The West Blinks - Iran Embargo Likely To Be Delayed By Six Months

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UPDATE: Oil Sub $100.

And so the escalation ends, if only for the time being, as Iran chalks a (Pyrrhic?) victory.


Why? Because the world slowly realized that the potential surge in oil prices would tip a world already on the verge of a recession even deeper into economic contraction. Not rocket science, but certainly something the US president apparently has been unable to comprehend, especially if hoping that he would merely transfer exports from Iran to his close ally Saudi Arabia which would cement its European market monopoly even further. Or, perhaps, someone just explained to Obama that Embargo in January + QE3 in March = No Reelection...

In other news, crude is now dumping.



Reuters on the topic earlier:

U.S. allies in Asia and Europe voiced support on Thursday for Washington's drive to cut Iran's oil exports, though fear of self-inflicted economic pain is curbing enthusiasm for an embargo that a defiant Iran says will not halt its nuclear programme.


On Thursday, Japan, whose economy is already deep in the doldrums after cuts in its nuclear power supply following last year's tsunami, pledged to take concrete action to cut its oil imports from Iran in response to an appeal for support from visiting U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.


However, Tokyo's support was not without reservations.


Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Japan buys 10 percent of its oil from Iran. "We would like to take action concretely to further reduce in a planned manner," he said. But he added: "It would cause immense damage if they were cut to zero."


The European Union is more sympathetic to U.S. pressure on Iran. EU foreign ministers are expected to agree on a ban on imports of Iranian crude oil on Jan. 23.


However, even Europe, whose governments largely share the concern of Israel and Washington over Iran's nuclear ambitions, is looking for ways to limit the pain of an embargo.


"We expect a slow and gradual implementation of what will eventually become a full embargo," said Mike Wittner from Societe Generale. "Europe has the same concerns about its fragile economy and an oil price spike as the U.S., probably even more".


Firms in Iran's three biggest EU oil customers, Italy, Spain and Greece, all suffering acute economic discomfort, have lately extended existing purchase deals in the hope to at least delay the impact of any embargo for months, traders told Reuters.


The European Union is more sympathetic to U.S. pressure on Iran. EU foreign ministers are expected to agree on a ban on imports of Iranian crude oil on Jan. 23.


However, even Europe, whose governments largely share the concern of Israel and Washington over Iran's nuclear ambitions, is looking for ways to limit the pain of an embargo.


"We expect a slow and gradual implementation of what will eventually become a full embargo," said Mike Wittner from Societe Generale. "Europe has the same concerns about its fragile economy and an oil price spike as the U.S., probably even more".


Firms in Iran's three biggest EU oil customers, Italy, Spain and Greece, all suffering acute economic discomfort, have lately extended existing purchase deals in the hope to at least delay the impact of any embargo for months, traders told Reuters.

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Ahwooga's picture

So it appears their financial markets are more important than going after the only real middle eastern threat. Well played douchebags, cant let that dow under 12k... Sigh.

john39's picture

the only real middle eastern threat?  i believe that would be Israel.

JR's picture

“Ron Paul’s supporters are lunatics but they are passionate.” – Rush Limbaugh

It turns out Jane Fonda is no longer America’s Hanoi Jane. Reading from his nicotine-stained fingers, the new Pied Piper for the tyrants and war is Rush Limbaugh.

To date, one of Ron Paul’s greatest accomplishments is to finally challenge conservatives to choose between conservatism or fascism that wears the conservative hat. In this case, American-style fascism is the use of government as a weapon for World Empire and for greed -- oil. Iranian Oil.

The danger from Ron Paul is so great that they now are joining forces to try and stop him; the Federal Reserve is telling the Republican candidates to line up against Ron Paul or else you don’t get anything from us.

The Empire, with Goldman printing providing the fueling, could find no better mouthpiece than Rush Limbaugh because he can deliver like the goat leading the sheep to slaughter. He can deliver the limited-vision Israel-first Christians and conservatives who view a strong defense as meaning military offense and political partisans who see elections like football games and America’s chief problem as Obama.

And, in Rush’s formerly nicotined-stained fingers, they did not place 30 pieces of silver but $53 million a year in Fed fiat dollars and the opportunity to rub shoulders with sports team owners, the Hollywood beautiful people (wedding entertainer Elton John), Establishment politicians and government-connected monopolists…and Bankers.

Rush’s ticket to ride are the radio stations that lead him to the audiences the tyrants need, stations now under monopolistic control and prospering with the support of politicians and banker money. Rush succeeds only when he delivers their message.

Clueless Economist's picture

I agree with most of what you say, BUT

"the Hollywood beautiful people (wedding entertainer Elton John)"

I do not know what you have had to drink, but Elton John is not a beautiful person, physically or personally!

dracos_ghost's picture

I wonder if "Bennie and the Jets" was a prediction?

Bunch of Obamateurs.


IBelieveInMagic's picture

The movement in many of the financial markets is getting hard to predict -- it appears to me that the markets are being moved by large financial players in ways to wrong foot retail suckers.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

here is some good propaganda...House of Saud oil output is tapped...

Randall Cabot's picture

"The movement in many of the financial markets is getting hard to predict -- it appears to me that the markets are being moved by large financial players in ways to wrong foot retail suckers."

Thanks for sharing that, Captain.

Dugald's picture

Well its good to see you have at last caught up with the rest of us ...

gravedestruction's picture

(ZH you have a slight
typo at the bottom
of the post)

The European Union

However, even Europe,

"We expect

Firms in Iran's three
(duplicated text below)
The European Union

However, even Europe,

"We expect

Firms in Iran's three

Sokhmate's picture

"This text was intentionally duplicated"

JR's picture

Exactly! As Shakespeare  would say:  “The fashion wears out more apparel than the man.”  The same can be said of words; the culture merchants support the fallacy that they can change the nature of the thing by calling it by another name. It simply isn’t so; we can call the Hollywood ugly by another name, but it still manifests itself with the same results, ugly.

DaveyJones's picture

that is one fat sedated goat. The picture of our "prosperity" 

Ruffcut's picture

I had just talked to my corner store guy about "what did is that bozo spewing now?" Reference to rush bimbo.  the store owner is starting to get it. But he has no clue to who to listen to next. HE works and can't be fat asses like us who blog on the internet all damn day.

We have only evolved to a text opine and contribution.  Pity us, including myself. But, the store owner has beer on sale!!!! I may be depressed but I ain't thristy, bitchezzz......

Randall Cabot's picture

Speaking of sacks of shit, I heard Jerome Corsi on C2C last night yelping that the assassinations of the Iranian scientists was "retaliation" for Iran's nuclear program.

AbruptlyKawaii's picture

susan del perico said on msnbc iran kills its own scientists for propaganda purposes.  msm  eye-ran analyst for you.

Apocalypse_Now's picture

"conservatives who view a strong defense as meaning military offense"


Great point! I'm going to start talking about that and I hope RP does in the interviews and debates. "We need a Strong National Defense, but in most cases we don't need a Strong National Offense."

Seer's picture

It all took the Orwellian turn when it went from the "Department of War" to the "Department of Defense."

Smedley Butler had the right call: limit the military to protecting ONLY US borders, and doing it so well that not even a gnat could get in*.

* And Derrick Jensen is right that if the US closes its Mexican border to people that it should also close it to goods (fair is fair): problem is that the CIA, the Kochs and others make a LOT of money off of drugs and weapons to/from Mexico.

Seer's picture

In somewhat of an ironic twist Derrick Jensen and Adam Smith tend to agree on this trade issue.  Adam Smith stated that no nation should trade with nations who are not on the same economic footing: also said that nations shouldn't trade "like" goods...

caconhma's picture

Let us clearly understand the difference between Iran oil Embargo vs. Blockade:

·      Embargo is an unfriendly act since, in a peacetime, everybody is free to decide what to buy and from whom

·      Blockade is an act of war


Consequently, Iran is absolutely right that, in a case of a blockade=war, it is justified to use ANY means it consider appropriate to defend itself!


Jack Burton's picture

Brilliant take on the Rush Limbaugh situation.

To call that drug addicted draft dodger prick a patriot and a conservative is a joke. He is a paid liar whore for the banks, Israel and the corporate elites who write his script and pay him his millions. Limbaugh is no fool, he knew where the money was and he offered his services as propagandist in chief to send a steady stream of lies out on the airwaves to convince Americans to vote against freedom, democracy and conservative values.

He talks big for a draft dodger. He had his chance to fight the commies he hates so much. Where was Limbaugh when he could back up his mouth. Hiding behind mommies apron strings and doing drugs.

Limbaugh is nothing but a whore for the bankers a whore for Israel. If he bad mouths Ron Paul, it may be because his brain is fried from thousands of Oxy and Vicoden.

pakled's picture

+1 I used to listen to Rush, and he would often claim he was doing the show with "half my brain tied behind my back".


To that I would always reply, "I believe you Rush".




Max Hunter's picture

You're not allowed to say that John.. Yes, I know it's true, but that is of no consequence..

alien-IQ's picture

The amount of junks the Israeli firsters are getting here and in many other places is one of the few signs of hope I have seen that we may just survive all this madness. It seems that people are waking up to who the real problem is.

frostfan's picture

No.  You're just coming to a website where all the people to think that way gravitate.

Waffen's picture

You're wrong.  The word is spreading like wildfire. Only 6 months ago I still beleived in the holohoax.  The truth burns away the lies like a match to gasoline.

whstlblwr's picture

Only 6 months ago you were right. Now you're paranoid idiot who spreads lies on the web. Wait you remind me of other asshole who used to visit this site. Maybe you've traded rifle for boobs. Boob.

Waffen's picture

Faked photos, Russian built fake smoke stacks, lack of evidence, all proof given by Russian communists, the impossibility of burning Millions of bodies in the time given. where are the remains. Lack of zyclon b residue in supposed gas chambers. Soccer games, movies, plays, orchestras, swimming pool at auahwitz. The words of surviving jews claiming seeing geysers of blood, lies about human soap, lampshades etc(complete bullshit). Jews were given the same rations as the locals until the breakdown of govt in 1945.

Typhus epidemic. The holocaust as presented to americans is bullshit.

What is worse is that this bullshit continues to be given as a reason to engage in more and more war. Can't have another holocaust.

I was ignorant of the facts, all one need do is look into both sides and we sir have been lied to.

whstlblwr's picture

It's really fucking scary how easy it is to manipulate people. Here is something that happened as fact and you idiots who deny it scare the shit out of me. With people like you in this world, we are fucked.

I know it first hand, my wifes family were killed. The people in the photos who died, Used to exist and now they don't. Just conspiracy? Paranoid freak asshole

Waffen's picture

Sure Jews died hundreds of thousands. Even worse world war 2 killed 20+ million.

This doesn't change the fact that the holocaust as taugh is bullshit. If the official story is so easy to defend, why would they have to pass laws that send people to prison for questioning it.

It's easy to say its crazy, as I would have. However see both sides of the story and the result is that the official story holds zero water.

The hoodomor in the Ukraine killed verifiably millions and yet hat isn't taught at all. Instead we learn a fairy tale that is then used again and again to get us into war and to justifiy israel horrible abuse of the palistinians.

Continue to believe fairy tales, I really dont care. However the truth is spreading and that you can not stop without force.

whstlblwr's picture

You can be a fool and deny it all you want and you won't go to prison. You are stretching the truth with your comments. You've opened your eyes, taught yourself so much, you know the truth? Why don't you talk to children of survivors, or find people who were there. There are still some alive, then come back here and say it is a lie.

Anyone can read easy description on wikipedia of what you're referring to and see you're stupid spreading lies. Your hero apparently, Ernst Zendel, even his wife divorce him after 18 months calling him evil incarnate.

For peace both Jewish and Arabs have claims to Israel and they will have to each give up something they don't want.

Waffen's picture

People died, but no gas chambers and no final solution of wich there is zero proof.

Starvation and typhus late in the war is what killed so many.

As for heros of revisionism, it would be David Cole who exposed the lies of auswitz. Btw David cole is a Jew.

blunderdog's picture

Just to be clear: are you saying that the Germans (soldiers at Auschwitz/Treblinka) who described the process of dropping Zyklon-B into rooms full of Jews were *lying*?

Or is this a nitpick on the fact that the rooms being used had been constructed "originally" to delouse clothing and not as "gas chambers" for execution?

Prometheus418's picture


Zyklon-B stains the walls blue.  Please present photographic evidence of former concentration camp gas chambers that have blue discoloration.  For bonus points, explain the world census numbers.

Really, please do so.  I am not unwilling to change my mind, but I do require facts to do so.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Whoa, whoa,whoa,

What holocaust?

There was never any holocaust of jews.

It wasn't just exagerrated it never took place, yo have not dug deep enough into it yet.

Just keep reading those facts, dig real deeply into those ultra informative sites.

Asalam alekem.


frostfan's picture

I see.   Well Achmajerkoff also says there was no holocaust.  Then again, he says there are no homosexuals in Iran so he's a great one to look for analysis.

I guess the only place I need to dig is to people who say it never happened, therefore it didn't.  That kind of logic explains why we don't get a lot of technology or advances out of so many Arab countries now doesn't it.


Hephasteus's picture

The world does not work off complete lies. It works off ever increasing distortion of truth.

Element's picture

Yes, "ever-increasing" is a way of saying the 'thinker' is in the end an amplifier.

An amplifier of what?

Pure abstraction that in the end is so compelling we can't see of don't understand or tend to forget, that it is only abstraction.

One abstraction leads into another.

This is what is called 'thinking'.

The more we think, the more the abstraction amplifies into other abstractions, that make the original abstractions seem even more intense, more compelling.

Welcome to 'obsessions', and 'beliefs' ... in an aggregate melange of self-intensifying abstractions.

The TPTB and its propagandists, and corporate advertising experts (psychologists) know this basic pattern.  

They know that if they can create an abstraction of 'desire' in us, mentally, and get us to think about the object of desire enough via media repetition, it will amplify in most people. It will not affect all equally. But some, if not most, it will affect.

Thus they can get us to buy unfordable total crap, on credit, and work for many years for the transient thrill of it's purchase.  Or they can fan desire to get ordinary people to kill a totally innocent child, with a 30mm cannon, and feel really good about it.

And they really are doing this to us, and they know exactly what they are doing.

They now because they are 'illuminated' or enlightened with that understanding of the mind, and how to use it in INCESSANTLY to create mental warfare in us, and outside us. They use this knowledge not to help us be actually free, but to make us inferior slaves, held down in a Matrix of their abstractions.

So they use this natural characteristic of thought, to amplify whatever they want amplified in us.

The amplification can be positively re-enforcing, or negatively re-enforcing, via the way the abstractions run together and connect us.

We are ALWAYS being fucked-with like this.

The control of the media is there to control the 'content' -- the abstractions, and their repetition intervals, and to control the direction we amplify via supplying a context that pushes it one way, or the other.

War or Peace

Happy or sad


The repetition of the content and its context, re-enforces positive or negative attitudes, obsessions or beliefs,  and thus motivations to actual action.

This is done to undermine rationality, fact, history, real events, and whether O'Brien is holding up 3 fingers or 4.

Via repetition and intimidation, until we don't want to feel intimidated, or undermined any more, via not owning item 'x', or to seek a solution to a problem they created in us, We want to appear 'sexy' or 'acceptable' or 'normal'--so we buy the shit they are selling, and become their usury slave. And if it gets us depressed, we may buy drugs of them, so we become their drug slave as well, via working or stealing for them to by their mind-altering escapes--which solve absolutely nothing, BTW.

Therefore we slave away for some arseholes, to get the credit scores, so we can buy the material goode, to satisfy the abstracted 'desire', that demands the purchase occur, which is being sold by a bunch of con-men to make something called "an economy".

Making nothing appear as something--the whole basis for Fiat money and Fiat 'trade'.

And everyone else says its meaningful, and worthwhile, and satisfying, to just own it, therefore we go along with this conventional wisdom, discover it is bullshit, but don't dare admit openly that you are NOT satisfied, and no it was not worth it, and no, it is not meaningful either. That 3 really equals 3, not 4.

It takes guts to face all this.

Our 'amplifier' responds to sensory stimulation--this is a fact.

Nothing wrong with that, at all.

What is wrong is that the amplifier is being systematically abused, and mentally tortured, INCESSANTLY, to create the inertial madness of this slavish world of silent dissatisfied debtors, sitting in a mental mud-puddle, where deep confusion is expected to be the norm, and where they know something is terribly wrong, and they don't know what it is.

Then they self-medicate and entertain themselves to "get over it".

That is what they want us to do, so they provide all the manipulated mechanisms for this as well.

So people may take drugs to "escape all the shit".

Only the shit being sold to them, to 'get off', is the same shitters again, getting another cut out of fucking with you some more.

Oh yes, they have you in a fucking mental cage, and then they may put you in a real cage as well, for your own good of course, because they want the best outcomes for you.
But you're so dumbed-down and fucked-up now that you actually go along with it all. You accept it, as a fact.

When it is all the result of amplified abstractions.
There are a million ways of saying this.  That is just one.  I could have just as easily described how they use the same technique to fester and then start wars, and to get people's propaganda deranged 'amplifier' to clamour for utter butchery, of mere strangers, who have done nothing at all to the attacker.

This is what they do.


This is why they think we're 'monkeys' and call us 'goys', and they make the info-entertainment crap on the side-bar of life, and the picture of the celebrity titties to distract up again.

All to keep us at that level.

Because if we ever woke up ... they would all cease to breathe.

This is a genuine fight for survival.

Theirs if we wake-up, and ours if we don't.

They figure we're mostly too duped, too entrained, and too removed from real sensate experiences, via endless abstraction via media, that we'll almost never work our own way out of their mental Matrix, constructed as a source to their power.

But the fact remains, we can individually wake up from all this abstracted cerebral shit.
We can discover that the real mind is something that was there, in us, all along, just it was obscured by that Matrix.
The important thing is to wake up.

And that is not easy, and it almost never happens, but it can, and it does.

The Matrix does stop, you do suddenly wake up, and discover a totally different place.

They are trying to prevent us from developing.

Then they even turn it around and call the Matrix, "the Developed world".

Sorry, but that's just behaving like a monkey.

Monkey see, monkey do.

frostfan's picture

Here's a math question Waffen that you will need to ignore.  Number of Jews in Europe before WW2 = x,  Number of Jews in Europe  after WW2 = y.  X - y = ?????

Was there a golf course at Auschwitz too? 

I'm sure if someone any told you there was, you would treat this as gospel and absolute fact that there was.

I"m not surprised by holocaust deniers here.  Every jerkoff can say oh lack of this, didn't see that.  This doesn't count, that doesn't count blah blah blah.




caconhma's picture

You are right.

This is why the Jewish population in the Soviet Union increased after the WWII by more that 2 millions since jews moved from many European countries to USSR before, during, and after the WWII.

There was a huge movement of people across Europe before, during, and after the WWII. Consequently, this has to be incorporated into accurate calculations.

Waffen's picture

Photos and personal statements by prisoners acknowledge what I said about auswitz Amenities.

As for population numbers, people migrated and a lot of those that did not died due to 1945 starvation and rampant typhus (the allies had DDT so no typhus problems).

100k perhaps, but all the outrageous death numbers and gas chamber nonsense was lies by the Commies and the lampshade nonsense ws out right lies by American psyop units. The movie showing the evidence is outright bullshit. See this shade, it's human skin. Bullshit it is. Same with the soap nonsense.

NaZis were bad, the Commies were worse and the allies did a lot of bad shit. Most the official story of the 20rh cent is bullshit.

Just look at the bullshit lies in the last 20 years to get us into wars that we only know are bullshit because of the internet.

Iraq war 1. Soldiers throwing babies on floor (bullshit)
Iraq war 2 weapon of mass destruction.(bullshit)
Lybia tyrant killing people en masse(bullshit)
Iran. Same old bullshit

I am sick of the lies and see through he bullshit. We are told as children to be honest, trust your goverment.

caconhma's picture

Somebody must be very sick on a head to trust the old Soviet propaganda. Almost everything they have said was a Lie.

Remember a "worker and peasants paradise" with millions of workers and peasants deliberately killed, tortures, and starved to death?

Now, knowing many things not known before, the Soviet regime founded & established by Jewish thugs on the Rothschilds and Warburg money is considered at least as brutal and criminal as the Nazi regime.

Just ask Ukrainians with their The Holodomor (literal translation Killing by hunger) was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian SSR between 1932 and 1933. During the famine, which is also known as the "terror-famine in Ukraine" and "famine-genocide in Ukraine", more than 8 millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine.

Zionist propaganda blames Stalin for the Holodomor but, at that time, he was not yet a dictator. This genocide against Ukrainian people was executed by Soviet Secret police (aka NKVD) under its Jewish Chief Yagoda. At that time, the top echelon of NKVD was consisted exclusively of Jews. 11 out of 13 GULAG extermination camps commandants were Jewish.

One thing is absolutely clear: the history of the XX century must be revisited since too many lies were created to justify and perpetuate criminal activities.


Prometheus418's picture

"You're wrong.  The word is spreading like wildfire. Only 6 months ago I still beleived in the holohoax.  The truth burns away the lies like a match to gasoline."

My grandfather was a Hebratic Jew from Sileasia- as such, I had naturally believed in the holocaust and the evils of the Germans for years.  To be perfectly frank, though- my opinion has changed considerably since then.  Whatever the Zionists may or may not be, I am only laying claim to my Irish heritage these days.  I have no desire for or interest in participating in the wholesale murder of my fellow men- and I will not, under any circumstances, defend a Zionist.

The world, society, and individuals need to change, and that is the long and short of it.  I don't care if the holocaust happened or not- worse things have happened before and since, and a story of dubious origin from the past is no reason at all to attempt to maintain the status quo.  

Before anyone can point out that I have, indeed, said that I am willing to have a few more years to prep in the current system, I'll point it out myself.  Yes, I am actually afraid of what will happen when the ball drops- the apocalypse is not something I look forward to.  I'd like to see my children grown and strong before we have to rely on rations.  Sue me.

alien-IQ's picture

ZH is not the only site I read. This is something I've noticed in many publications as I have a tendency to read comment sections. I've seen this in all the UK papers (Telegraph, Times, etc.) as well as many US papers. Even on places like Yahoo. You can deny it til you're blue in the face...but it doesn't change the fact that it's happening. The cries of "anti-semitism" no longer carry any weight because it has been so over used and misused. The images of operation Cast Lead and the response to the flotillas have left an indelible mark on the public conscience which will not soon be forgotten.

It is your right to deny this. It is your right to ignore this. But ignoring it and denying it will not change it or make it go away.

The tide is turning. Deal with it.

Waffen's picture

just wait until the goyim(we the free humanity) realize what the talmud teaches


the barn gates have been broken open, and without SOPA being enacted ASAP, its game over.  Ofcourse they can then try to send us all to gulags. 100 million+ gun owners may have a say about that


zionism is the most evil and outragous form of racism

whstlblwr's picture

What does the bible teach? Same violent bullshit. Fuck off.