What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Central Planning is #winning because this time is different.

Answer? (here or here maybe)


(h/t Andy Yorks)

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See that blue dot on the right of the lower left dot next the slightly more rounded dot?
That dot represents you!

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hmmmmm.... looks like your self-portrait.... coincidence?

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Yep trav and its totaly pointless too. Ben can ramp whatever to where he feels like and no one will be buying there either. This is just crowd control for morons (ah hem)....there will be a major event soon that wipes it all out, because THATS how central banksters really roll.

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trav, in mechanics, there is a difference between a part that is broken and part that seems intact but has a serious design flaw..........

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Ben is 'buying the curve'...OH right, I see....except what hes really doing is monetizing the debt, exactly what Ben said he WOULD NOT do, but is doing anyway. 

Hope you can see it there Trav, and prepare for that fall out.

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Not monetizing the debt means monetizing the debt in Newspeak. If you don't agree it's probably crimethink.

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"nothing's wrong with the chart" = "Guy jumping off Empire State building chanting, 'So far, so good' as he fell"

#winning - Guy in LSM asking, "Can we say 'Recovery'  yet?"

What happens to this 'recovery' and " ...ben is doin EXACTLY WTF ben SAID he goin do?" when ....

  • Markets price inflation into UST's?
  • EU unravels? (Or do you believe ECB is #winning?)
  • Iran gets pounded down by #whoever? (no, conspiracy monkeys, you are not bright enough for this thread)
  • China decides a little real #recession and a whole lot of #socialrepression would 'fix' their markets?

Ben is human - markets are bigger & always win over time.


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I can't wait to see what happens when the fed stops pumping liquidity into the market. Once twist is over do you think it will take one week for the market to crash or two?

FreeNewEnergy's picture

Can I get money down on one day or one millisecond?

Silverhog's picture

The Feds are also selling everyones soul to financial Armageddon.

Kelly's picture

Trav said Ben's doing exactly what he said he was going to do, albeit colorfully.  All y'all need to start appreciating Trav just a wee bit more.  I might not agree with everything Trav says but most of it's bang on.  He ain't no fucking dummy. 


Now go kick some more ass Trav. :)

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Looks like a "Grin" to me:  :)

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but somebody needs to floss more regularly!

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I see Kilroy was here, right in the middle, his left hand is waving to us ;-)

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looks like a smilie with herpes

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I see something else



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   I see a very bad case of acne!


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scimitar smiley fuck 

yields supressed + zirp = crash

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The fed is successfully keeping a lid on rates while successfully ramping the market up higher. Everyone can debate the short/mid/long term reprecussions of this but right now they are doing exactly what they want to be doing.

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Remind me how much gas is again?

Hansel's picture

For $100 millionaires and billionaires, gas is still the same price.  $60 a tank or $80 a tank?  Who cares!  It's a rounding error on 109 money.

faustian bargain's picture

...Although if you own UPS, etc, your transportation costs have probably doubled (or so) in the past few years.

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And if you USE UPS, your shipping costs have gone up accordingly. I use the god old USPS for things I sell on eBay. The number one complaint - by buyers and sellers - is the cost of shipping.

You nailed it. Bong hit on me when TSHTF.

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Fair enough in the scheme of things it matters not to the ultrarich.  However that spread makes 1,000 more people memorize your photo, read the BOR or tune in to Zero hedge at the urging of a red piller..

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Pull my finger and it's for free

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Not entirely true, as air freshener futures are spiking.

Silverhog's picture

Check the price of beans.

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It's almost as if the algos are front running a massive crack up boom where every couple of down ticks on the long end reads as Ben's grip starting to slip and Rbob/UGA/BNO ramps right up ohblahblah's ass.

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The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

FreeNewEnergy's picture

ohblahblah. LMAO. Thank you from the bottom of my merciless heart.

SheepDog-One's picture

'Keep lid on rates, ramp equity bubble higher'....totaly pointless, except for propaganda purposes.

These people are completely desperate, 1 down day on heavy volume set off FED red lights and they had to rush out and pump QE rumor...total desperation is obvious.

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Bernank must get his boss through November 6 or he's taken out with the trash in '13, so sayeth Mittens.

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The new multi-billion dollar DC DHS headquarters hasn't been completed yet.

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"... they are doing exactly what they want to be doing."

"The fed is successfully keeping a lid on rates while successfully ramping the market up higher." 

WOW! So much cluelessness on everything from market history to general math.

I bet you don't understand why so many people #facepalm when you start talking, do you?


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The Bernank Conan Drum?

Unprepared's picture

Or should I say "The Bernank's Con and Run"?

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Bernanks colon is rammed?

it's all the pooper scooping he has to do running after Blankfein, Dimon and those tossers in DC

Coming Soon: The Wall Street MBS Dump (Ben Buys where others Fear to Tread)


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This isn't the inflation you were looking for.  Move along.

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...times are a changing & this isn't the a droid you're looking for...

These aren't the droids you're looking for
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzcWPKAv2Ow (0:35)

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Strange how when you play monopoly the banker always wins

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Can someone explain this chart to me simply? Thank you.

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We're fucked because central banker madmen are once again attempting to distort reality to fit their fantasies of financial debauchery.

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Either yields should be considerably higher, or equities considerably lower. Or both. Welcome to financial repression.

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financial repression = smaller pool of insiders,
by law, privy to free "money", no?