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Watch Obama Convey The Teleprompter's Thoughts On the S&P Downgrade Live

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Update: the meeting scheduled for 1:00 pm has been delayed until 1:30 pm. Summary: "It's all the sandtrap at 18's fault"

The daily teleprompted appearance you have all been waiting for. Summary: "It's all S&P's fault"


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Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:01 | 1537859 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

do they drop it another 100 points while his lips are moving just to send him a message

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:02 | 1537868 nope-1004
nope-1004's picture

Lies, lies, and more lies.  Obummer is head puppet of a failing system.  Good luck with that.


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:04 | 1537883 bigdumbnugly
bigdumbnugly's picture

he wouldn't dare tell those lies to bas ruiten

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:09 | 1537920 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

I hope this time instead of Soetoro, we will be greeted by "THIS IS JOHN GALT SPEAKING"

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:11 | 1537935 mtomato2
mtomato2's picture


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:26 | 1538021 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Hopiumly, none of the strings controlling this Wall Street puppet break while he's reading the teleprompters thoughts.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:31 | 1538085 Haywood Jablowme
Haywood Jablowme's picture

Just read through the comments on the White House facebook page....

Proof positive that 99.99% of the US population is still in the dark. They're still squawking about red vs. blue.......sad. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:40 | 1538144 BaBaBouy
BaBaBouy's picture


Do Something, Biatch!


Fix It Now, Biatch.


Or are the STREET RIOTS just a matter of course now???

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:47 | 1538204 fuu
fuu's picture

Down goes JPM to -8.43% on the day. I want to see the -10% Trifecta this afternoon.


Current JPM:AG .872529 and falling.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:58 | 1538312 bankrupt JPM bu...
bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

He just blamed the weather.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:51 | 1538235 HoofHearted
HoofHearted's picture

My mother in law just got me a new bumper sticker...

It has a picture of the Teleprompter in Chief on it and reads, "Does this ass make my car look bigger?"

Gotta love mothers in law...

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 16:41 | 1539237 IQ 145
IQ 145's picture

excellent way to survey. this is why the stock market will rally. the majority regard the present prices as bargains. As Marc Faber said on Friday, what happens next? A rally.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:34 | 1538089 Haywood Jablowme
Haywood Jablowme's picture

I bet the dow closes at -5% after the puppet speaks...

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 18:35 | 1539747 Haywood Jablowme
Haywood Jablowme's picture

"I bet the dow closes at -5% after the puppet speaks..."

Damn I'm good. I'm a muther-fuckin' BOSS.



Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:44 | 1538074 smlbizman
smlbizman's picture

one o'clock equals one thirty when you are on c.p.t.



i stand corrected when you are on c.p.t. who fuckin knows what 1 o'clock means...

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:48 | 1538208 Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski's picture

This guy was a no show since day one.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:48 | 1538214 Raynja
Raynja's picture

once the teleprompter is done addressing the banksta's an edited replay will be available for the proles

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:27 | 1538053 pods
pods's picture

V's speech would do well too.


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 16:53 | 1539318 Reptil
Reptil's picture

you just made my night.

coffee on the keyboard. but it's worth it.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:48 | 1538216 Smiley
Smiley's picture

Just a bunch more PPAC (Puns, Platitudes, anecdotes, and cliche's) with a side of "Its Bush's Fault."

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:57 | 1538292 DosZap
DosZap's picture

As USUAL blames it on Congress..............none of it on their (Admins ) spending.We know who is PULLING the strings.

Took too long to get a deal..............hahahhahaaha

What a joke.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 14:46 | 1538424 malalingua
malalingua's picture

Lies, lies, and more lies.

There is a song for that.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:10 | 1537924 Popo
Popo's picture

Why does he believe he has the power to restore faith in markets?   All evidence so far lies to the contrary.

Prediction:   The market plunges *because* of whatever he says next.  (Which will be inane).

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:21 | 1538010 Don Birnam
Don Birnam's picture

Perhaps Barry is going to announce a D.C. dog-and-pony show -- modeled after the Liberty Bond tours during The Big One -- to remind the hoi polloi that it is their patriotic duty to buy GM shares ( which are hitting new 52-week/re-emergence from bankruptcy lows this session ).

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:26 | 1538041 EscapeKey
EscapeKey's picture

You misunderstand. GM are not at 52-week lows, they are simply trading at a once-in-a-year opportunity price.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:44 | 1538185 TomJoad
TomJoad's picture

I just dusted off my collectible "DOW 10,000!" hat. (again)

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:28 | 1538069 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Perhaps Barry is going to announce a D.C. dog-and-pony show -- modeled after the Liberty Bond tours during The Big One -- to remind the hoi polloi that it is their patriotic duty to buy GM shares

More likely he'll announce a D.C. donkey show - modeled after the ones in Tijuana - to remind the hoi polloi that:

1) they're in the show, and

2) they're not the donkey.


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:40 | 1538148 malikai
malikai's picture

That sounds like fun. Does that mean the Republicans do an elephant show?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:51 | 1538234 Translational Lift
Translational Lift's picture

In 17 months......

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:43 | 1538172 whstlblwr
whstlblwr's picture

Maybe he resign. Must want to. He got snookered by Wall STreet.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:48 | 1538218 toady
toady's picture

You heard the one where the guy jumped the White House fence, but they caught him and made him give the speech, right?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:44 | 1538180 John Rotten
John Rotten's picture

He's one part of the Killer B's...Barack and Bernanke. When they speak, investors get killed.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 15:23 | 1538591 Conchy Joe
Conchy Joe's picture

In summary -

1. They have been saving our ass - it would have been way worse without their genius.

2. Obviously they don't have a spending problem - they have a perception problem

3. They will save us using their plan which they have been using the whole time (but can't tell us about) don't worry it's good

4. Anyone who still believes this isn't the biggest bunch of thieving crackheads ever is higher than they are


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:01 | 1537860 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Delayed until 1:30pm.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537867 LoneStarHog
LoneStarHog's picture

They had to clean the BBQ sauce from his shirt and corner of his mouth.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537983 nonclaim
nonclaim's picture

A golf ball hit the teleprompter on the way to the 18th; Obama is inconsolable but otherwise unharmed.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:22 | 1538014 EscapeKey
EscapeKey's picture

He will issue a statement with regards to the teleprompter, as soon as it has been replaced.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:36 | 1538120 agNau
agNau's picture


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:50 | 1538226 John Rotten
John Rotten's picture

Ah...he was infinitely tidying up his golf swing and had a little boo-boo with the official equipment for his speech.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:17 | 1537989 Haywood Jablowme
Haywood Jablowme's picture

Nah, I think Airforce One got delayed out of that 57th state BWAAAAA-HAAAAAA-HAAAAA LMFAO

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:20 | 1538006 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Another 30 minutes of my life lost forever while waiting for the Messiah of USAA+. 

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:30 | 1538075 US Uncut
US Uncut's picture

I can't watch. HOpe someone can summarize as he speaks. Summarize as in say what is is not saying or should say or won't say.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 14:00 | 1538334 Translational Lift
Translational Lift's picture

JibberJabber, ............................ect........

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:30 | 1538076 US Uncut
US Uncut's picture

I can't watch. HOpe someone can summarize as he speaks. Summarize as in say what is is not saying or should say or won't say.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:02 | 1537863 Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves's picture

Watch gold go higher every word the teleprompter tells him to say Bitchez!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 14:02 | 1538352 Tremain
Tremain's picture

Thar she blows 1717 and counting.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:02 | 1537865 Lndmvr
Lndmvr's picture

Odumas, " It wasn't me, I was at a birthday party"!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537870 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

PPT is manning their terminals, 200 point pop inbound.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:11 | 1537933 Iriestx
Iriestx's picture

They do go on a buying frenzy every time this momo reads a prompter.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537946 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

i know its strange

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538025 EscapeKey
EscapeKey's picture

It's a little known fact that any economy can be fixed through a continuous issue of press releases. No other action is necessary.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537872 PlausibleDenial
PlausibleDenial's picture

For your enjoyment while you wait.  I believe this says it all..... SNL

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537873 flaunt
flaunt's picture

1:30PM?  I thought it was supposed to start at 1PM.  What happened, did all 26 of his teleprompters break simultaneously?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:29 | 1538070 pods
pods's picture

Nah, they want to make sure that the bump lasts until the close.

Great avatar BTW.


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537875 tahoebumsmith
tahoebumsmith's picture

Let me guess? This whole mess was caused by the Tea Party right?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537894 Larry Darrell
Larry Darrell's picture

"Shit.  Who leaked the script??!!"


Sad thing is, this is all scripted.  And the Tyler's have been pointing it out for some time now .

Obama will time the bottom in stocks just like last time.  He'll say "now looks like a perfect opportunity to buy stocks" and he will be right in the sheeps' eyes because when Bananacide comes out with the official QE3 announcement tomorrow, look out bears.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:03 | 1537876 Conrad Murray
Conrad Murray's picture

Fuck Barry Soetoro. Marxist piece of shit is destroying this country economically just as he intended to.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537906 Vergeltung
Vergeltung's picture

you got that right.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:13 | 1537954 DosZap
DosZap's picture

Conrad @ 13:03,

Bing-F-in-Go....................................this was the plan from DAY UNO.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:04 | 1537877 ForWhomTheTollBuilds
ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

I come for the headlines.


I stay for the comments.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537949 mtomato2
mtomato2's picture

Yep. +1

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:04 | 1537881 SumSUN
SumSUN's picture

These clowns destroy the dollar with their lips.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:06 | 1537892 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

*This. Should take a solid plunge.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:05 | 1537885 machineh
machineh's picture

Speech leaked in advance!

'Believing that fundamental conditions of the country are sound and that there is nothing in the business situation to warrant the destruction of values that has taken place on the exchanges during the past week, my son Timmah and I have for some days been purchasing sound common stocks.'

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:19 | 1537994 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

"Like my good friend Warren Buffet said recently, the USA in reality carries a quadruple AAAA rating."  That is the signal: When Obama says that, the PPT pushes the BUY button. 

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:05 | 1537886 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

I'm sure his countrymen in Kenya will keenly listen to his every word.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:05 | 1537887 Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson's picture

I guess the flight from Kenya was delayed?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:06 | 1537893 Vergeltung
Vergeltung's picture

this should sendgold higher, for every scroll of the teleprompter screen!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:06 | 1537895 JLee2027
JLee2027's picture

"President Obama Speaks to the press" is about right. Does he ever answer questions?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537939 Snidley Whipsnae
Snidley Whipsnae's picture

O only answers 'pre approved, pre screened, and definite softball' questions...

O is preaching to a choir of which we are not members.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:13 | 1537953 Mactheknife
Mactheknife's picture

Sorry...but that would require that he actually knows something.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537902 Bear
Bear's picture

Sandtrap? ... I thought I was bad

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537904 chet
chet's picture

Hey Tyler, I asked you previously to name all of the modern Presidents who didn't use a teleprompter or written notes to give a speech.  I'm still waiting for you answer on that.  Thanks.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:19 | 1537995 Coke and Hookers
Coke and Hookers's picture

The difference between Odumbo and the others is that he uses it for everything; even for talking to preschoolers. Also, when he has to go off-script, he stutters and mumbles more than Bush. Obama is a mildly retarded, semi-robot figurehead - all hat, no cattle. That's the reason a large part of the American people like(d) him. He conforms to their ideals - which don't include substance.

He's a puppet, and the best puppets are incapable of thinking. He's a great puppet.


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:33 | 1538099 Global Hunter
Global Hunter's picture

Wiki tells me the teleprompter was invented in 1950 and the first computer driven teleprompter was created in 1982.  So all the presidents before 1950 at least.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:45 | 1538187 chet
chet's picture

So you figure they had their speeches memorized?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:46 | 1538194 chet
chet's picture

Could you please cite an example of Obama using a teleprompter for something like speaking to preschoolers?  Just a link to a story would be fine.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:51 | 1538243 alexwest
Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:56 | 1538288 chet
chet's picture

I'm not sure if I'm "retared".  Is that a word?

Read the "update" at the bottom of the page you just linked to.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537905 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

Red Alert - Scotty, divert all auxillary power to the forward deflect- a-promptors!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537910 BeetJuice
BeetJuice's picture

Before December 21, 2012, Obama will leave the roof of the White House on a helicopter bound for Kenya.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:19 | 1537997 Little John
Little John's picture

Sincere thanks for that mental picture.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:07 | 1537911 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

why does he have to mess up the broadcast day with his presence?  enough of his ugly mug on the jew toob.....

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:08 | 1537915 Arch Duke Ferdinand
Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture

Denninger nails it here friends.

1/They Will Never Change: Vote Them Out.....

2/Uh Oh... AIG Intends To Sue BAC?.....

3/CONgress and Obama: You Own This.....

****OT: Hilarious Upside Down 2 minute video.....

Read more:

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:27 | 1538060 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

that idiot thinks that if we just get the right kind of people in there, that everything will work out. i am sorry. that is not the case and never was the case. it is over my friends. it is over now. there is no more time. there is no more money. face it. either we take care of business or we are screwed.  denniger does not understand that the system is broken and cannot be fixed. he will never understand, just like he never has understood gold and silver. he is a dick and know it all prick and his my way or the highway, ways , have worn thin over the years. so screw douchinger.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 15:38 | 1538690 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

I like Denninger's economic insights but find his politics very tedious. He has a "Catonian" view of the world in that no one is pure enough to be his president, any compromise from his dogma is reason for exile from his world, and so on.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:09 | 1537917 robertocarlos
robertocarlos's picture

Santelli of CNBC is funny. "The blame is coming in about 15 minutes".

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537951 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

And then he said, " Wawwen Buffet probably think's Berkshire should be rated quadruple A +" at which time the hosts cut him off.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:11 | 1537919 oobrien
oobrien's picture

I voted for Obama.

But he's a douche.  Bush was a douche, too.

McCain was also a douche.

The problem?

They are all in the pockets of the mutli-nationals.

Fuck globalism in the ass.

But what's a boy to do?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:13 | 1537947 drink or die
drink or die's picture

Don't vote for them then?  Vote 3rd party? 

But but but but, 3rd party candidates won't win so it's a waste of a vote!!!!


Spoken like a true sheep.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:26 | 1538040 papaswamp
papaswamp's picture

+14.5 Trl

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:32 | 1538091 pods
pods's picture

Didn't YOU actually say that?


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 15:57 | 1538827 Race Car Driver
Race Car Driver's picture

I don't waste my votes - or my time - by voting.

In fact, I haven't used even one of my votes since 1984, when I started stashing them in the back of my sock drawer. I can trade the complete set for a 'Knuckles the Pig' Beanie Baby or .0001 d0llar cash value from the most recent USG redemption catalog... I'm still weighing my options.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:47 | 1538203 RingToneDeaf
RingToneDeaf's picture

If you voted for Obama please reappraise your thinking before doing another thing.

There are some serious flaws that need addressing.

Obama in 2012, Let Us Get the Party Started (Civil War Part Deux)

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:09 | 1537921 karzai_luver
karzai_luver's picture

He is going to wrap the sheeple in the flag of exceptional amerika and the sheeple will luv him for it.

He butchers abroad and golfs at home.


A real amerikan this one.



Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538023 bigdumbnugly
bigdumbnugly's picture

no, he is a butcher on the golf courses here too.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:37 | 1538128 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

[insert rimshot here]

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:09 | 1537922 Da Frog
Da Frog's picture

What a poingnant observation.....Who will write these words of wisdom and will he blame the Tea Party?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:10 | 1537929 caerus
caerus's picture

for what it's worth...just covered...cheers!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:10 | 1537930 anynonmous
anynonmous's picture

will he use the word "inherited"?

will he mention Warren by name?

wil the equity market improve during the course of his remarks?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:40 | 1538140 JohnG
JohnG's picture

Great!  A drinking game!!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:11 | 1537931 Sophist Economicus
Sophist Economicus's picture

Lemme guess, The butler did it!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537938 DonnieD
DonnieD's picture

It's Bush's fault. No, it's S&P's fault. I mean, it's the tea party's fault.

So who's next in the batter's box of blame?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537991 mt paul
mt paul's picture

more funnie

humor is the new money

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:24 | 1538031 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

The weather?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 19:54 | 1540006 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

I was cracking a joke and it turns out I was right!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537942 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

Just had his birthday party - couldn't someone have given him a damn watch?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:14 | 1537960 Ms. Erable
Ms. Erable's picture

Preferrably a retirement watch.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:39 | 1538142 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Paging Rick Deckard. Please pickup a white courtesy phone.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 14:57 | 1538461 Ms. Erable
Ms. Erable's picture

Nah, he's just a sock puppet. Replicants don't need teleprompters.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:12 | 1537944 Coke and Hookers
Coke and Hookers's picture

My fellow Americans,

It has become increasingly obvious that the current level of spending and debt is no longer sustainable and we are paying the price. America is bankrupt and there's no other option than to reset the system by letting the to big to fail banks fail, abolish the Federal Reserve, and bring the power of issuing currency back to the people.

....UGH.... Sheet, somebody hacked muh teleprompta from da internets! Uhhh, I mean da Euro problemz be to blame, muddafuggaz. Ahs done nuffings. We be increasin' spendin' and shit.

Somebody do sumfin!!!!!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:15 | 1537965 mt paul
mt paul's picture

too funnie 

we can hope

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:20 | 1537996 alexwest
alexwest's picture


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:13 | 1537955 mt paul
mt paul's picture


down a hundred pts 


in preparation

of the puppet prompter ...

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:13 | 1537956 grunk
grunk's picture

We have nothing to fear but... well,


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:14 | 1537962 franzpick
franzpick's picture

I won't listen to his toxic talk, but I can't wait to read the reports of how he reacts to random London-like rioting and looting when it starts up in the u.s.:  at some point continuing to say 'everything is fine' will be preposterous.  Maybe it'll transform to 'Everything is fine with our riot control programs in all the major cities'.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:51 | 1538242 Blano
Blano's picture

When it starts happening in the US??

Have you not noticed all the Negro-themed flash mobs, flash robs, and assorted rumbles at various festivals around the country this year??


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:14 | 1537963 Cone of Uncertainty
Cone of Uncertainty's picture

Obama's speech leaked.

Ladies and gentlemen today's tragicomedy in the global financial markets is a sharp reminder of why your assholes are so sore from all the buttfucking we, the ruling class, have administered to you over the last several decades.

But I promiss you, its all coming to an end soon--no pun intended.

I have just signed an executive order requriing Ben Bernanke to melt down all the gold in Fort Knox so that it may be crafted into Mr. T starter kit necklaces for distribution to every man, woman, and child in the country.

Its time to spread the wealth and adopt a new mantra for the coming year.

"I pity the fool!"

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:16 | 1537980 mt paul
mt paul's picture

cutting edge humor..

thanx hedge bytches

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:21 | 1538012 Jean
Jean's picture

We've got flash mobs at county fairs in upper midwest, who's cares about London.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:16 | 1537976 savagegoose
savagegoose's picture

what if he announces, all your gold now belong to us?  but you get this certificate.  bullish for gold?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:16 | 1537979 alexwest
alexwest's picture

s/p is breaking 1150........... watch out

next suport is 1050........... benny, where're you bro?  at such speed by cristmas

we wont   have stock market at all,,,




Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538026 Larry Darrell
Larry Darrell's picture

Haven't had a stock market for the last 3 years, minimum.


We do have this lovely Wall St. casino for your entertainment pleasures.  Please place your bets.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:32 | 1538092 Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves's picture

No wonder Vegas is a ghost town!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537987 Jean
Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537990 franzpick
franzpick's picture

New equity lows, and you can easily compare the 4-6% sector wreckage here:,iday[Y]&disp=SXA

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:18 | 1537992 Little John
Little John's picture

  As far as PMs go it is perhaps time to begin consideration of lead as well as gold.  I prefer mine in .308 denominations.  Just a thought.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538029 PulauHantu29
PulauHantu29's picture

Little John, the police seem overwhelmed in some places:


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:31 | 1538088 Little John
Little John's picture

  I think that - just maybe - this time realy is different and I'm a little scared.  Oh well the rodeo is near, time to cowboy up buckeroos

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:19 | 1537998 Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby's picture

I am proud to say that I have never listened to or read a word he said.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:28 | 1538062 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

I didn't for the first two years. Now I'll listen for under a minute just to laugh-no more than that though, too much bullshit.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:20 | 1537999 Taint Boil
Taint Boil's picture

God that Obama face is a riot ...... almost as good as the "deer in the headlights"

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:20 | 1538002 Threeggg
Threeggg's picture

Anybody find it odd that the Teleprompter was supposed to speak @ 12:00PM Central and then it was delayed until after the Comex close ?

Somthin up ?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:22 | 1538016 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture

They’re waiting for Bush to make a cameo appearance and tell it like only he can; “This suckers going down”.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:33 | 1538100 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

The Administration needed a little extra time to lay into their GLD and SLV options...via the JPM trading desk. 

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:21 | 1538008 drswhaley
drswhaley's picture

Tiger's ex-caddie to join Obama administration's economic team.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:24 | 1538033 mt paul
mt paul's picture

fore more


Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:36 | 1538116 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

Tyler tweeted this six minutes after you did.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:22 | 1538009 sbenard
sbenard's picture

The Propaganda President, the media-anointed Charlatan in Chief, speaks again!

No thanks! I've heard enough lies for 10 lifetimes from the Deceiver in Chief!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538017 digalert
digalert's picture

Where will the TOTUS pace the blame?

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:42 | 1538163 JohnG
JohnG's picture

Poor form with the sand wedge.

Get some lessons already O'neverneedtoyellfore!

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538019 mt paul
mt paul's picture

honorable hedge bytches

you guys  [ girls too ]

have stepped the humor up

a few hundred bps today

some of the stuff is just pure gold ..

no wonder gold prices are soaring ...

bring it if ya got it ...

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:23 | 1538020 grunk
grunk's picture

O blah blah blah ma.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:24 | 1538028 Watts_D_Matter
Watts_D_Matter's picture


What Would A Community Organizer Do...

Thank God Obama is highly educated and experienced...and of course does not speak with a Negro dilect....

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:24 | 1538034 Eagle Keeper
Eagle Keeper's picture

I'd like to see the teleprompter dodge a shoe.....

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:26 | 1538051 Fazzie
Fazzie's picture

He wont even have to dodge an uncomfortable question from the pre-screened A-list synchophant "press" corps.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:24 | 1538035 Fazzie
Fazzie's picture

 As it turns out the SP was infiltrated by Al-Queda operatives in an attempt to cripple our economy.

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:27 | 1538042 Threeggg
Threeggg's picture

Check this live feed out from the United Kingdom.

The Riots are getting bigger !



Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:55 | 1538046 vast-dom
vast-dom's picture



wow this obummer is beyond FOS!

someone throw some rotten shit at him and shut him the fuck up! Or better yet let him BS everyone and let the markets crash. 

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 13:26 | 1538050 vegas
vegas's picture

The blame game - you got it totally right TD.

Comedy gold in just a few minutes.


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