Weekly Key Event Recap: September 19-23, 2011

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Last week was the week that had as part of it, Spetember 21, Mabon, Day of descent into darkness, Autumnal Equinox.....the start of Fall. 

Enough said, no "logical" explanations required. Larger forces and all that sort of a thing...


Troy Davis

Uppers and Downers

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The Careless Whisper Saturday Morning Report



Wall Street Bankers Have Counter-Protest With Champagne Toast Outside Federal Reserve


Retirees Nest Eggs Gone Due To Low Interest Rates That Benefit Banks


Retirees Sell Their Burial Plots To Raise Cash


Amazon Makes Deal With Cali To Lobby Congress For National Sales Tax On Internet


Law & Order:Internal Affairs - Investigation Of NYC Cop For Ties To Gang Leads To 17 Indictments - Of NYC Cops


Entire Town In China Real Estate Ponzi Scheme Collapses; Reporters "Escorted" 200 Miles Out Of Town


Nissan Posts Instructional Video How To Use Power Windows


Conservative Congresswoman Leads By Example On Family Values; Supports Transgender Son; Co-sponsor Legislation


11 More Dead Bodies Dumped In Mexico As Gangs Reap Huge Profits From Keeping Drugs Illegal


Banker Jumps: Hits Pavement Near Front Door; Run On Korean Banks







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@Careless Whisper

I really enjoy these.  Got a good laugh at the Nissan instruction video.  Could you talk to TD about posting these as a contributor?


ETA:  Loved these headlines, too:


US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said European leaders need to do more to prevent financial chaos in Europe.  Geithner sounds alarm on Europe 


Groupon says sales half earlier figure, loses COO

Mortgage rates drop to once unthinkable lows at less than 4% 

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Thanks for the compliment. I just do these posts for fun. I try and post under the Front-running column during the week because it's about the day's news. I often miss that post and end up posting under the latest one. My post is then off topic and people get pissed but I don't mean any disrespect. I noticed that sometimes I'm ahead of the curve on some of my stories as I've seen a few of them on Drudge a day or two later. At first I thought the Nissan video that I linked to was a spoof, but I guess the peeps at Nissan think Americans are really stupid. Here's a video of a car stunt show featuring Ford Fiesta's which most likely was sponsored by Ford, but at least they promote the coolness of the cars. I get the feeling that the Japanese car companies have lost their way.



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Think Americans are really stupid? Uh, and who is our President again? Better stated as have detirmined that Americans are really stupid.

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What's stupid is believing that elected officials are actually elected by the people. Sure the bummer administration lied its way into office duping most of the idiots, but there have been plenty of issues with electronic voting machines, recounts, peoples' votes being excluded. Even if it were legit, we get false choices. Even Ron Paul has ties to the masonic order. Bush and Kerry, both bonesmen. How many are Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg? It just goes on. Stop blaming people and start educating them.

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Re the death penalty and 33rd parallel: it's called the pigeon hole principle...throw a rock and you'll hit a country that kills.

As for Cumbre Viejo, all I see is a ward against bad luck...like a 2000ft tall megatsunami that wipes out DC, NY, and London. Okay maybe that wouldn't be sooo bad.

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Was there some memo sent out from Neo-Marxist Headquarters that said "Throw a Hissy Fit over Troy Davis" this week?

Thumbs down to Neo-Marxist claptrap. "No logical explanations", indeed.

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I just came back from a yard sale. I gave them a piece of colourful paper (with the inscription "$20" on it) and they gave me 4 beer glasses and a CD of Sting's best songs - AND they gave me two more pieces of paper and some pieces of base metal (most likely zinc and steel) as what they call "change" - and I get to keep the zinc and steel. I made out like a bandit!


They said the exchange was fair - ONE DOLLAR and FIFTY CENTS (of their nothing money) in exchange for actual goods! 



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Once upon a time you actually got real silver and copper for change...now that was the real deal...

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i'm still tryin to figure out what was worse: the war or the peace? we did win, right? anywho...

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well i went to this place last night where naked 20 year old girls took their clothes off for those same colorful pieces of paper and they even danced on my lap and pretended to like me in an effort to obtain more pieces of paper...... its's amazing what people will do to get their hands on those colorful pieces of paper

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Later that night, they gave the colorful pieces of paper to someone else in exchange for chemicals they could have made themselves, if they weren't spending so much time trying to get paper from you.

The guys with the chemicals gave the pieces of paper to someone else in exchange for something called a 'gat', presumably so that other people wouldn't take their paper and chemicals.

The guys with the gats gave the pieces of paper to someone else in exchange for ammunition, presumably so the guys they sold the gats to didn't come back and take their paper and gats.

The guys with the ammunition gave the pieces of paper to a coin dealer in exchange for some bullion, presumably because someone else would give them more pieces of paper for it later.

The coin dealer gave the colorful pieces of paper to a bank, in exchange for changing the number on a computer.

The bank used the number on the computer to pretend to give out 40x that number of colorful pieces of paper to people who wanted to open a strip joint, coin shop, and gun shop.

People must really hate those pieces of paper they keep giving away.

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Can we have some Hyperstagflation please and get this over with?

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Look at silver now. Went below 30 USD briefly. Funny. Even lower than postbubble minimum. And slightly above our old postbubble buying target at 28 USD. Who could know it would have been worth waiting so long.

Reminder of the old story about silver and prediction graph of March 13:


Interestingly, silver price has returned briefly? to 25-32 USD corridor which was predicted in this March prediction chart to be the range for silver in Q4 2011.

So did gold follow the May 4th forecast chart almost to the point, with bubble placed quite correctly:




Fall to 1600 was included there.

Easy to see from the charts rhat nothing too exciting will happen to silver or gold during 2011-H1 2012



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Another top-calling troll.  While you may be right about silver, I'm pretty sure gold is going to be very exciting in the the next few months and I'm literally betting on it. Gold hasn't dipped below its ten-year bull run trend line, and none of the fundamentals have changed.  

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The only thing I'm feeling bullish about is the new detergent I bought. Everything else is looking fairly bleak.

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I think that is a Disney world show.

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"...gold had an even more profound collapse..."


Spare us the hyperbole for once. Its not a "profound collapse" -- it didn't even break the long term trendline.  Gold returned to where it was two months ago.  The S&P retraced to last November.

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Banker jumps, hits pavement...splat!

Too much to ask that this becomes Contagious???

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ZH i'm shocked the greatest quote of the week, possibly decade, is not included in the above News mash: 

Wall Street Journal (online today): The world economy is in the "second slowdown of this recovery," and more needs to be done about the European debt crisis, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said at the meeting of the IMF.

Yes, Tiny Tim is halucinating there was a "recovery", that the first slowdown actually sped up at some point AND that we're in a second slowdown which is just a blip on that recovery (that never happened!)

Tiny Tim needs to be carted off to the Funny Farm (like right now)... I cannot believe the US Govt lets this muppet (pathalogical liar) represent them or talk (bullshit) on an international stage so regularly


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Silly to comment on manipulated fraud and thai is what happened in the metals markets with Gold and Silver.  What do the gansters have in mind this week?  Who knows and who cares, Gold will rise as will Silver because these scumbags have lost control over the economy.  One moths housing sales are not even worth mentioning when you have 3 years are chaos and more in front of you.