This Is The Way The Hopium Ends: Not With A Bang, But With The Biggest Collapse In Future Consumer Expectations... Ever

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The charts below demonstrate the 6 month change in the 6 month forward looking Consumer Confidence outlook: in other words, this chart measure just how deceived US consumers have been by hopium consumption 6 months ago compared to reality now. In short: 2011 has been the most disappointing year for Americans in history. Whether it is due to excess hopium consumption or not... well, it is not irrelevant.

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Terminal velocity...

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This chart assumes that the next move will be waaaaaaaaaay up.


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Qe3 won't help consumer confidence.

At this rate we need another flush out of jobs as companies need to preserve profit under the cover of a shitty economy. That's what I got from ben shunning qe3 last week.

Gonna get worse

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This is UNACCEPTALE!! I gave the red light about Dr Bernanke's newfound hawkishness, and cited the potential consquences with the help of Dr Paul Krugman and other top economists, but nobody listened. I hope you're happy now - my portfolio is well in the red and looks to stay there untill these right-wing meanies in congress and the Fed start taking advice from the professionals. Our Federal Reserve is FAILING to meet it's dual mandate for maximum employment and price stability with their indecisiveness.

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It's clear the Fed has only one mandate:


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Ah, the art of veiled sarcasm.  Though, you should make reference to how Ben and Timmah have to go to NY to regularly "service" the likes of Jamie and Lloyd.  It's part of their job description.  Timmah seems to like it, though I have my questions about Ben.  Ben seemed despondent during his outing at at Jackson Hole.  I'm guessing he's just not enjoying the cornholing like he used to. 

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Is "Unaccept Ale" a pale or an IPA?



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Why did you make me watch that?

I can't unsee it.

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According to a previous article on ZeroHedge, the price of gold is very well correlated to the M2 supply.  They can attempt to deny QE3, etc all they want, but M2 growth will tell everyone if QE is still going on or not.  Au/Ag/Pt/Pd/Pb -- get you some!

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That is what I m reading as well, especially if the retail trader and institutional traders are all stuck in bonds and other net negative return paper.  Lots and lots of VC money unaccounted for here guys, where is it going to go?  VC guys are always equity bulls (mainly becuase they don't stick around long nor do they give a shit about the long term fate of the company).

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This chart assumes that the next move will be waaaaaaaaaay up.


Eventually.  It's all a matter of timing.


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On a long enough timeline . . . . .

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The chart does not predict confidence will increase, rather it appears it will not decrease as fast.

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if I'm reading this correctly, it showing increases at holiday or seasonal celebratory times of the year. Which doesn't mean much since sales make people happy but the margin squeeze will be even worse than last time.. OR the sales aren't as great and confidence doesn't rise as much leaving that Waaaaaaaaaaay up more like "meh". I guess we'll see, but I expect this year to be the absolute WORST christmas time in recent history. 

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I think you're onto something, but I see correlations in victories.   Victory as percieved by the productive members of society.  Examples: Carter out, hostages home = big spike.  Saddam defeated (both) = spikes.  Berlin wall down = spike.  Welfare reform = spike.

To get out of this latest trough, I think we're going to have to whip somebody's ass REAL good.  I'm going to be optimistic and hope it's the parasite classes, but that's the longest of the long shots.  When that happens, best Xmas evah.  Based upon the half warm "victory" in Libya, I thnk the sheep might be waking up enough to not get all ginned up over kicking over just another tin horn dictator and blowing up some cow shit huts this next time.

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When the Perry drone is installed as emperor drone the consumer drones will rejoice. Victory?

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probability is high, but the wild card is how many are finally realizing that the game is rigged.  Enough to put an indy in office?  I doubt the system could take the strain, its limited to two pre approved choices.

If enough sleepers elect him, we might get a little breath to blow the feather back into the air.  For a little while it will stall the collapse.  The collapse will come though, and the Red Death will "hold indomitable sway over all". 

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The installation of the new drone won't be until next year. So the probability of that for this year is 0.  The diminishing returns of over-throwing old dictators is in full effect. I seriously doubt that overthrowing (if you can call it that) Qathafi is going to cause a stir.. oh wait. it really hasn't, has it? 

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Drones are all very fine, but who in the current cast of clowns will turn out to be our Emperor Palpatine?

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Now we get to see if "change" picks up where "hope" leaves off.

It's not going to be pretty.

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It's funny because the only "change" I've seen from Bush policies is my leftover capital each month.

Other than that things have been pretty much un"changed" in any important way. Wars still raging? Check. Invasive spying, poking and prodding of Americans? Check. Constitution used as toilet paper? Check. Uber wealthy handed more of my tax dollars whether security, military, bank bailouts or otherwise? Check.

It's a damn shame all the Repubs who supported Bush didn't complain about these policies when they completely ran the show for 4 years, but better late than never. Now if the Dumbocrat folks (people not reps) could just wean off the hopium we might be able to reform this monstrosity of an epic fail that is our government. By fail I mean of course it's failing the people, not it's puppetmaster bankers.

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It just goes to show that it's only good when "your party" is in power. Any one else getting tired of this horse shit? 


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You have no idea how much.

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I'm hoping for regime change.

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If only we hadn't exported all of our freedom to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya...


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The completely interchangeable parts of the same corrupt political machine

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Wait until the November Super-Committee fiasco.  It will only get worse. 

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That shit is right up there with the Patriot Act. Nothing like having the high probability of your representative not having the op to represent your district. Furthermore.. they cherry picked those mother fuckers (as far I know) to NOT have any Tea Party reps. 

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My party, the toga party, is the only one that is real anywho.

District of criminals, has no true party lines, except fucked and fuckter.

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Long time lurker first time poster:

The obama Hopium no longer gets the masses high. It does not matter if you smoke it, snort it, or mainline it, the high just feels like the status quo.....But cheer up....there is a new more powerful DOPE on the street! Its the new and improved hopium...thats right...ron paul Hopium is the shit! One hit and you will believe a 80 year old twerp from fucking texas will solve all ur problems! Not only will all problems be solved, but all the wars will be ended, the troops all over the world will come home, the drug war will be ended, and he will shut down the fed too!

If you believe this man is electable, keep smoking the hope. If you believe this man will end the fed, the wars, the drug war....then snort more hope. If you believe any of our problems can be solved thru electoral politics then roll up ur sleave and shoot some more hope.

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You forgot, Obama gave you free medical insurance. At least, he is charging you for it. The actual insurance will come along in 3 or 4 years.

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I just saw a survey that said 1 in 4 Democrats are screaming for someone to challenge Obummer.  Mike Gravel said if he could get $1M in donations, he'd give it a try. We'll see.  But I just don't see a lot of D's & I's crossing over for a Romney, Perry or Bachmann. They'll stick with Obummer before they vote for some corrupt theocrat neo-cons.

They will cross-over for Ron Paul though, and many are.  An article on 7/7/11 by a British ex-pat named Robin Koerner in the HuffPo started something. He entreated anti-war, disenchanted Dems & Inds to go "Blue Republican" just for a year.  Someone ran with the idea and moniker - slapped up a Facebook page, kick-ass t-shirts, yard signs, slim jims, and they've got 4,000 members and growing.  The article's been shared over 14K times. Koerner's been on TV, radio, and is fixing to go on a speaking tour. Ron Paul could win this. 

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Ron Paul will never get a Democratic vote as long as he runs as a Republican.  If he loses the nomination he MUST run as an Independent candidate.  The we could call him President.

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Other than that things have been pretty much un"changed" in any important way. Wars still raging? Check. Invasive spying, poking and prodding of Americans? Check. Constitution used as toilet paper? Check. Uber wealthy handed more of my tax dollars whether security, military, bank bailouts or otherwise? Check.

Equivalent of third term for George W. Bush? Check.


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It doesn't seem to matter.... 

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Did you buy the dip, the market sank for a whole 5 minutes.  This is extremely bullish.  (sac)

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Markets now higher than when this number was announced. Wtf?

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Of course not. The DJIA holds up on QE3 expectations, but when the QE3 isn't announced, the points aren't shed again.

Phony markets R us.

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Yup! Lookin at it 3+ years into The Greater Depression the past sux, the present sux AND the future sux!

Hat trick!

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Aah poo! Reduce your exposure, eat some fish eggs, enjoy the ride.

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When on Hopium bad news is good news.  QE3 ramp continue after this brief intermission.

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Of course, previous experieince tells us that QE 3 will benefit about 10% of the population in the form of paper-based capital gains... before it quickly fades.

On the other hand, we all get to guess where the next 3rd world revolution will occur as inflation in the basic necessities of life will come back with a vengance.

In the meantime, things still cost more... but my wages... they don't go up.


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When trying hopium, I smoked it, snorted it and injected it.

Nothing worked, until I used as an enema. It flushed me out, but good. Now I can't make it stop. BEnny suggusts using his biggest and last tool to plug the flow. But, that has never worked in the past. Doctors no longer recommend QE3 for anal leakage.

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And watch the 'market' go green on such brilliantly bad news

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Haven't done the analysis yet, but I bet that such large declines into sub-50 territory are associated with abnormally large future gains in stocks.