Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: September 6-9, 2011

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So conitnued volatility? 

Continued volatility. 

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i love how 75% think were off the right track, I can see how 1% think were on the right track, but what is the other 24% drinkin/smoking?  at the same time, majorities are sheep and ignorant, what the fuck do they know?

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25% of people get their news from the MSM I guess.

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It's ratios. The world tries to fuck 10 to 15 precent of the people continually. Depressions and stuff are when it tries to put on the big boy pants and fuck 30 and 40 percent of the people.

The people who have a sense of well being are supposed to pick up the baton and bash the people who don't have a sense of well being. That's their function for right now. When they move into the non well being group they are then divisive because they go from being fair wether enemies to be bad weather friends. It's group splitting 101.

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So Rodrigo thinks that a new stimulus plan is bullish even though we can't pay for it? The bummer administration told Gibson Guitars to hire Madagascar labor to save their business. What a joke.

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ECRI chart above is incorrect - it show -6.6 between 0 and -5. I thunk they meant -.4.4??

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No, GDP is left side (0-5), right side is ECRI (0 - 10).

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Yes, if you squint, you can see the sliver of green for this quarter. ;)

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I like how a drop in spending on imports is seen as "bullish".;...and all it took was debasing the dollar by 15%.


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Updated SP500 monthly chart at blog.

My long term indicators continue to warn of significant USD strength and AUD / NZD / EUR etc weakness and these signals have increased since 2009.

Unfortunately the March 2009 equity lows eventually will be breached.