Watch Nobel Peace Prize Winner Make Statement On Gaddafi Lynching Live

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Because nothing says "Nobel Peace Prize" better than discussing the "deposition" of a dictator you shook hands with two short years ago, by a bloodthirsty lynch mob.

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The false "Prince Of Peace" - a real believer in US Exceptionalism - voted in by TEA PARTY

That US empire, globalism/militarism & Wall Street/fiat0bubbles, are the elite's con-joined tools for their elevation and the we the people's enslavement...

Wake up - naive Tea Party people !!!

There can be no US exceptionalism AND freedom - US exceptionalism IS ELITISM -engineered by the elite and executed via Wall Street/DC & Pentagon/CIA.

RON PAUL 2012 - no more bailouts - yes - AND NO MORE FED, CIA & EMPIRE.

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we should be so fookin proud... destroyed an entire country, infrastructure smashed, thousands of civilans dead (yeah, the ones we said we were trying to help)... all to tie up one loose end.  obummer is soulless misreant.

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Who is next?

This unelected fucker has even more oil!

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the ponzi has its claws ready to go at syria/iran.   I apologize to the poor bastards in the service in advance, for I know they don't have a clue, but I hope this is the bridge too far for the NWO...  this nightmare is getting worse by the minute.

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Liberate Norway's Oil!

Bring democracy to Norway!

Save the whales!

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You've gotta wonder just what exactly Qaddafi did to turn the west from his ally just a year or two ago into waging a war to kill him.  France wanted this war more than idea why beyond to use their new toys.

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It was about the gold dinar.  Would have brought together African and Muslim countries, therefore the balance of power would have been shifted without the help of a central bank, also, they would have wanted gold for their oil instead of our magic paper.


I should also add that Hilary is already there talking to the rebel forces, how nice and convenient, perhaps she'll help them start their own central bank?

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lots of folks have hinted that. Smells like Hussein. Seems lately you need two things to have Sam's army men pay you a visit (1) too much oil and (2) not enough dollars

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ah, yes!  Just angered that these central banks are going to steal the Libyan's gold.  Soooo Evvviiilll!

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Looks like Cain's bloodlust since killing his brother is still coursing through the white man, such a stain.

Such a miscarriage of any sense of what is fair and right. 

Surely the bloodthirsty west is doomed. Shocking, sickening and Sad.

Really really sad.


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connect the dots...

  • Italy's Unicredit CEO stepped down as CEO in 2010, after clashing with shareholders over Libyan investments in the bank
  • The Central Bank of Libya is UniCredit's No.3 shareholder with a stake of nearly 5 percent. The Libyan Investment Authority holds another 2.6 percent, their largest investment. statute bars single investors from having more than 5 percent of voting rights.
  • Chairman Rampl said the bank was not able to contact UniCredit Vice Chairman Farhat Bengdara
  • UniCredit Vice Chairman Farhat Bengdara is also the governor of the Central Bank of Libya.
  • Libya bailed out Itlay's Unicredit in late 2008 with their oil wealth.
  • In 2011 Libya gets invaded, and Italy freezes Libya's assets so that they can keep the control over Libyan money after country collapses.
  • More than 85% of Libyan oil exports go to Europe with PIIGS depending on them the most.
    • Italy - 376,000 barrels (22% of all oil imports)
    • France - 205,000 barrels (16% of all oil imports)
    • Spain  - 136,000 barrels (12% of all oil imports)
    • Greece  - 63,000 barrels (15% of all oil imports)
    • Portugal - 27,000 barrels (11% of all oil imports)
    • Ireland - 14,000 barrels (23% of all oil imports)
  • Goldman Sachs tanked Libya's investment fund 99% proably while GS probably took bets on the other side.
  • Libya has 150 tonnes of gold reserves as much as half of UK but at tenth of the population putting libya amongst top 25 gold reserves in the world.


Right after Gaddafi is killed, Germany decides to reconsider the bailout package....becuase they can do it for less now.

Not looting for the dictator Gaddafi, but this is simply bailing out European banking system with Libyan savings, oil, and gold worth $200B. before African countries can get away from EU / US banks. Neocolonialism is alive and well in Europe.


The African Central Bank (ACB) is one of the three financial institutions of the African Union. The 1999 Sirte Declaration called for a speeding up of this process with creation by 2020. ONLY 9 YEARS LEFT TO COLONIZE AFRICA FOR EUROPE/CHINA/USA!!!  

When it is fully implemented, the ACB will be the sole issuer of the African Single Currency, will become the banker of the African Government, will be the banker to Africa's private and public banking institutions, will regulate and supervise the African banking industry, and will set the official interest and exchange rates; in conjunction with the African Government's administration. It will be a big FU for US and European banksters.

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@new AH. great analysis. this rabbit hole is yet a lot deeper with US AFRICOM on the move throughout the mother continent and central Asia in a confrontation with the PRC over geopolitical control and of course vast oil resources.

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Western Banks happy with Libyan War - They may not need to repay huge losses

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The successful Libyan sanctions effort relied on cooperation with a wide range of financial firms in the United States, including the bank holding the bulk of the Libyan assets, which Treasury officials have declined to identify.

Officials also would not provide detailed information breaking down the assets, which include holdings by individuals and Libya’s sovereign wealth fund. Investigators are expected to focus on whether any laws were broken in the handling of the money.

The $32 billion frozen so far by the United States represents a significant portion of the nation’s wealth. In 2009, Libya had a gross domestic product of $62 billion; its sovereign wealth fund is estimated at $40 billion and its central bank reserves at $110 billion.

The European Union has added the central bank, the wealth fund and three other Libyan institutions to its sanctions — two weeks after the U.S. action. So far, British officials have seized more than $19 billion in Libyan assets.

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very nice. might makes right. exit stage left

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Great data. Excellent analysis.

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Check out the pic of Obama shaking hands with his future victim.  That shadow on the wall between them? Clearly cast by none other than DICK CHENEY....

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Obama's first job was with Business International Corporation, which is a CIA front Company to gather foreign intel.


You don't get these jobs unless elites trust you to carry out their clandestine missions.

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Qaddafi took bullets in the head and the chest, TOTUS spoke, and BAC went positive. Sick.

Fiat currencies are toxic derivatives.

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The S&P is a toxic derivative.

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glad i got short usd this morning........whenever the USA is finished plundering and raping a nation, USD gets sold

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About 6 weeks before TSHTF in Libya, Soros' people were in there working on rehabilitating Q's image($$), apparently his son Saif f@#$ked them over, and they got a serious case of buyers remorse. Could be Soros let loose his Nobel peace prize winner shortly after.

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Liberate Canada's Oil!

Bring democracy to Canada!

Save the mooses!

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Will there be a day when a foreign head of state makes similar remarks about the POTUS?

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didn't Putin already call the U.S. out as a parasite?  true in a sense, but the american people are really just the host...

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Man, who writes the speeches for this Nobel Peace Prize winning president of the Corporation of the United States of America?

"America is about COMMUNI..ty..."

"I am my brothers keeper is a creed we all share." 


Obama TWISTS THE BIBLE. The Bible verse asks "Am I my brothers keeper?" of Cain who murdered his brother, Abel.


Genesis 4:9

New American Standard Bible (NASB)


 9 Then the LORD said to Cain, “(A)Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?

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Sorry to break your illusion but no twist here as your typical US citizen presidenttakes themorale of thestory.

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I apologize to the poor bastards in the service in advance, for I know they don't have a clue,


US service (wo)men are perfectly aware of what is going on.

They enlist out of choice. They want to work at expanding the US military empire.

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how much did you know about the world when you were 21? or 18 for that matter?  seriously...

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I knew two things: 1) the world was round.  2) the World was made of pussy, which needed to be conquered, all of it. He who dies with the most pussy wins.  Now that I'm forty though I can see that my initial analysis could have used a bit more study.

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what, you mean the world isn't actually round?

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Seriously? I doubt it is serious.

Besides, how many tours do it take to make up one's mind?

One tour? two tours? Three tours? At what point do you feel they have experienced enough to understand more?

Just kicking the can...

US citizens want wars and the opportunities associated with wars. Simple.

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Thank you for telling us all what we want, as if we were all of a single opinion.

Did a big, bad, evil American company fire your ass for incompetence or something? 

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Seriously though TMOS, the amount the US has basically screwed over the world, for decades now, it's citizeens are all complicit by sins of omission, if not by commission. No escaping that. Your life is built on the blood of too many damn innocents.

Would be good if there was soem collective remorse at the actions of th eruthless empire that fights in your name, puportedly anyways.

Plus, it's a volunteer army. Enough said, even though I understand who enlists and why.


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That's a pretty fair statement ORI but I don't think you are giving enough credit to american's.


You know the illusion of gaia. What if when you agree to the illusion you also agree to the lies pre-fabricated and interwoven into the agreement.

Those who do not question the authority of the goverment and where it comes from do not question the agreement that they underwent when entering gaia. Therefore they never break the chains of a false agreement that they entered into to begin with.

They say there's no coming to conciousness without pain. But the real truth is there's no waking up without a massive herculean effort on the part of people who are told this is a school and a chance to "learn". It's not a school and a chance to learn. It's a lie with a slim chance to decode.

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Very nice Heph. I hear you.


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I dont tell anything other than what US citizens do.

US citizens acts speak for US citizens.

The US is an undivided nation (US citizenism notion, not mine once again)

The very fact that some divergent opinions might exist is made irrelevant by this notion.

What matters is how US citizens behave as a whole (again by US standards, nothing alien thrown in)

US citizens aka as We The People, aka as the US People want wars and the opportunities coming with them.

Similarly, in the reverse situation, the opinions wishing for wars would be overriden by the opinions actually concluding by the rejection of wars.

But we are not in this situation.

We are in the situation US citizens opinions that are concretized by actual actions (hyperbole required as US citizens love propaganda) are the opinions wishing for wars and the opportunities going with.

This makes it by default the opinion of US citizens by US own standards, not mine.

It is how US citizens have wanted the US to work.

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news flash:

everybody in europe "thought that", a quick and easy military victory was attainable,... thus the gun-ho set to believe foolishly, the concept of altruistic chivalry pandered by the patriarch at the very precipice of wwi -

lock-n-load boy's,... for tomorrow,  yours is the world -

unfortunately, that's not how history works,... nor world wars -

twenty years later it fomented wwii -

today three scores later [?] 'our'  mustard-gas is anthrax, and little tiny nuclear missile batteries capable of  total annihilation any where in the flat  world -

yes,... they can fly away with only a 'synapse of grey matter thought', half way around the world -

indeed, and there out of sight,... and  out of mind[?]

this hubris potus should be sequestered back to the white-house wher he belongs, and not out  campaigning on the public's dime -

enough is enough!

thankyou tyler 

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Yeah, I say Esad is next. After him come the Mullahs of Iran. But they will be a lot harder bunch to crack. Until then, Wall Street may go up in flames during the upcoming New York riots. Who knows?