Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: December 5-9, 2011

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How many doves does it take to raise a debt ceiling?

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I'd like to drop about two dozen Grizzlies on the NYSE trading floor. That would be awesome!!!



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It is a big family. I won't be suprised to see Russia joining it soon.

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Wow. Accroding to Finviz at this moment, the Nikkei 225 is up 9,839%. Wish I would have bought into that lol

adr's picture

Why does this get posted every week? The bull case points are always good for a laugh. The bear case points feature facts, the Bull feature conjecture based on fantasy. The US is decoupling from Europe? Credit use is expanding? Ha. Student loan debt is exploding counting for the increase. US ECONOMIC GROWTH IS FOR REAL????? Wow what a whopper. US equity growth on a day to day bass after equity crashes is for real. Next year will see more small business failures than any time in history. 90% of retail is hanging by a thread. The US trade gap is narrowing because consumption has cratered. Can we make a rule that points made in accepted posts must be backed up with some factual informaton when trying to make a case that the US economy is on sound footing?

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+ The U.S. economy is decoupling from Europe.

As Tyler points out, the U.S. is not decoupling, but mearly lagging.

+ easing would take place...

QE is a good thing???  Yeah, let's throw more money at it.

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Week in and week out, Serrano does a great job with this column.

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