Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: October 24-28

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IWM not counting next wed is up 19% for the month of Oct.

How is that possible. Not that that I am complaining.

Ben's price stability is working great, huh.

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Price stability? Basically it's Ben or whoever choosing who wins or loses their investment money and that's it. Who died and left him the king-maker, that's what I would like to know. As far as what made this country potentially great, the idea that the market is the ultimate regulator and king-maker, forget it as all discipline has left for good. Took a lot of people to drop the ball on this to allow this crazy arrangement to occur, basically all four branches of government. 

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You need to disclose if you are a bull or bear. Sounds like a sar bull. This week.

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This is my other site, there's where I post what I think about the madness.  Have a good weekend,


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This rally is already coming to an end, the roof is near... Will not be surprised if we give up much of these gains in the next two weeks... After a hopium party as indulgent as this one, the hangover is bound to be epic...

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This weeks bout of cheerleading vs. jeerleading brought to you by Rodrigo Serrano.

No middle ground is currently available.

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Damn Rodrigo.  You make an excellent case to go to sleep and wake up in 2013.  

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If you take into account the negative correlation of the eur/usd against germany and french bonds, we can say that the bears can dominate next week.



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What the fuck is with you people? It'll probably move down to test the 200DMA from the upside, but after that will probably be nothing but explosive rally after explosive rally as foreigners and institutionals continue to sell their treasury holdings to the Fed. Deflation is a bunch of establishment contrived bullshit.

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well. i'm still a raging bear, so how freaking bullish is that?

fade slewie and join the ranks of the rich, BiCheZ!

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DAX monthly chart at blog shows recent bullish candle revealing aggressive short covering rally enclosed within big picture bearish pattern.

Bullish USD weekly/monthly and bearish SP500/DOW monthly charts will eventually ensure reversal of equity uptrend.


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By the time Ben is through, the US financial system will be loaded down with assets and no one to sell them to.  The next dip is going to be a deep one.  No new highs.