What Americans Actually Do All Day Long - In Three Charts

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The average American spends 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds 'Working & Commuting' on an average workday. Wonder what they do with the rest of their precious 'unproductive and non-tax-providing' day?

Here's how the average American with a full-time job spends a typical workday...


... and here's how those hours of Leisure and Cooking-and-Cleaning breakdown...


and for those over 55 years old, things are a little more sleep and play...


Source: NPR

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All I see is a majority are muppet-sheeple!

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"Education"..."6 Minutes"

Presented without any additional -- or required -- comment.

janchup's picture

I would have thought about 6 seconds.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

That would be the masturbatory time of the average Joe.

Precious's picture

Something is wrong here.  Most Americans get caught up on their sleep while at work and definitely 50% of them may as well be asleep during their commute.

BKbroiler's picture

I'd love to see the Chinese version of this chart.  or the Somalian.

Rubbish's picture

Is Tyler still dating that obese chick?

Slack Jack's picture



China and Germany will no longer do business in USD, Euros and Yuan preferred;


So,... How come Tyler hasn't picked up on this?

Is he out with the (above mentioned) obese chick?

This must be bullish for the Yuan,... right.

Should I go out and buy a heap,...?????????

Slack Jack's picture

This must be bullish for the EUR/USD,... right.

Should I go out and buy a heap,...???????????

Michael's picture

All I got to say is;

Who wrights this RNC shit, Except for that Clint Eastwood stuff, he was great as usual.

I mean really?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Hot crap! I can't wait 'till I get old!

Michael's picture

Why were there so many empty seats up there at the upper right of the stage? Is it because they couldn't sell out the event?
Are they that bad that they couldn't even sell out the event and fill up all of the seats?
Even Madonna could sell out all of the seats.

Michael's picture

The Dead Stream Media will no longer Prescribe their Version of Reality on the Sheeple Anymore!

Got That?

Michael's picture

Actors and actresses have a lot of time on their hands to research the same things we do.

Michael's picture

If any of you fucks post a comment, "I'm talking to myself again",  Go fuck yourself.

These are talking points memos for media, and their free.

Michael's picture

Reads on this thread so far over 14k. Pretty good.

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Me 2.  I could sure use a nap.  Working in a Frankfurt bank takes a toll. 

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BKbroiler said:

I'd love to see the Chinese version of this chart.

Chinese citizenism version:

Blobbing up into Tibet: 2 hours
Anti-American ranting: 3 hours
Peoples Liberation Opium Parlour: 4 hours
Roadside crapping: 7 hours

or the Somalian.

Choir practice: 2 hours



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That would be the masturbatory time of the average Joe.

No way!! I can last at leas.. oops.

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You thought this time was different he...


Dr. Richard Head's picture

It's my dick and my soap and I can wash it as fast as I want.

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So we can file Master Debater under education, right?

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signed in just to upvote ya... haha.  reminds me of that scene in American Beauty.


Don't worry, there won't be an exam on this later.

Zgangsta's picture

We wouldn't have the faculties to understand any additional comment anyway.

Surrealist's picture

"Education"..."6 Minutes" aka 6 Minutes on Zerohedge!

Tommy Gunner's picture

Where's the chart for time spent stuffing their fat fucking faces and watching Dancing with Stars?


texting and facebook 99% of the time

midtowng's picture

that's the one that jumped out at me too.

Over an hour a day watching TV. 6 minutes educating ourselves.

SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

where is the stressing out about how I'm going to make ends meet category?

JohnG's picture

Does grooming include animals?

Where's the drinking part?

The banging head against doorframe part?

People actually sleep for 7.5 hours?  How?

Where's the "fighting with Windows 7" part?

Nobody fucks anymore?  Or is that leisure....

This is a nightmare (if you can sleep...)

JohnG's picture



Thank you, and yes people still fuck.  I can attest to that.  She snores, and so does she.  See you at Jhole.

Yes that was a funny!



(back to bed now, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

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Surprised porn didn't make the list. Oh wait this is the average american not the average SEC worker.

exi1ed0ne's picture

Everyone knows the Internet is for porn - even muppets!


Freddie's picture

Watching TV.

Nice. Supporting The Matrix, Hollywood and Baby Allah by being brainwashed by TV and Hollywood.  Stupid serfs.

Likstane's picture

Facebook-Company created by douchbag for douchebags to practice douchebaggery.


Mercury's picture

Sleeping is overrated.

And you know damn well that in real life most of those circles overlap quite a bit like a a giant Venn diagram.

brewing's picture

socializing and talking are overrated...

saturn's picture

Where is 14 hours of watching markets?

mick_richfield's picture

The average investor now spends 23,400,000 milliseconds per day watching markets.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Does programming HFT algos count?

ebworthen's picture

No time to think about liberty or the insanity of modern life?

Wait...need to change the channel...

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

I can't wait to get home and do "Other". I'm usually done in about 9 minutes.

smiler03's picture

Some laxatives should greatly decrease your "other" time.

nonclaim's picture

And then there's "etc" for all other places and times...

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Them 55+ are some lazy worthless shits...here comes the death panels.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Some truth to that. Boomers ruined our country and economy. Gen Xers didn't realize that but the younger ones do.