What Does Gold Know That All Other Asset Classes Don't?

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Presented with little comment as it appears Gold (and Treasuries) are not as ebuliently following the 'Hilsenrathian' path of most ignorance  to NEW QE - as GDP beats, stocks near multi-year highs, and housing recovering on its own just does not seem like the recipe for extreme Bernanke action.

Paradoxically, it would seem any extreme monetary action from the Fed now would mean they absolutely do not trust the macro data that is being spewed to the market every day and surely is the signal that things are a lot worse than anyone thinks.


The USD is weaker, stocks are stronger; but Treasury yields are revrtingh higher and Gold is at the day's lows...



Charts: Bloomberg

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Gold calling Bernanke's bluff?  What's the pot at?

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Gold doesn't "know" anything. It just naturally consistently does what it has always done, which is to be a safe store of wealth through all the natural and manipulated changes of this world.

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GOLD is one of the Last Honest Financial Assets available...

We are now Riding On the GOLD $50K Train...

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10-yr yield rising, gold underperforming (in the chart above). Doesn't sound like imminent printing to me. Where is the frontrunning of Fed purchases? What is Hilsenrath up to? Jawboning Europe? More Fed swap lines coming?

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"ebuliently following the 'Hilsenrathian' path of most ignorance.."

Ebuliently....? Tyler, you may sit at the front of the class if you wish.

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There's definitely a rat somewhere. Both of my crude, all FX, and index models are solid locks right now, only gold and eurusd are on the other side of the moon, for now. And it looks like gold and eurusd are beginning to converge again.

Unless something significant fundamentally has changed in the last couple days, only affecting gold and the eurusd cross, look out below folks.

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The cocksmokers are just running the stops (with our money) in all the indices.

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We ought to all know by now that the market moves on insider information before we ever get wind of why. This is just more rumor mill. There is no anticipating the next QE. It will happen before we get a chance to react, and it's not going to happen for as long as cheap talk does the job.

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I have no idea why, but people are piling in on VXX calls.... curious that... :)

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C'mon, Tyler, this is bullshit. You know better than this.

Gold is week today because The Gold Cartel is attempting to take it back under 1600 before the close. They may still succeed.

Fuck em either way. They're doomed in the end. 

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Turd, don't forget that Bernanke, when asked what tools he has left, said that his only remaining tool was "his voice" (paraphrased). (and by the way, Draghi and Bernanke are the same in that regard). Are they going to print to oblivion next week? Perhaps, but perhaps not. Nobody knows, but given that Ben said that his voice is his only tool left... I don't think they will QE next week.... But in the end you are right... there is still the final tool - debt monitization en masse. But is NOW the time? 

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Exactly, the Cartel has been whacking gold and silver all day. They are no longer even trying to hide their now almost daily interventions. I smell desperation and looming comex defaults, but we will need to wait a bit longer for that show to begin.

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Just remember. It does not matter what the price of gold does. HANG ON TO IT. Are we returning to a gold standaard? Not the people. But the Central Banks are. Don't let price manipulation move your conviction. THIS IS A FACT. SEEK THE TRUTH AND YOU SHALL FIND.

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treasury yields went up during QE. Look at the charts.

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Gold is overpriced.  Better watch out.  Their about to run this market through the roof!

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What is the PRICE of gold measured in? What is price anyway?

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I find it difficult to believe anyone who does not know the three their, there, they're ers.

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u must teach english?  gold has gone No Where for the last 10 months...it's not a religion, it's a metal.  Only good for trading daily now.

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You didn't build that chart

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If one did not succeed in their business on their own, can we blame the failures of companies on the government too?  Works both ways if the Obama theory is true, no?

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"If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your doorstep"


Obama Translation: "Because the world beat a path to your doorstep, You built a better mousetrap"

Methinks Obama is Bass-ackwards.

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"You didn't dig that gold.  Shoot, you didn't even make that gold worth more money.  The government [uh, uh] the government made your gold worth more when I printed more money.  And now... And now, [audience cheers]... That's right, and now it's your turn to give some of 'dat gold back, to pay your fair share back, back to the government for helping you [uh make [uh] your-gold-worth-more-money..." [Obama - future speech.]

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Gold knows it's being suppressed.

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The Fed only manipulates the FX markets, sovereign bond markets, asset based securities markets, and have equity market "protection" mechanisms in place to PROTECT YOU - see, it's for YOUR OWN GOOD!

All talk of them manipulating precious metals is CLEARLY CONSPIRACY THEORY, and you label yourself as a TINFOIL HAT WEARING LUNATIC by even suggesting it!

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Gold lined tin foil hat...thank you very much.

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I may be mistaken, but weren't the Apollo spacecraft lined with gold foil?


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+1 protection at no price! -> progress!

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Imagine - the very thought tha gold price could be manipulated!  Sure, it turns out they did manipulate LIBOR, but I believe that was all shown to be altruistically motivated, just to 'protect the system', and I believe there was some issue around concealed and under-reported losses by JPM related to some CIO or other, but I'm pretty sure that was just oversight, and anyway they're going to get it back so it's all good.  And granted there's been some confusion around the whole mark-to-market concept in the financial industry and their 'assets' but other than these little tiny discrepancies (oh, and a few odd 'flash-crashes' from the whole HFT thing) the financial industry, governmenta and central banks have been paragons of virtue and honesty.  So given the evidence, I don't see how ANYBODY could suspect that gold is manipulated. I mean, why bother manipulating gold, what could possibly be in it for the FED, the Central banks, the FIs, etc...?

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Al Hux

Last week fofoa spent some time discussing the way the very exixtence of a paper gold market supresses the gold price. Good read even if you are not a full, "all in" freegolder. As long as the paper market exist we will have gold that is not at its full economic potential. Eventually, once we have a physical only market gold will resume its role of wealth preservation over time. We will see then that it has always done so. The gold in European castles and in the bowels of the BIS will still just sit there....being gold...

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Volcker must be a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic too.

"That day the U.S. announced that the dollar would be devalued by 10 percent. By switching the yen to a floating exchange rate, the Japanese currency appreciated, and a sufficient realignment in exchange rates was realized. Joint intervention in gold sales to prevent a steep rise in the price of gold, however, was not undertaken. That was a mistake." -- Paul Volcker, Nikkei Weekly 2004

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Either gold is just getting hammered down just for fun or it knows the truth. QE ain't coming.

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Where does the Gold's fundamentals fit in?

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gold's fundamentals? easy: it's the greatest and oldest of all ponzi schemes, since it's introduction in what was called Asia Minor (modern Turkey) by a King called Midas, son of Gordius (careful there, lots of myths aroud this) that just found out that meteoritic iron was too valuable for tools and weapons to be wasted as money. He stood on top of a very good gold mine (this makes him a classic liar) and propagated that he would exchange gold against iron at a fixed term (the first monetary market maker). So he was able to leverage his valuable iron (that wasn't mined - the technology was not yet there) with gold. The first (leveraged) Central Banker. Of course, being the first ponzi scheme, chances are very, very good that it will be the last to fall.

by the way, this had several consequences, including the modifications to the economy of Sparta (that continued to use iron even after you could mine it, making is quite worthless) and the first currency war between Asia and Europe, when Athens started to use it's silver mines.

in short: gold has no fundamentals, it's just money since quite a while...


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That would be a great user name: Random Boldface.

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eh? don't get it. random thoughts? Rand O.M. Boldface

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This is why my chest hurts. You can no longer trust any metric. Does gold know there is no QE? Is gold being openly manipulated down in front of QE? You can't base decisions on price action at all - it only about a constant state of "what if"...

The central planners may have beaten me here - if Ben announces an open ended QE, I'm out. Won't be able to short or go long - only algos will play in a tighter and tighter range until...

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Why even bother with metrics? We all know the end game. If everybody on this site would stop humping derivatives all day, paper chasing ever devaluing currency and giving play money to the manipulators, and instead buy physical gold and silver this charade would be over already. Stackers FTW.

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I just asked my gold...

It said "Patience Grasshopper"

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Gold knows the truth. They don't dare print 3 months ahead of the elections and trigger new all time highs in gasoline prices just as folks are jumping in their cars heading to the ballot boxes.. not going to happen.

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BS pump continues. Must. Get. To. Olympics. (so MA and Pa Fourohonekay will be distracted for a month)

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And this blinkered, ultra-short-term analysis means exactly .... what?

Is RobotLemming now submitting articles on ZH?

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Next "round" *must* have some sort of surprise factor.   Simple print of money, and given to....????..... banks again?  Holders of junk Treasuries???   ... simply isn't worth the effort.   Must have SHOCK leading to AWE.


Perhaps something coordinated, between most of the major CBs?  A pan-western stabilization "fund" that provides low-interest loans to members in need (EU countries, US states, systemically significant pension funds and entitilement plans?) for decades to come?  Something that moves closer to a CFR-ish collective world financial body?


Interesting to see whether the non-club members, non-Western countries, will sit idly by; or what behind the scenes price was/is being paid for their complacency.

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You mean a world currency. Not yet, not till it all falls apart.

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Whatever Gold is doing, its not doing it enough.