Watch The Ron Paul "Plan To Restore America" Press Conference Live

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And from denial, or the comic and alcoholic, we shift to far more important things, such as acceptance, and actually dealing. Earlier we discussed the broad strokes about the imminent announcement by Ron Paul of his Plan to Restore America. Next, watch live as the Texan reveals the details of the only plan that has any sense of making even remote sense from a mathematical standpoint: start time 6pm EDT / 3pm PDT.

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redpill's picture

This guy is our only shot.


Money bomb on Wednesday.  Help him out, please.

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before all public debts are settled i cannot vote for any candidate who promotes tax cuts who tries to end corporate repatriation tax. fiscal conservatism FTW!

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The only way public debts can be settled is through printing. You cannot pay with taxes. Please try again.

TheSilverJournal's picture

Exactly, what the US owes cannot possibly be payed back. Period. The best solution would be to default NOW and restructure our debt. It's either default and restructure or hyperinflate and hyperinflation is a total economic destroyer. 

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ZOMG, RP has ONLY WHITE PEOPLE standing behind me.  Fuckin rayciss's picture

But I see some gyno-Americans. He's in good with them for obvious reasons.

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Deeply funny.


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tarsubil, TheSilverJournal, spinone, AldousHuxley, Old Poor Richard:

I said 'before the debts are 'settled'', meaning paid back, restructured, default or whatever it takes whatever other means to erase that debt. cutting tax at this time with all the mounting debt, is the single most irresponsible thing lame fukcing baby boomers will do in their last act of desperation, it enrages our creditors, it enslave our youth, deprives their future and their children's future, and it denies the youth of equality of opportunity and equal employment, the youth are fukcing fed up!!! the youth didn't incur the debts, the previous generations did, so do the responsible thing, don't even think about tax cuts before all debts are settled bitAcheZ! ps if you don't believe in fiscal conservatism, you are scumbag you are as guilty as the banksters and FU!

TheSilverJournal's picture

A default needs to be followed by much lower income taxes..preferably 0%. High taxes enslaves our youth, it deprives their future and their children's future, and it denies the youth of equality of opportunity and equal employment because all of that money that is taxed is being taken out of the private sector where it is used productively and put into the public sector where it is essentially wasted. How are the youth supposed to get jobs when the money used to create jobs is wasted by government?

Cynical Sidney's picture

"A default needs to be followed by much lower income taxes..preferably 0%" exacto. your statement underscores the significance of settling the debt before we cut taxes, which i suggested.

"How are the youth supposed to get jobs when the money used to create jobs is wasted by government?" 2 points: 1. it's wasted by servicing that huge monstrosity we call debt 2. having massive public works programs (like what we did during the new deal) mitigate such effects. (it's kind of funny for a conservative to propose such but i'm not against it during times of difficulties as a measure to 'rewind' past wrongs).

pavman's picture

"2. having massive public works programs (like what we did during the new deal) mitigate such effects. (it's kind of funny for a conservative to propose such but i'm not against it during times of difficulties as a measure to 'rewind' past wrongs)."

This just prolonged the depression until *after* WWII, when Congress cut spending.  Plus, war really makes unemployment go down.  Maybe that's an option up for consideration for the unemployed youts.

If you didn't know there was conscription during WWII, then you should brush up on your histroy.  The volunteers did so in order to control at least some part of their destiny.  The brainwashing machine has been in full force for a long time in this regard, unfortunately.

The right solution is one of slashing big, 1950s government, combined with prosecution, imprisonment, and major fines on the fraudsters.  Too bad what most of them did was legal thanks to the slow degradation in legislation over the recent past.  Gotta love Democracy... no one ever gets their head lobbed off in retribution because no one can be blamed.

Cynical Sidney's picture

pavman breathe a little i know history as well as anyone and i agree with what you said. like i stated above, it's to 'rewind' past wrongs. during the hoovervile years, the president had a full reserve banking proposal on the table, glass stegall came out of it, and all kind of other legislation to curb financial fraud. these kind of plans are not even being considered today. what's being considered? bailouts, expect more bailouts lay in store for us. we can ill afford to slash big fed govt right now, we need to settle our debts first. think of the consequences, you slash big govt down to size, there will be either 1. civil war 2. world war. take ur pick n digest that for a while

TheSilverJournal's picture

You do have a point that deficit spending is probably worse than taxing and spending. 

wisefool's picture

negation (perfect application of rule 5. "two guys to a fight.") the debt is the replacement for voyeurs who are not sure if they had the opportunity to implement the real golden rule. Or sarcastically participate in cheating on the tax code and then getting to be head of the treasury.

The nation has a real choice in 2012. I'll vote for the guy who is not in it for any more money than the next guy.

Welcome to fightclub Sidney. Be aware that I am advocating for a format change.

Cynical Sidney's picture

;) it's either format change or revolution.

i'm young i'm full of spirits (literally), i have very little wealth and even fewer debt. my position in the market is pretty much aligned with other youths. i'm going to have debtors settle their bad debts or i will become the personification of project mayhem. this is my great war, this is my great depression, and this is my life that will define me. i'm gonna show lou and other irresponsible fcuks that this is my house this is my country. i'm jack's wasted life, i'm one short step away from hitting bottom and i can hit it faster than any billionaire financial criminal could. i shall not rest until i become jack's smirking revenge.

wisefool's picture

Birds of a feather. I can not help you in the fights you have here untill the mods change over to to children of men memes from fight club (two guys to a fight) But what an old man can do is piss the rest off them off while you get your legs.

Herman cain is better than ron paul

  • I have fought the rediculus taxation code all my life. So has herman cain.
  • Herman cain is baby stepping the AARP who psychotically think that greesspan had the same nuiance that they had during the big box mall vs. face book/amazon revolution.
  • Michelle Bachmann is actually a farmers daughter who for the same reason above thinks that the tax code and school year should be modeled after a holocron she dug up that allows her 501c corp to decide gay vs. not gay.
  • Keynes and Hayak are both products of brutal, stinking, war. (Excellent discussion on bloomberg today 10/17/2001)
  • I dont know why they have not taken away WB7s access to the internet for photoshop updates, the same way they did it to timmay when he was doing turbo tax.
  • I am personally too dumb to pay my taxes properly. So do not listen to me. But if Herman Cain can fix the tax code quicker (politically) than Ron Paul can fix the Fed (he said today he would not end it) then ........ Sound money. Golden Rule.
Cynical Sidney's picture

with regards wisefool: i don't think simplifying the tax code does any good, like i said those who wish to avoid tax would continue to operate in tax havens using anonymous bank accounts, non-profit donation scams, shell companies or other off balance sheet entities. herman cain sounds like a black methodist hypocrite he's out of touch with the youth and the left. for all intents and purposes there are but two republicans who can capture the black vote, namely Powell/Rice: proven leaders beyond their years with appeal to the left who are feeling being disenfranchised by barry, i strongly believe a powell/rice can carry gop to the top in 2012 over obama's reelection efforts; the hurdle being that there is very little collective desire to reacquire the service of black leaders short of right-wing fanatics. and speaking of herman cain, did you know he's black?!

wisefool's picture

Why should we not simplify the tax code in the same way we dump simple palletes of money and/or bombs we dump on poor people?

Oil is black. The earth is flat. We can make any type of slave we want if we make sure they cant understand the system.

When I was younger. I was an engineer and a I could go toe to metaphorical toe with Jeff Emment on any exam related to Electical Engineering. He and Jack Welsh could kick my ass on the tax code. And that is why I fail. But G.E. Captiol will live forever.


Why does the tax code need to have 70,000+ pages?

damage's picture

Herman Cain never saw the housing bubble Said everything was fine week before Fannie and Freddie blew up.

Has said auditing the fed is not needed, and you should just "call them up".


Also in the last debate he said ALAN GREENSPAN did an excellent job!

wisefool's picture

Ron Paul Said today 10/17 that he would not end the fed. Check your ZH links.

damage's picture

Not end it immediately. But introduce competition. Herman Cain would not do such a thing, and you know it.


You can't end it overnight, he is being realistic. Herman Cain would  veto any full audit and any attempt to allow competition.


Competition would eventually kill the fed, or force them to provide sound money if they want to survive.


Herman Cain is a clueless twit, and is a puppet of the Federal Reserve. Please, go troll someplace else. It isn't like you are going to convince anyone on ZH to like Herman Cain.


Also, Herman Cain betrayed the Fair Taxers, he'll hit us with both an income tax and a sales tax... then once the dems have another super majority they will european style VAT tax us and raise the income tax. He wants nothing other than to put the IMF squeeze on us so the bankers can milk us into oblivion for the interest.


And another thing... Ron Paul REALLY wants to simplify the tax code. END the federal income tax. The 0-0-0 Plan. Not the $9.99 Pizza clueless Art Laffer plan, who also laughed at those who said there was a bubble.


Let me guess, you're one of those suckers who gets sold lemons by used car salesmen?

redpill's picture

He said he would not end it overnight. Which is obvious. It would need to be done through Congressional legislation anyway. Check your Ron Paul links.

wisefool's picture

To the both of you and with respect to tyler durden and WB7.

I think WB7 should carry the torch for now. Meaning they cant print money for fun. They need a fractional-fractionale=tax system for some schleb like bernake to push the button. Tax revenue is the only touch point they have. Too many cheats and given the current geopolitical climate (the only reason europe has a problem is because greek people dont pay tax, if they did we'd have a bernake in Europe)

Cain=Force Recon for Europe (tax code)


damage's picture


Cain = Bought Puppet of the Federal Reserve who became a candidate to sell books and get a television show on FOX News.


Paul = Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson.


Also, I have no clue what you were even trying to say really. It didn't even make any sense.

wisefool's picture




I am an idiot but the op needed a tap out. When Tyler changes the rules of the republic then you can bury me.

JB's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Fed contract expire 12/31/12?

If that's the case, it's pretty simple to end the Fed: don't renew the contract.

damage's picture

That is a myth there is no sunset provision.

Phil Free's picture

Current law (United States Code, 12 U.S.C. § 341) has the FED operating in perpetuity, and can only be dissolved by an act of Congress, or "forfeiture of franchise for violation of law."


[the FED's 20-year charter was changed to perpetual by the Act of Feb. 25, 1927 (44 Stat. 1234)]

Freddie's picture

The majority of the youth voted for the Muslim in 2008.  Dumb move and it looks like they have not learned anything. Dumb f*cktards.

AldousHuxley's picture

So all the boomers wanted SARAH PALIN the alaskan retard as VP? yeah, she is so smart. and heartless McCain I ditched my wife who waited for me during Vietnam when she got in a car accident for a newer model with more money (Christian family values in BEER distribution money, legalized bootlegging) so I can run for Congress because 2 generations of Navy connections still couldn't get me a good career in the Navy because I was so dumb I guy as the President?

The guy part of "Keating Five" Savings and Loan scandle is goign to hold wall st. accountable?

Christians are the retards who got hoodwinked by GW Bush who ended up exploiting their sons to be killed in war for oil so Dick can get richer and left America in ruins. Half of debt is Bush's wars and tax cuts for the ultrarich.

The problems is choice of candidates and bribing of anyone who is in position of power thanks to old fucktard idiots like you letting it happen all these years. Now the youth are going to have to clean shit up.

Cynical Sidney's picture

dittos. baby boomers are mostly hypocrites and parasites who lacks souls. the inconsistencies between their talks n their action poisoned politics in the US and destroyed our wealth. boomers overleveraged everything vapor thin thusly depriving the future of our youth, their children and their children's children. This is the time when the youth need the tools to unwind bad transactions, turn back bad debts, and restructure faulty contracts. the youth can't even find a job at this time, why are we punishing the youth for debts they did NOT incur? why should the youth pay for some fat bureaucrat's pension fund? or some collapsed ponzi scams? there is no logic for it, baby boomers need to do the responsible thing and settle the debts or at least give the youth what's needed to settle it. we cannot tolerate generational warfare! the youth needs equality of opportunity so they can have a fighting chance in the competitive economy.

swamp's picture

And Obama has only black people around him and voting for him even though they are 13% of the population. 

AldousHuxley's picture

It doesn't even matter who is voting for whom.

The question is, why are suckers even voting? Do they think their vote even matters? Government puppets will do whatever Rockefeller's CFR tells them to do.


If you want to make a difference blow up CFR while rockefeller male heirs are present because they are the princes of the world.



porrannor's picture

It wasn't his choice. that's because all black people are standing behind Obama...... He is not racist, they are...

JPM Hater001's picture

trav7- you might be the biggest moron ever. 

I have adjusted your name to properly reflect your IQ.

Pitchman's picture

Yo Trav 777.  That sped redin clas dun you gdd. 

Ws thos poepl standen bhind yous o wasn thay standen bhind RP?

Yall git yoo whiet shiets reddy fo ta big meaten nest saterday ya heer.


Republicae's picture

How utterly dumb! Ask a few of the friends of Dr. Paul is he is anything close to a racist, like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, or perhaps you should ask Nelson Linder if Ron Paul is a rascist, that is if you even know who Nelson Linder is or for that matter who the other two men I mentioned are. Again, how dumb can you be?

beatus12's picture

Declare bankruptcy and just get it over with! Enough said.

We will all survive and humbly rebuild.


Republicae's picture

It is impossible to pay a debt obligation with a debt obligation. Fiat money is a legal notification of a debt obligation and hence, a debt obligation cannot be fulfilled with an I.O.U.! Therefore, the entire system is completely bankrupt and cannot be salvaged; as with all fiat money substitute systems they eventually fail and gold/silver must be reinstituted as tender.

bxy's picture

government has proven to be phenominal fiduciaries of our money.  I think they should take all of our wealth and then dole out a little back to us as they see fit.......If you are a child and need a government parent that is your problem and I feel for you, but most intelligent americans prefer to be adults....even the unintelligent, uneducated get this.....I would recommend some psychotherapy.

AldousHuxley's picture

It is not just the government who is ripping off Americans....


How about this man selling shareholders and employees out?


El Paso CEO Douglas Foshee Set for $95 Million in Exit Pay

That is in addition to $8M per year compensation.

Prior to joining El Paso, Mr. Foshee served as Executive Vice President and COO of Halliburton Company having joined that company in 2001 as Executive Vice President and CFO.


and a member of the Board of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

spinone's picture

No country takes on this kind of debt with the expectation of ever paying it back.

AldousHuxley's picture

ponzi scheme do not need to be paid back. Just need more suckers.



FEDbuster's picture

Ron Paul won't win support by telling Americans that they are broke, that we need to default and that collapse is near.  In other words, Americans don't like the truth.  They want to be lied to, told everything is under control, jobs will come back to America, etc...  Americans don't think the boat is sinking until their feet get wet, and even then they think there is still hope. Ron Paul would need to be elected Emperor in order to do what needs to be done.

AldousHuxley's picture

That's why I encourage everyone to vote for Palin or Bachmann. they will really fuck up America. Probably KGB Putin will invade America. Then all the idiots praying and hoping will learn the lessons the hard way their grandparents learned from the Great Depression.


Greed was the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve messed with and the result was end of immortality.




FEDbuster's picture

Palin is not going to run, and Bachmann will drop out.  The race will be a close one between Romney and Obama.  It doesn't matter which one of those two win, it's heads you lose, tails you lose. 

Hasten the Collapse, Obama/Romney 2012

I'll take a hyper inflationary or deflationary depression over WW3.  The banksters like a good world war, so look for the endless wars in the Middle East to heat up this year (Iran vs. Israel should be enough to get things going). 

Freddie's picture

The morons love being to 24x7 by TV and hollywood.  If you watch - you support them.  I bet ZH has plenty of dumb f**kks who love their TV. Loads watch CNBC like morons.