What Do Swiss Bonds Know That Nobody Else Does?

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On the surface all is well, stocks are soaring, the EURUSD is up solidly, and euphoria is back, or that is at least what is being telegraphed. So why is the single biggest unmanipulated flight to safety flag (defined by us) currently available - the Swiss 2 Year - screaming to run for cover? The bond is currently at an all time nominal low, as none of the peripheral euphoria has had any impact on Europe's true remaining risk free asset, and instead it just hit a new all time record low yield moments ago. Just what does it know that nobody else does, or wishes to acknowledge? Or is today merely the latest iteration of the Copperfield market: keep the algos distracted with flashing red headlines and bright green S&P numbers, which the real money is quietly running away into the safety of Geneva bank vaults...

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Some pegs are harder to maintain than others...

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

All pegs are equal, but some pegs are more equal than others.

I am more equal than others's picture

Negative 454!?! Wow.  Do you smell the shit before it hits the fan or after?

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Oh p-lease! Positive interests rates on government bonds is just soooo 2011. It's called modern financial economics.

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Just like in war, POP SMOKE!   Good cover, only a select few have the infraReD to see thru this crap.


S&P may touch 1400, however when the smoke clears it all becomes evident. Truth will come out, it may just take awhile.

The markets forget the real trouble, or maybe it doesn't want to see it. The sheeple need to eat and drive, that makes very little money left over for the "wants".

ZHer's you know what is coming, hunker down and stay thirsty my friends...


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I believe that is a very extinct animal.


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A word of advice to our supreme soviet.

You can paint a pretty picture, but you cannot overcome the market with it.

Jlmadyson's picture

Because ain't jack shit fixed.

Nor will it be as debt continues to blowout.

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The Horrible, the Miserable and the Swiss. That was an album name we were working on for our punk band in the 80's.

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Lower interest rates = bigger "Animal Spirits" later

disabledvet's picture

Later? More like "right now." to which I say...no matter how impossible it is...and it is..."just because it's a rigged market doesn't mean rigging it won't work."

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robo is the scitzophrenic alter ego of a totally frustrated perma bear who never had enough money to play the markets anyway

robo seeks all the trendy catch phrases and his/her adgenda has nothing to do with return on investment, but irritation to those gullible enough to be irritated

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...and based on his frequent use of phrases such as: "pie holeing", jaw boning", and "gum flapping" he seems to exhibit latent cocksucker tendencies.

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“We’re at an epochal turning point,” Brok said. “We’ve had 60 years of peace, freedom and welfare and now comes an attack that could destroy this concept, which we have to deflect.”

Truely epic.

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Massive short covering in FaceFuck.  Californication is SAVED!!

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Your votes are more negative than Swiss interest rates.

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You've got to love this potemkin market!

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Margin Stanley is loving it at the moment. Dirty dirty love.

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You guessed it all - the real money tries to hide in these swiss mountains.

Voltaire's picture

You wish Tyler.. from Bloomberg: "Merkel's coalition members signal acceptance of ECB bond-bying"

Just buy the rally!

adr's picture

That story is actually bullshit and months old, recycled to cover the algo driven BS moves of today.

Voltaire's picture

Now you are bullshitting. 

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Nah...he's just being Candide ;o)

SheepDog-One's picture

AH more 'signals' lol bullshit.

FRBNYrCROOKS's picture

Yield is dropping like a box of rocks. I am just waiting for the Chinese to start dumping US T-Bonds and end their participation in the Bond market to concentrate on hard asset (gold) purchases. We all know what is comoing. Ni Hao!!!

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They already have.  The 10yr is kept low through manipulation, via JPig and their IRS derivatives: TNX.  It's fooling you into believing the Chinese are still interested in US paper.  The entire market is a ponzi.  US Gov't just trying to cover up as much as possible.


MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Uhuh. Just who are those "Indirect Buyers" and who is funding them.

You get three guesses.

Oh, you only need one guess?

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euros are flooding into helvatia keeping those Italian finance police frisking like crazy.

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Its saying this whole move is bullshit conjured by the corrupt fed to trap all the bears from yesterday's disappointment from Drahgi.  Start by buying to cover 62,000 /es  (that got strategically put on within seconds of the close the previous day) in the wee hours of the thin markets on globex and create a 12 point lead into bullshit statistics at 8:30am to scramble the momotards into action and squeeze all those fresh new Bears that jumped in yesterday and you have the makings of a false break out that once rolls will be one fun ride down.

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A modest recommendation to ZH .......... drill into this person's observation please.

My 'faith' in the 'system' was irrevocably altered when the old WSJ did an excelllent long piece following the October 1987 monster crash that revealed that 'someone' at the typically slowest part of the trading day, I think it was 11:20am then, on Tuesday when the markets were literally sitting on a cliff wall waiting to slide much further down, ....... 'someone' bought a major slug of MMI (then the dominant trading index .. it was the Major Market Index) forcing every short to cover immediately propelling the market out of its looming nadir.

The old WSJ politely 'begged the question' ......... 'who' did this, who had the 'confidence' to do this, what did they 'really know', etc.

Later 'speculation' was that this was the first of subsequently many market forays by the Plunge Protection Team.

The problem is, ultimately this becomes nothing more than crony capitalism as Treasury, Fed Reserve and major Wall Street become joined at the hip, losses are socialized while gains are private, as the taxpayer takes on essentially market risk management ... hubris develops, moral hazard increases dramtically, etc.

If and when PRChina decides to publicly pull the plug on US Treasuries (purchaes/holdings) where they will not be blown up as well in the process ... then this 'game' is over ...and Team USA will have almost no options ...


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on a side note which market breaks out first, gasoline or /es ?

It's a tight race so far.

ebworthen's picture

Smith and Wesson and Ruger.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

I would love...LOVE...to see the "Balance Sheet" of the PPT :O)

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

why? The PPT needs only use printed, stolen money to do all their transactions. Unless you plan to use it to jail them for treason, grand larceny, counterfeiting and money-laundering in which case I say by all means let's see the the balance sheets and get the cuffs out.

It's one thing for the market to move counter-intuitively. It's another problem entirely when the move requires input capital the market itself does not have - that requires counterfeiting and/or laundering weapons+drugs to cash on a national military scale and/or printing it from the Fed endlessly (counterfeiting)

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All of that newly created money has to flow somewhere.

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The border @ Cernobbio is performing metal detector anal checks. Queue up please. Grazie.

evolutionx's picture

one chart says it all:


Bundesbank Target  800 B in August?



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Does this indicate that lots of people are putting money into swiss bonds since the end of May? 

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Remember the old comments in 08 if markets knew what credit markets know then this market would be about 20% lower.

About 75% now 4 years later.

Applies well here.

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Like Draghi (and now BK) it knows that war with Iran is coming soon. Where would you rather have 2 year money?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

In my coffee can at home buried in the back yard.

adr's picture

I think the bust is totally unavoidable now. The powers that be have made their preparations to last as long as possible. Now they are just going to let everything fly to see how big of a fireworks show they can make.

Everyone stops to enjoy fireworks. Even if hundreds of them are starting to fly off into the crowd. For the people that don't get hit, it is even more enjoyable to watch.

2013 is going to be a killer year.

I mean that literally. War, famine, and all the worst things you can imagine.

When, by the headlines, beef gets too expensive to eat, how is McDonalds going to survive? Kind of hard to support a $90 stock price if a Big Mac costs $20.

sdmjake's picture

Beef in a BigMac? Do tell...

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Want to touch the heiney....!!!

StychoKiller's picture

"So round, so firm, so fully packed!"