Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: August 22-26, 2011

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In summary:  Stuff happened in order to provide "newsworthy rationale" for the (insert) market to go (up/down).  Thank you for the Kool-Aid, though I'm feeling strangely unrefreshed.  Perhaps it's my unwillingness to drink it that is causing this.  

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Have you tried the Roarin' Raspberry Cranberry flavor?  It makes you see things that are not there, mmmmm de-lish!

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drink it. the market is schitzophrenic during the bear market rallies



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Here's what Reuters had to say about the small rise in gold today: "Gold up 2% as Bernanke keeps stimulus hope alive."

The same news from Bloomberg: "Gold advances as Bernanke fails to offer plan for stimulating US economy."

I guess that explains it.


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Buy GOLD and SILVER on the dips.

Take time to visit with friends and family.

Go out and have a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine.

Prepare as best you can.

Do you good job at work and save as much as you can forgoing consumption for savings/investment.

Everything else is noise.

Rinse, Repeat.

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I would not claim that the human meat sacks we inhabit have very little opportunity for natural selection. Quarterback marry supermodels or cheerleaders. Rich people interbreed almost exclusively. Royalty WTF is that? Smart people seem to only respect each other. However, there is this issue with what eugenicists might call the dross, those wasted chromosomes that comsume resources without contributing anything of substance (contribute to what? and is that the point of it?). Is there real natural selection or are we waiting for gods to reduce the weight of man on the world? It is their job after all, is it not?

Who are we doing it all for? Why? What are the implications?

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If Bernake falls in the woods and no one helps him, is that bullish for trophy stores?

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   I like to look at what the talking heads are thinking and selling. Oppenheimer's Carter Worth told us a few weeks ago that the S&P would not fall below 1270 because it is a long term support line. He pulled out his pocket square as they called it. Now he says we have seen the highs and lows of the year. Is he wrong again. I don't know. I do know this. The volatility has been so high I have no interest in buying stocks. McConnel and FED official Fisher both seem to want the market to go down. Fisher said the FED has no business in propping up stocks. McConnel will do anything that takes Bambi out, including crashing the markets and USA, USA, USA. Whoops. Nobody is cheering for USA anymore. We constantly hear the drum beat of how SS in bankrupt, there is no future for the USA and nobody will support any kind of jobs bill. The reality is America IS rolling over. We are entering the second leg of the Great Recession. Stock markets do not go up when economies contract. Anybody look at India and Germany lately. These were suppose to be improving stars. LOL on that. Doug Kass told us to buy Japan a few months ago, it rolled over since then. Now Doug Kass told us to buy financials a few days back for the pop because the lows are in. Wrong again Doug. Just like you were when you called a top in Gold at $1600. Doug is always wrong, must be the company he keeps. Can you say Cramer, who has also been wrong pumping blow up stocks every week for a month. The banks are lying about their balance sheets: think BAC. The reality is the market is looking more and more like a PONZI SCAM that would make Bernie proud. Maybe that's where he got the idea to be a fraud.

Last thought, has anybody read about all the money leaving the markets from Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds. So this ask the basic question: inflation is too many dollars chasing few goods. More dollars than goods. Price goes up, hence inflation.  What happens when we have too many stocks chasing few dollars, hence deflation. Price should go down.   Right !?!    Just something that makes me go HMMMM 

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the market went up this week and the rally has more legs


it is also month end.  funds will mark up their positions