paul?

nmewn's picture


Being an old cynic leaves you with the benefit of never being surprisd at the

Yeah, kinda looks like we're headin that way here (with Ron Paul). I'll take him over what we have now.

I do know that a lot RP supporters (from the left side) will ditch him in the general election. Its a time honored thing here (in the South anyways) to promote what is percieved as the weakest candidate in the primary so he gets knocked out in the general.

It won't be hard for a confirmed lying POS like O'bama to run to the right of a percieved weakness on RP's part in foreign policy. The majority of the population is clueless. I'm not a warmonger but at the same time there are nations and groups within nations who are, so sticking our collective heads in the sand doesn't face reality.

I'm interested in exploring Buddy Roehmer who gets even less exposure than RP.

jeff montanye's picture

ron paul can beat obama if he gets the chance.  the left is not supporting ron paul because they think he's weak enough for obama to beat.  they are supporting him because he is right on many things and obama is a lying monster.

nmewn's picture

Jeff, if RP makes it to the general he will of course get my vote.

My preference in a President is always someone who has been at the helm of large organizations/departments before...govenors, CEO's. That way I can judge them as administrators, which is what a President is in the final analysis.

How did they lead? example or decree? Did they delegate authority/responsibility or rule like tyrants? Did they pick the right people to run the individual departments? What were their successes/failures? How did they react to success, gloat & swagger or the calm confidence of I told you so. And the failures too (we all have them) did they roll up in a ball & cry or learn and move on etc.

I also try to look at things in a historical context. The "crisis of our time" is debt and fiscal responsibility.

He could very well be "the One we've been waiting for" I'm too locked in to my process of evaluation to see the forest for the trees.

Time will tell...most people are ABO (Anybody But Obama) we need to choose wisely this time.